LG 4K HDR smart TV (43UK6500)

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If you’re in the market for a new TV, chances are you’re looking at a 4K set. 4K TV is now the clearest, sharpest and best quality video picture with the highest resolution you can get. LG’s 43″ 4K UHD HDR LED webOS 4.0 Smart TV (43UK6500) is designed to deliver on all those features and more. I had a chance to spend a week with this TV in my home for testing and review, and here’s what I learned firsthand.


Changing inputs on LG smart TV

Initially I couldn’t figure out how to change the input on the TV. Finally I realized the input button is a tiny button on the remote control that is vaguely shaped like a plug. Seems to me that every other television manufacturer uses the word “Input” for clarity sake. But not LG.

4K resolution
This LG TV has 4K resolution and HDR support. 4K provides for a better quality video thanks to millions more pixels in the screen. Want to read more about 4K and how it works? Click here:

HDR – High Dynamic Range
HDR on the other hand handles the way colour and light are represented in the video. With HDR, you get a more vibrant, colourful, hyper-realistic picture than with older HD TV. You can read up on that too here

4HDMI inputs for all your components

This LG 4K UHD HDR LED webOS 4.0 Smart TV has 4 HDMI inputs and the way they’ve designed this is interesting and smart, I think. There are two in the side, and two in the back, so that you’ve got options for where to plug components in. For example, if you have a streaming box that needs line of sight or a rigid stick that won’t fit if it’s sticking out the back on your wall-mounted set up, you can connect it into the side. For other components on longer cords you can easily plug those in in the back.

Video quality of LG 4K UHD HDR smart TV

There’s no arguing what a huge difference viewing 4K video makes in general. It’s so much clearer, sharper, and more vibrant and realistic than traditional HDTVs. Did this TV deliver on that experience? In short; no.

I tested this television out in my main floor living room, which is pretty much the brightest room in my home. I did find the picture had difficulty competing with the ambient light in the room during the day.

I found the TV screen to be hugely reflective during the day, so much so that in some scenes, I could see my white dog’s reflection clearer than the characters on screen.

This TV also struggles mightily with dark scenes. I watched several episodes of the dystopian drama The Rain on Netflix, which is set in a dimly lit future. It was nearly impossible to see subtleties, or enough gradation to discern what was going on in the video. In bright daylight scenes, the TV was just fine for the most part, but I think it’s pretty unrealistic to expect you’ll only use this for watching sunshiny happy, bright cartoons.

Having tested several 4K HDR TVs in my home recently, I know how stunning they can be. While I wouldn’t describe this TV’s picture as stunning, it’s just… fine. Considering it has a much lower price point than, say, the Samsung Frame TV I reviewed in this same room, for example you probably just shouldn’t expect the same 5-star experience.

I don’t think this TV is as bright as it could be, or as I’d like. I did go into the settings and noodle around, and found I could adjust the intensity of the HDR, so I set it to Strong. Similarly, there’s different settings for Bright Room and Dark room, so I set it for as bright room, but in truth it made no noticeable difference for me.

Overall I was actually pretty disappointed in the video quality.

43″ 4K UHD HDR LED webOS 4.0 Smart TV (43UK6500)
Slim bezel
webOS interface is easy to use, responsive
Assembly is ultra easy

quite thick for a flatscreen TV
Picture quality leaves a lot to be desired
Blacks and dark scenes show little subtlety
Screen is highly reflective

Overall, I’d say I’m going to take a pass on this TV and wouldn’t buy it for myself. This LG 4K UHD HDR smart TV is best suited to occasional viewing, and darker spaces. I found it didn’t replicate dark scenes well at all, to the point where it was miserable to watch when scenes were shot in the dark or at night.
While I could find some pros, as noted above, for me, since the video quality falls short and that’s the feature that should be best, I can’t recommend this TV.


Will Graves says:

I recently purchased this tv and experienced the same picture issues as you. I was actually going to return the tv and try something else. However after going thru the menu and looking for adjustments I came across the energy saver option. After I turned this off the tv became much brighter and clearer. Picture quality is now 100 percent better.very happy with it now.

OfficialKeith - I.T. says:

I was about to pull the trigger on this tv. Thanks for the review!

Tziminhio says:

Thanks for the review. Do you belive that the same glare issue happens at 50 UK6500? I’m asking because the 50″ has VA panel. Thanks in advance for your reply.

CJ Russ says:

They’re already showing 8k TVs. I’ve got myself an OLED, but it’s like calm down technology slow down…

Sithu Kyaw says:

You get what you pay I guess. This is an entry level model

Henry Daya says:

i love lg tv’s too

Mike Palto says:

This tv is not a real 4K. The officiel logo is not write on box. Is a 3K…Red Green Blue…and White…a fake . Panel Low Cost

Andy Amy says:

Thank you so much

Enrique Pasco says:

Thanks for your honest review. Now, I want to stay away to this model.

Bye Felicia says:

Brilliant, you just saved me £300 😉 thanks!

kiew eu kam says:

Thanks for the review, I’m getting lower spec 65UK6300, as bigger always the better

Gaming Guide says:

Although well meant, this review can be misleading for many people (besides the energy saver/ECO miss). First, some vital info about LG UK6500 – depending on the size (43, 50, 55 inch) and market, the TV can come with either an IPS or a VA panel (rare for LG). Now this makes a world of difference.

I had a chance to test 50 inch UK6500 with a VA panel for a few weeks. We measured 4790:1 contrast (Calman), somewhere above 470 nits (I’ve seen reviews that measured only 350) and a reasonably small color delta error (all below 3) and input lag. The picture was simply stunning even with minimal calibration! With strong blacks and vibrant colors (even in bright rooms), 4K content and games looked amazing!

None of the conclusions from this review could be applied to that TV. I think a lot of people will watch this review and miss on a great TV.

Do your research before buying, ask about the panel, check the TV in the store or test it at home. Whether the TV has a VA or an IPS panel is vital – and this can be different from country to country. In fact, in many countries you can find the 50 inch VA version for under $600, and we all thought we’d overall rather have the LG than any under $1000 local-dimming-less Samsung.


Malleusify says:

LG 50uk6500 or Panasonic 50EX700E???

Omar Alamy says:

I have lg 49uj634v is there a great différence

GodCast says:

this tv is crap

Samir Fakoua says:

Is the uk6540PDT any better?

Gionny 1976 says:

Hello . What year is it?

Pedro Marques says:

Is there any other options with bluetooth in +- this price range? i will like to use my bluetooth headphone on my next tv buy.

Unimatus says:

This tv has a RGBW pixel structure which means instead of the colour resolution being 3840 x 2160 RGB containing 4k colour resolution it has 2880 x 2160 RGB and 960 white pixels. Essentially every 4th pixel is a true RGB pixel which means the rest sacrifice either a red, green or blue subpixel and replace it with a white one. So essentially brightness of this tv is limited as the brightness of one white pixel affects the surrounding pixels distorting it’s colour.

Google RGB vs RGBW there are many discussions about this.

Neko Ergatu says:

Hello Erin, how is the quality to use it with a console like PS4 Slim or Xbox One S?

Jason Sutton says:

Buying a 4k tv tomorrow…thank you because I don’t want it to be so reflective or have trouble with dark shows.
I’ve hear Samsung is the way to go for 4k smart TVs so I think I will get that one…even though it costs a bit more.
Which do you think is best and how would you rank Samsung?

Henry Daya says:

i think this tv have a magic remote and ai thin q

Nikola Markovic says:

If you need to choose, which one: Sony Bravia 40WE660B or this LG43UK6500? I have a dilemma. Btw, i dont need 4K resolution. Dilemma ist about picture quality and interface. Thanks.


Excelente review ERIN saludos desde mexico like y suscripcion

Philip Lee says:

Ghost dog

Michael Katt says:

Interesting review, Consumer reports rates it as a Best Buy

Andy Amy says:

How does this TV compare to a SAMSUNG 7100? Do you have a review for the SAMSUNG UN43NU7100? Thanks

paul5619 says:

Erin, I am so pleased I watched this video, I have recently bought the LG sj810v I love the colours so vibrant in daylight scenes, but in darker scenes its sometimes unwatchable, I also agree with the 4k uhd comments you have its just not a good picture to dim or dark, now I was led to believe that the tv had a fault and as I type I was just about to go and exchange it for the LG50uk6950 which is a similar model to the one you are reviewing. I think I am going to have a rethink and possibly go for one of the samsung models. thanks

rodriguezjulio28 says:

The LG UHD TV AI ThinQ is a 4k tv? (55uk65)

John Fink says:

They are replacing my old 42” LJ with this one.. thanks for the video.. and I love the tv stand

Wendell Greenidge says:

Can you download apps on the tv???

kiew eu kam says:

Thanks for the review, I’m getting lower spec 65UK6300, as bigger always the better

Anh Hà says:

Thanks for the review. My room is same with your have lot of ambien light from windows and I don’t like the reflection on the screen. Would Samsung TV overcome this problem?

Syed irfan says:

Mam , what is the refresh rate 60hz ?

NiCoOo says:

Is this good for pc gaming pubg ?

Danilo Medoruma says:

What about the LGuk7500 sereis,do you haye review on this item?thanks;nice review by the way,

claws26 says:

Thanks for the honest review. Reflections and contrast during the day or brightly lit rooms seem to be the nails in the coffin.
However, realizing this TV will be a bedroom TV that typically is used at night or curtains closed and also for gaming purposes, I’m going with this one after all. It Seems like it has all of the other bells and whistles without going into extreme sizes and prices.
Sale price had it down $200 from original, so I figure it’s worth taking the chance 🙂
Thanks again for the info!

Ryan McConville says:

Surely the TV had HDR, would that not have helped brighten up the picture and provide better detail?

Apocalyptic says:

Dear Erin, this review helped me so much with my decision. Thank you for this awesome review.

ignorance is bliss. says:

I just got this in the 55 inch model. Compared to my 8 series 65 samsung its not that bad but bright light honestly kills this set.

mauriciorock says:

I own this tv….4k beautiful if you are a gamer highly recommend for ps4 pro and xbox 1 x graphics on both consoles looks insine

T. Man says:

these are on sale at sams for $500 for 55 inch. sound i bite ?

dave guy says:

What i like most about this tv is the low input lag its at 13ms for a tv thats really good something to take into consideration

BRUHItsABunny says:

how does this UK6500 series compare to the UK6300 series?

Battosai Himura88 says:

You should suggest other brands instead.

Tommy J says:

I bought this tv and am very happy with it so far. Do you know or have any suggestions on the best picture calibration for traditional HD? Any recommendations would be helpful.

Matt Jacob says:

For brightness maybe you should have gone into the advanced settings and adjust the eco settings. You didn’t mention that in the video, so I’m assuming you only adjusted the quick view settings which isn’t very granular. You can’t adjust the backlight from there, or brightness / contrast etc- but can from the actual settings menu- which isn’t as easy to find but is there.

s0ad29 says:

Too help the ‘not so great black levels’ i would recommend some bias lighting/led strip behind the tv, it does make a big difference in a dim room.

Adrian Selaru says:

what about in a dark room set ? does it suffers from black bleeding?

Tziminhio says:

Thanks for the great review.
I’m thinking to buy this tv. I need this for movies (at night) and to see action videos from my gopro. Do you believe that is it ok for what I want? I don’t like the reflection but I will not use it in a so brighty room. Could you recommend another tv, up to 500€ (43-50″)?
Thanks in advance!

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