Are 4K TVs worth it yet? – $399 TCL 55″ 4K TV Review / Editorial

4K has been out for awhile now, but has the price finally gotten low enough to make it a good bang-for-your-buck value? Is there even anything to watch? Do you still need to pick up a Roku or Chromecast even if it’s a “Smart TV”?
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Zachary Laborde says:

This is one of the best tech reviews I’ve ever seen. Nice work!

Edmundo studios says:

The input lag is a deal breaker if it’s like you say. Game mode on 90% of TVs I’ve used has fixed all the lag just short of a monitor.

JAred Hurley says:

This tv is junk. I bought it and burned through two different ones and had same grainy issues that a 1080p samsung tv for 50 dollars less, 55″ looked TWICE as good. Blew this tv out of the water now you tell me how thats possible

Momekh says:

money shot 5:49

TRU_ RACER_YT_ says:

i bought this tv and made a unboxing video of it its just a starter 4k tv for now the only addition id really like is hdr 10

Austin Hernandez says:

I see why you mentioned this video so much in your LED strip video. Fantastic review, great job! I’ll be strongly considering this brand when I buy my next TV!

Absorb Rolex says:

it takes a lot to make a stew!

T B says:

Can you upscale an NES to 2160p?

Christian Delgado says:

I have that same bed cover.

Taylor Shockley says:

This guy could literally make a living off of YouTube yet he decides to upload once every couple months it’s a waste of pot

Pixel says:

The newer 4K smart tvs at least the Samsung ones are really snappy. They don’t have infrared remotes anymore. And my remote only has like 10 buttons on it.

Cai148 says:

6:44 Cat porn.

T B says:

I’d rather spend the 500 bucks on a cruise and just watch tv on my old 47″ 1080p than watch 4 k

MrDeothor says:

That cat gets the beating 😀

Bro_Flash says:

Nahhh Damnnn dude! You are amazing. This is the third video im watching of yours and every video you’ve won me over to your point or to the product. You’ve gained a subscriber and an active viewer. I’m in love with your content. Please keep it up!

Qasim Abdullah says:

1 app, to rule them all. Kodi.

Stephen Blankenship says:

you still have to buy subscriptions for all the apps right? like hulu or netflix or HBOGo or whatever else?

Alias Miles says:

Can’t get in the UK…….

Chuka Kaelo says:

I can smell the jizz on your bed from here.

Mike Benjamin says:

I am a new sub I love your cat.great vid.

Biron Hernandez says:

thank you for the info, cool video

hamid tariq says:


Jeremiah Tarver says:

Cat at 2:05 ” Can you stop F%#$@*% moving! You are bumping my head!”. (Brief period of annoyance) Cat at 2:30 ” F@%# it I’m moving”. Ha Ha..

Love the videos DeV! Take care

Simon & Tara says:

It’s $699 on Amazon, not $399.

Gambit2483 says:

Bruh…why does this video come off as a reassurance video…ur ass bought a cheap ass tv n u need to reassure urself u didn’t just waste ur $400 lol….I got a 55in 4k HDR OLED with 3d that blows away anything you’ve seen in the theaters. Lightning fast smart processing that’s wireless update capable and amazing IR remote that’s basically a wiimote. I’m good for at least 10 years. $ well spent

Harax A says:

every once in while i stumble on your videos , and never disappointed. Keep it going man !

Jar Jar Elon says:

Bought an oled 4k 55 lg tv … costed a fortune but I love it

Erik Haluzak says:

What’s the new version of this TV? It’s not available on Amazon anymore.

Thekukills says:

I worked at a Walmart DC over the Summer when these things went on sale. We where shipping out literal truckloads of them.

Dirkschneider says:

Why is your cat trying to intimidate me? 1:00

Muhammad Ali says:

But dose it have cec compatible

Gabriel Mees says:

Yo you’re funny as hell and continue making vids you’re gonna go places

jalla b says:

tcl chinese trash ,wasre money

Damir S says:

That cat loves you to death lol

mafoota says:

Catch was no hdr?

John Weland says:

I wonder how it’s held up the last few months? What about input lag from a console, any different?

zerohp says:

Your cat is adorable. I basically watched him the entire video. Sooo cute. Good review.

Denis Le Court De Billot says:

kitty licking anus 🙂

Luke Beauchamp says:

I love how this guy reviews normal priced stuff instead of extremely expensive stuff.

*Insert Name Here* says:

man I love your voice

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