LG C7 OLED 2017 TV Review – Rtings.com

Hands-on review of the brand new 2017 LG C7 OLED 4k TV
Full review: http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c7
Model tested: 55″ (OLED55C7P)

Should also be valid for the 65″ (OLED65C7P)

The 4k LG C7 OLED TV offers excellent picture quality thanks to its ability to display true blacks.

Design (0:41)
Inputs (1:07)
Contrast (1:18)
5% Gray (1:25)
Gray Uniformity (1:38)
Peak Brightness (1:49)
Viewing Angle (2:15)
Color Volume & Gamut (2:30)
Reflections (2:39)
Image Retention (2:52)
Motion Blur (3:20)
Input Lag (3:35)
PC Gaming (3:49)
Smart Features & Remote (4:05)
Comparison with the Sony Z9D, LG B6 OLED & Sony A1E (4:17)
Conclusion (4:56)


Alush Mustafa says:

What language is this:;?

JesusSavedJoshua says:

Kept waiting for him to say “I’ll be back”

Saab95AeroEstate says:

OMFG! Get someone who can actually speak English, to present these tests.

Rome says:

Does the C7 have improved motion processing at all compared to last year’s OLEDs? I had an E6 but didn’t keep it because the motion was bad on sports and movies.

IMRavnos says:

Too bad LG does not warranty burn in, despite you seeing it only once, youtube has dozens of videos showing it is far more common than you make it out to be.

Podunk Man says:

Why the remote to this TV is so fcking ugly!? Looks like crap that costs 1 dollar. Is there any alternative remote that looks cool?

arjun reddy Nareddy says:

Wat about screen burn issues

AbomiYeti says:

I have this TV and it’s fucking amazing.

tinostarks says:

measurements for the stand?

Kiet H says:

LG C7 > Sony 930E > Samsung Q7C
is that right?

Mike Palto says:

Oled Burn in…BIG scam

eja35oz says:

Great review. Covered everything I needed to know. When you mentioned the permanent burn in on the one C7 model. Did you try the same test on multiple c7 tvs and only one had the issue?

Cali says:

Great TV but LG customer service horrible.

Fido Dido says:

is this same as LG B7? I am thinking to buy B7 but can’t find review of it from Rtings

Anders Bengtsson says:

You are a swede

Andre Hall says:

I love my 65″ C7P!!! I purchased mine from a local retailer right before Super Bowl LII for $1899.00. There’s a reason why this best TV of 2017 because it is!!!

DarkSpade511 says:

Sorry for the random question but I can’t get an answer from either Best Buy or LG’s chat support…I just got a OLED55E7P and was going through a few websites for helping set the appropriate settings to bring out the best picture. I’ve noticed multiple websites such as CNET and rtings.com showing the ‘white balance’ setting as configurable. However, no matter which picture mode I enable, the option is greyed-out in the settings menu. Currently, I’m trying to set the TV to the ‘ISF dark room’ setting according to: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/e7-oled/settings. Any suggestions/ideas as to why I can’t access the ‘white balance’ setting?

Duke Jones says:

I am looking to buy a OLED 4k TV, but I don’t know which brand to buy. I heard they were expensive but I have a pretty good budget. so I believe I could get a good one. my purpose in buying one is really for gaming. watching TV is my 2nd option for it, but never the less I am getting it for that too. I am getting the Scorpio in Feb and the PRO a month or two later. so I want the one that is more compatible to those 4K consoles. I was thinking about this LG C7, but that’s because I don’t know about any other lol. maybe someone on here could help me out?

mike johnson says:

Very nice presentation.

Brian Horton says:

I have a lg c6 and an lg c7 and I’ll tell anyone straight up the c6 had alot of problems especially in darker scenes it was crazy. The c7 fixed that and for that alone it’ worth it to upgrade. Not to menion brighter and it’s marginally better in most ways . Don’ buy a 2p16 model if ur getting one today…..

ROB says:

The 65C6 from last year which I have is better.

Efrain Vazquez says:

Do it Doo it!!! Get down .. Come with me if you want to live!.. great video

Erick Clark says:

It’s amazing how people fight over which tv is better. Like why the fuck would I care what tv you have in your house? I personally don’t like oleds. I bought it and took it back. The lack of brightness and color looked way off to me. Has amazing blacks. If you watch a lot of movies I might of kept it. But watching sports or playing games looked terrible in my opinion compared to other bright colorful leds. I’m glad that both TVs are available so don’t get your panties all bundled up

Kevin at KAB says:

“Unfortunately the interpolation is not as good as on some other TVs: the motion stuttered at times during normal content, especially cartoons, and artifacts would appear in rare cases.”
If this includes Anime, I would call it a major deal breaker.

Bluntdragon says:

I needed subtitles for my subtitles

Ivan Salazar says:

After researching for EVER i pulled the trigger on this tv. 65 inch b7a. C7 atmos is pointless t, I have surround sound. I saved a bunch.. check this,

So online tv $1999.99, 5yr warranty $199.95(onsale reg$449) tax-$0………

Best buy tv $2599, 5yr Warranty $599.95, tax $284


I wouldn’t buy a LG OLED until they give some kind of guarantee against burn in imaging on all OLED the New Models they currently manufacture don’t even offer a refund or exchange policy against burn In imaging on new TVs

Josh You Can says:

This guys voice and pronunciation is horrible.. annoying as shit

Technohazard1 says:

I found this guy’s voice is rather annoying.

Bigdebo72 says:

Hello, I am trying to decide between the OLED55B7A or the Sony XBR65X900E.. Other than the 10 inch size difference, which TV is better in your opinion?

Aaron Madulara says:

the top part of the TV is ri-tin

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