LG 55 Inch 4K Smart TV (55UH6030) Review

Kind of a weird thing to review, but I did enjoy taking a closer look at this LG!

I’m not taking a break because I’m tired of making videos, it’s actually quite the opposite. I’m taking a break because I want to prepare the absolute best quality videos for you guys, and I kind of want to recoup from doing a video a week for 7 or 8 straight months. I value quality over quantity, and I don’t want my videos to all be crammed together at the last minute over an extremely boring topic, I want my videos to be fun, entertaining, and of course, informal. This short break will allow me to brainstorm new ideas and get some products for me to review. I know you guys will love the video I have planned for Christmas. Although I’ll be gone for a little bit, remember to still stay tuned for more BixelWeekly!


Different Heaven – Nekozilla (LFZ Remix) [NCS Release]

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Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann – I Remember U


Chacho Morales says:

Been hearing a lot of complaints about backlight what’s up with that can it be fixed

TheStandingsquid says:

When I use multiview I want to be able to watch tv and play ps4(both hdmi) at the same time but it only lets me use HDMI on one side. Help?

DKizzy412 says:

do you have any picture setting suggestions

Barricade2091 says:

How does this game work for games? Low input lag?

Tim Mark says:

Got one today but it has terrible back bleed. In fact on dark screen I can see the top bleed like two half circles. Do you have the same?

ResideN7slave X says:

I just bought and forza horizon 3 looks amazing on my Xbox one S

elguirro1 says:

Use this picture settings for watching movies

Picture Mode- Sports

Backlight- 30 in a dark room 100 in a bright room

Contrast- 100

Brightness- 50

Sharpness- 35

Color- 80

Tint- 0

Color Temerature- C30

Dynamic Contrast- High

Dynamic Color- High

Color Gamut- Extended

Super Resolution- High

Gamma- High2

Noise Reduction- Off

MPEG Noise Reduction- Off

Black Level- High

Motion Eye Care- Off

Trumotion- ON/OFF (your preference)

Trust me, you’ll thank me later…

Attzero says:

Hello it is Bixelweekly back with another video and this time we are going to be reviewing this sticker that I got for 50¢ at Walmart.

Angel De la Barrera says:

I got one, but the yellows and oranges are a little washed out, and there is no way to pop them out in the configuration. Test it in the browser; search for “yellow” images and the compare the results with the same search in your phone. Thanks for the review.

Chacho Morales says:

Hey bud what picture settings do you have can you give me the settiing

Chacho Morales says:

Does it have vivid and cinema setting

Lone2121 says:

Nice review m8

GASTGamers says:

Hey BixelWeekly, I quite like the quality of your videos and I was wondering if you want to do collaboration video. I don’t mind if it is after the break you are taking. It was quite difficult to find someone with the same quality as mine to make collab and I have finally found one. You can check my channel and see the type of content I make. Though it’s not all tech reviews, I hope we can successfully come up with a video. It would help us both out in growing our audiences.

ployth9000 says:

so to get things right 4k at 60hz right ?

GottsTV says:

Hey Nice Video! You deserve more attention than you get! Anyways I’m a YouTuber currently on 11k subs and I’m looking for promising YouTubers like you to help grow through my shout out series. You could gain 200+ subscribers from it easily! If you could give me some feedback on my latest videos that would be amazing! I’d love to see you over on my channel Keep producing good content!

Javier Alvarado says:

How you you compare this TV vs Sony XBR55x805c

Adam Franklin says:

HDR settings? I have the 43 inch and the only thing i hate is the motion around people and kind of fuzzy, I’m guessing its possibly my regular hdmi cables

Dangelocisneros23 says:

Can you please help I have this exact tv and an Xbox one s and for some reason I cannot activate hdr I’ve tried everything messed with the tv settings and nothing I’m not sure if this tv is compatible with the new xbox

Allen Straith says:

Does this TV work with the Magic Remote?

Joshua Slinker says:

Are 32 inch 4K tvs a thing? I would like to have one, but I can’t find any. I would like to upgrade my 1080p LG tv. I’ve had it for like 4 years.

BixelWeekly says:

Hey everyone, just thought I’d let you know that I have a merch store now! I’d really appreciate it if you could check it out, and possibly tell a friend who’s interested in technology about my channel. I’ve been growing so fast recently, and I really wanted to thank you guys for that. This channel and community we’ve created means the world to me. Thanks! Here’s the link: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/BixelWeekly/

Javier Alvarado says:

How is it compare to Sony XBR55x805c??

JAred Hurley says:

no optical!?

Jayvon says:

Seems decent.

David Mejia says:

hey gotta question. does this tv suports ps4 pro 2.2uhdmi port?

MM2 0 says:

Does your LG has the magic remote control?

IdioticAlphae says:

Does it look good when playing games on it? PS4 Pro?

Problem Child says:

what pictures settings do you use for watching movies or for gaming? i have the same tv

Attzero says:

You literally review anything you can get your hands on lmao.

CrazySteeVee says:

Im trying to hook up my 2016 lg stereo i cant any help ?

Nicholas Mireles says:

Where does it say this TV is HDR? I’ve looked on many websites and they say this TV does not have HDR?

Mark is Infamous says:

Is is good for gaming like on PS4 pro?

Age Man says:

I had this TV for 3 days and took it back..I just couldn’t stand the ips display..horrible black levels and when you look from side and from the bottom the picture washes out big time.its like watching an old faded tv..lol…I went with the Samsung for 100$ more during black Friday..

zombie dude says:

Does this TV have bluetooth? or should we buy a BT dongle to connect wireless speakers/headphone?

KROONTZ86 says:

How do you access the multi view? And have you had and problems with a pink screen flashing when you turn it on? Mine does it and I don’t know why. I need to call and have them service it.

# GhostFightter says:

I have this same TV in a 49HD6030 and you can see my indepth review at ghostfightter and Im loving this tv and I never had one problem with it and haven owned it for around 3 months now and you can get this tv at walmart but it will noy be 120hz!!!

Dustin Parker says:

Do you know if you can install Flixter?? Thanks for the review.

teeblack06 says:

just bought this. hooking it up now!

hungrynapps says:

does this tv have hdr in game mode n is it hdr 10?

Tox3 Clan says:

i am in the market for one and i was gonna replace a tube tv so would this be a good upgrade?

exgordote says:


BixelWeekly says:

More info about my break in the description! Thanks for watching!

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