Z Review – The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

I rounded up a fellow “music” enthusiast to lay down some hard, deep and ultimately confusing truths about some beloved speakers. I protest that her opinion should not be deemed // The Be-All-End-All Truth and Guide to Womens Studies –By Zeos ;p // But I take it as a stepping stone into the inner psyche of the opposite sex at least when it has to do with boxes that make The Doors play loudly.

Feel free to show this video to any friends of the fairer sex you may have and please encourage THEM to chime in on the speakers in this video, which are…. (in size order)

Dayton SuperStack [https://youtu.be/9Ftor8t76vo]
PSA MT110[http://goo.gl/YQOjh2]
Emotiva XRM-6.1[https://youtu.be/yYHJz3INUlk]
Chane A1rx-c[http://goo.gl/10uC34]
Fluance SX6[http://amzn.to/1MbLlHc]
WaveCrest HVL-1[http://goo.gl/TA5MHE]
Polk RTi4[http://amzn.to/1LA6AaQ]
Teac LH265[http://amzn.to/1oovsaK]
Micca MB42x[http://amzn.to/188rnsc]
Emotiva XRM4.1[N/A]
Scythe 1100[http://amzn.to/1DFwSUO]
Mirage Nanosat[http://amzn.to/1DFx7iF]

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“Sandy” will be back in future episodes to discuss headphone design, comfort and sound of both speakers and headphones as well as pop by from time to time to give her 2 cents on any future speakers or equipment I review.


truthfilter says:

what we got here is a fine specimen of alabama black snake but it aint too goddam bookoo

Sean Athair says:

I would slit my wrist if I had to shop with her. I bet she is fun in a Car lot

x3LightNinG says:

hell yea i would love to have a wife like her. bangin every day n night u get wt i mean

block Chaine says:


jsadecki1 says:

Is that your wife?


I had to double-take the site

Delliecrwp X says:

He’s one of the best reviewers ever

tompparaideri says:

Wow, so much penis humor

Alayna Forester says:

i would center your audio (not mono) but if your talking into my left ear for half an hour it gets a bit uncomfortable

Manufanatic 99 says:

Against stay at home wife’s boo

John Smith says:

She’s brilliant, stop torturing her. Of course she doesn’t think they are pretty. They are boring, and have no style. I understand her perfectly. Make a speaker that looks like a lovely shoe and she’ll beam with happiness.

John Kubus says:

That girl is Perfect, I could watch a video of her buttering toast and it wouldn’t matter.

Bryan says:

Do you have an Audio Karma account? Most are into vintage stuff (because we’re cheap) but it’s a great site

Thomas Wyrick says:

Weirdess porn I’ve ever seen.

Twin Turbo says:

At the beginning when she was on the couch and asked about the super big black speaker, she was lying. She said no but deep down inside she was saying yes.

Darth Gamer says:

This got kinky real quick.

Arjun Pun says:

For a minute I was like wait is this bangbros.

12mix12 says:

“Almost everything in this room is top less” zing! Lol

Sean Miller says:


Jason Wilke says:

What would she say about my technic sb7000 because my wife hates them because they are heavy

MrDeeb8 says:

Damn zeos. Just fucking damn. Hot ass waifu

toph geld says:

A bit off topic but did I catch a “History of the World Part I” reference at 2:18? Madeline Kahn had some great lines.

Maxi Gabi Me says:

Hi man, I love your videos, the demos, the reviews, I’m leargning a lot actually and thank you very much for taking the time of doing all these, I know it took me two years to see this video hahahaha greetings from Argentina

Nexus Hexus says:

Do you show her your voice coil?

AddyC says:

Aye Z still with her?

joseph k says:

Its like watching porn at starting

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