6 best Smart TV platforms in the world today

6 best Smart TV platforms in the world today: With televisions now offering a range of services and apps straight out of the box, smart TV continues to go from strength to strength. But which company offers the best Smart TV platform? Here’s our quick guide to the top six contenders.

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ivanjacob says:

Philips has all video apps for my country so i’ll go with philips.

Pipiras Pipirenas says:

Imagine you show that TV to a person 20 years ago, such an improvement in technology

SJCookiEzZ says:

Fuck Samsung they’ll stop working and they wont do fucking shit to help you.

jason monica says:

samsung is the best

sweet dreams says:

IT IS THE BEST, I have a Video on that and this one is the first in my list of top 10 TVs , I myself am going to get one soon and it has only 16.9 ms of input lag

Amsh OmàrVevo says:

Lg style the best but poor fan

EXIA112 says:

With a Philips ambilight tv ull have the best gaming experience everrrrr!!!!

saladin57140 says:

lg is a shit ,panasonic or sony the best

Player iTo says:

I An A New LG Smart TV And Is So Better Than This LG Smart TV

Domenico says:

Check out their site and read. It’s great: Go to techradar

Domenico says:

I’m in Italy-debating on buying a SONY KDL47W805. What do you all think of this smart TV? IT’s MUCH more affordable than the Samsung, which I’m reading here doesn’t work so well with Wi-fi- part of the reason I want it-to watch free channels via Internet.

rockrem says:

Samsung is 1st

Seba Falat says:

Lg wtf

Galea Brady says:

please can someone tell me the review of LG 50LA667S because im gonna buy it and in you tube theres no video of the tv ..pls someone reply 🙂

mrCenron says:

only the platform is the best not the display….

dude8021 says:

No no no lg has horrible picture quality and it’s so thick while samsung and Sony have a better picture quality and both have a elegant design but in sound sony wins since the speakers face the viewer while on the samsung the speakers are on the bottom

mrCenron says:

ill go for SHARP smart tv,with QUATTRON pro

Saltywaffle 123 says:

I have a ps4 I did my research CNET even said this is the best TV for gamers the TV I am getting the Sony W082A 42 inch it is great for gaming and is 3d

claudio nunes says:

Panasonic love

Muzaffar Safi says:

I agree with review… if you go for Picture and Sound… go for Sony you will not repent…. LG really sleek designs and innovation in every model and best smart software and apps options but you have to compromise on the pic quality a little bit.
So… Picture + Sound = SONY ….. Smart features and smart remote + hard desk drives = LG

Rob Parfitt says:

I have a Samsung 50 inch plasma got it from (computerelectrics.co.uk) it connects to internet and I run my laptop through it to. got it for £450 from this store. real good bargain’s.

sweet dreams says:

I have too plz check out my video

J says:

Sony is one of the shittest coulours.. must be blind to say sony has good picture.. lol

Yusri Affandi says:

I go to SONY…still the best color and elegant design too

Lilian says:

The Samsung Smart Hub changed, now it gets in it’s own category…

j0nnyism says:

Which tv is best if ur Muslim?

Josh Arnaout says:

I want to find a TV with high definition To play with the PS4

sweet dreams says:

GUYS check out my last video now if you are searching for the top 10 TVs for connecting to PCs or Gaming and I will explain what does Input lag mean for the ones who dont know and is VERY important + thumbsup the cm so others will know more about me

John Ryan David says:

Many hates LG, but LG is different now, they innovate better than samsung does if i were to buy a tv i’ll only chose between sony and lg.

daniel min says:

common ppl dont be silly, all of this tv have great colors and 3d capabilities,the only big diference is the input-lag for gamers:in this case sony wins with 015 ms, and the practicability, nothing matches the smart remote from LG,samsung have a similar remote but with a pad on the remote…god but not the same thing when browsing or navigateing/writting in the smart menu, i like all of this brand but for me it had to be an LG 47 LA690S the desing its incredible…and u get it with the smart remote and a 2.1 sound integrated sistem


life’s good

Robbie Mcgrath says:

You high you just talked balls about every tv I have seen lots of smart tvs and they all have the same apps apart from Sony where you can hook your ps up to it

j0nnyism says:

I put Google in my cock and im not getting any supermarket ice. What am I doing wrong?

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