Best Budget 4K TV? 50″ Smart 4K for $599! (Hisense H7)

Is this the best budget 4K Television for 2015? The Hisense 50″ H7 Series brings 4K to the masses by making it affordable! This TV has an amazing price of $599! I couldn’t wait to review this Hisense H7 for it has all of the features you would expect out of more expensive 4K TVs. The H7 features Smart TV Capabilities with Netflix recommended designation, smooth motion rate up to 480 hz and dual band wifi. Watch as a test game play for the Playstation 4, Show 4K Netflix quality, Unbox the TV and show you setup and ports that come equipped. Let me know what you think! This TV is a GO!

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jeffrey omalley says:

hey whats up man. u still have and use this 4k tv?

Rusty Greer says:

I just got this TV for Black Friday this year, and apparently they were sold to target from Sam’s and just got retitled with a different model # and I got it for $250!

MethadonX Shevancko says:

Woah, my dad bought that TV for some odd reason (IDK)……but it is true? my dad says, OUR new TV would cause damage if I use Ultra Smooth Motion on my PS4……but hey, my ps4’s game rendered at 60 FPS (artificial) with some noticable screen tear and weird motion blur…..can OUR new TV caused damage because of Ultra Smooth?

*What is best refresh rate? Turn OFF that option or put on HIGH?*

No laughing, I’m very srsly, this is my very first time to have that rare TV.

o0julek0o says:

I died at the sniff test

LiveSteamMad says:

Does it have a Gamma control ?

a white says:

does it hdr

Sam Huffman says:

Question, how does the TV look when showing just 1080p picture? Great review video!!

ids van den Booren says:

can you install kodi on it without an extra smart tv box?

Matthew McDonald says:

does it do HDR 10

Raymond Siu says:

I have this 55H8C and my tv is super fast when switching to any app.
I have a dual band router and I have it connected to the 5G network which is extremely fast and my internet speed is 90 Mbps. So maybe that’s why I have no lag at all in any app. Netflix, amazon, vudu and youtube connect instantly!
No issues with my connection or TV

a white says:


Ali Zaid Rosli says:

Hi Danny,

Not sure whether or not you still have the TV. Just want to ask though. Are you able to play Youtube videos in 4k? Appreciate if you could reply.



Al Harlin says:

I just purchased the Hisense 50″ h6 4k at best buy on sale 299.99. I too am impressed . Just a 5 min calibration and I was enjoying this product . I need to call the company regarding the warranty . I thought it was 4 years however the paper work read 1 year parts & labor . Great review !!

Kyle Hurd says:

What’s the refresh rate? Since I game on big screen TV’s like my Xbox one s for example.

Dave Jones says:

After spend over £200 on shitty wallpaper from top so called quality John Lewis. I wrote a review to tell others about my experience of the same code wall paper…only for my comment to be taken down by JL. Overpriced crap, all smoke and mirrors for a bullshite name.

Jacob Ghamrawi says:

Is this tv HDR?

ExpertTroll says:

i bought this TV. didn’t have the manual or power cable, didn’t come with screws for the stands, i think before i bought it someone else bought it then returned it to best buy missing parts, what should i do ?!?!?! it was 9:30pm in best buy and they close at 9 so maybe they purposly gave me the garbage because they were pissed, but if they would have simply told me they were closed i would have left earlier (no announcements, nothing, passive aggresive morons here in the midwest) i could probably get a power cable and screws or should i return/exchange it

Tigger Tail says:

Does it support 10 bit color(HDR)?

KingYai6401 GT says:

If its HISENSE..Im not getting it…LMAO RIP OFF

Victor Guillen says:

what’s the refresh rate?

LeagueOfNations94 says:

Hisense vs tcl?

ZenoDiac says:

00:36  3840 x 2160 is called Quad Full High Definition (QFHD), True 4K resolution is 4096 x 2160. Unfortunately, manufacturers take advantage of people not knowing this and label anything from 3840 x 2160 as “4K”.


i have a really nice vizio m series 1080p tv and this is a great price point but i feel its a downgrade from what i have aesthetically

kevinpsalms says:

i got the 65in 4k at sams club for 649

ps4 wrestlingfanatic94 says:

does this tv have HDR?

Christopher Jordan says:

is it just me or does his voice not match his face?

Mel Green says:

was the internet browsing capabilities built in the tv?

Lewis says:

Did yo buy the tv in 2008? loll

J Truth says:

i got this tv right now it is absolutey great.The colors really stand out amd very crisp even in 1080p

San Antonio Rideshare Guy says:

Do not buy hisense. Bought a 65 inch at costco 2 years ago. Now it not 2.2 hdcp compliant and their is no fix . Hisense support told me “sorry ” . So I’m SOL.

Michael Cena says:

they just had the LG smart tv 4k 60′ for US $599. super thin btw.

Юрий Давыдов says:

If you gonna check BJ you’ll find better deals on Samsung or LG deals 50-60″

ebay deals says:

Bolva 55BL00H7 55″ 4K Ultra HD
List price:
You save:
$522.63 (58% off)
US $377.36

Juliana Jackson says:

Very easy to set up! 4 yr warranty wow! I luv it

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