LG C8 2018 OLED TV Review

We review the LG C8, a 2018 OLED TV featuring the company’s new Alpha 9 picture processor, HDR support for HDR10, HLG, Technicolor & Dolby Vision formats, as well as ThinQ AI Smart TV system with Google Assistant & Alexa integration.

Aspects tested include 3D LUT auto-calibration, decontouring filter through the [MPEG Noise Reduction] control, dynamic tone-mapping in HDR Game Mode, and [Logo Luminance Adjustment] function.

Our review sample is the 77-inch LG OLED77C8, the exact model number being OLED77C8LLA, the 3-pin-plug UK version.

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TellyDan says:

“This video was brought to you by LG”

Ja says:

Is it brighter in NITS??? Than last years C7?

Sean Lacroix says:

I just noticed that my b6 has burn in on the bottom right hand corner. When certain colours are displayed I can see the netflix logo clear as day. The store I bought it from is going to replace it under the extended warranty I purchased. Probably going to get a c8 or maybe a q8fn.

Pallonaado says:

I think this question is common for you, but how well is this C8 calibrated from the factory?

I am not a purist, my first goal is to keep the tv as long as possible usable. Maybe in future i calibrate this tv.

Luis Gutierrez says:

Can this run 120hz 4k?


Maybe I just new to screw harder DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love that part!

BC P says:

So these LG OLED TVs don’t actually support any means of a worth while 120hz support since the HDMI port won’t support it?… Then what’s the point? Lol. Sigh… Such a semi let down, but not really since who would want a 55″+ 1080p screen lol.

James Osekowsky says:

Kind of nice if one’d start from basics features and move up. I get lost along the way, no problem. Only looking for the best picture. Thanks anyway.


Hi can I check with u can I input 240 voltage into the tv?

Alex Zaia says:

Does Dolby Vision over a ChromeCast Ultra for Netflix have any issues – or is the internal app still better than a CCU for Dolby Vision Netflix?

Sophat Sem says:

LOL … “Maybe I just need to screw harder *ting*” had my dying. Love it

OptimusBob119 says:

So it’s better than the Sony A1E 65″ ? I am thinking of the LG C8 now , what you think Vincent if you was to chose ?

Joseph Bustamante says:

LMFAOOO…. bruhhh he chose not to use any protection. Sometimes in life you need to take some risk

scott isdahl says:

Thanks for the review, I have a question regarding the C8. We just bought one and are thinking of bringing it back. I’m also very critical of my audio and video equipment and I’m getting a fuzzy picture with mostly Netflix and cable TV. I do have the 4K subscription to Netflix. I don’t notice it as much with YouTube.I really want to love this TV but for $3000 it has to be perfect or I might as well just bring it back and get a $1000 TV and wait for HDMI 2.1 to come out and for the rest of the issues to be fixed. Do you have any suggestion to help resolve this issue I would really appreciate it if you could comment on that. And lastly if I do bring the TV back what would you recommend I look at in its replacement?

Thank you

Fleury says:

Wish they would add BFI to the 2017 models.

Dan says:

“Eating all your food, drinking all your beer, sleeping with your…..”. Your serious mode, sense of humor just cracks me up!

6EQUJ5 says:

Is it as good as the new Sony OLED?

plad plad says:

How does one go about hiring your service?

Masta Killa says:

do you have settings for hdr/dolby visions. hdr gaming and sdr gaming?and sdr movies and blu rays and dvds

MR. CEO says:

You get too much into every little thing. It’s very boring

Rolando Cordero says:

Just ordered the same tv! Looking forward to getting it!!

Daves Archives says:

I’m only halfway through the video at this moment, but had to ask, what is that art-frame software you are using? I would love to have that on my TV!

Chad M says:

I’d like to see you review the absolute worst tv ever just for my amusement

mateo85 says:

C7 or C8? C7 it’s nearly half of the price?

drbensnow1976 says:

“Maybe I just need to screw harder”… you snuck that one in without twitching a muscle on your face LOL…

Bolivar Morales says:

your mac address should be covered you will get hacked

Ichigo kun says:

I really don’t know which one is good c8 b8 or b7 i want this tv for gaming ps4 pro and movies but i read lg don’t have a good brightness so please can any one help me to chose the best one for greatness game mode

Paulo Proença says:

Your reviews are the best. Are you considering a review with the Philips 65OLED873 and also a comparison with LG C8 or Sony A8F? Thanks

Michael says:

All you cucks talking about a little dicked Asian screwing your wife. Absolutely pathetic.

Hazelhurst says:

I need this.

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