What Is Dolby Atmos and DTS-X? – A General Overview and Review

The video contains a general overview of Dolby Atmos/DTS-X, including history, requirements, configurations, limitations, and my thoughts on these formats. Dolby Atmos is a immersive surround sound format used in some movies. Unlike other formats, Dolby Atmos and DTS-X support ceiling speakers which are positioned above the listening position. These discrete speakers provide a unique 3D experience that adds a unique feel to most movies. Dolby Atmos can be configured in two different ways. It can either be setup using in-ceiling speakers or Dolby Atmos-Enabled speakers can be used. A Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker is a speaker that’s angled towards the ceiling and reflects sound off the ceiling in order to create an overhead effect. This works well in some rooms but doesn’t provide the same experience as actual in-ceiling speakers.

Everything You Need to Know About Home Audio:

Everything you Need To Know About 4K HDR, HDCP, HDMI:

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Home Theater Equipment:

Projector: Optoma UHD60 4K
Screen: 135” Edge-Free Elite Screen (CineGray)
Audio Receiver: Denon X6300H 11.2 Channel
Add-On 2-Channel Atmos Amp: Audio Source AMP100VS
Media Players: Nvidia Shield + Xbox One S
Media Storage: Synology DS916+
Remote System: Logitech Harmony Hub + Echo Dot
Screen Lighting: Wentop 33ft LED Strip
Projector HDMI: RUIPRO HDMI Fiber Cable 33ft
Media Storage: Ikea Besta TV Unit
Speaker Cable: Mediabridge 14AWG
Lighting Control: Smarthings Hub + Echo Dot

Speakers (7.2.4 Dolby Atmos):
Floor Speakers: Klipsch RP-280FA (Ebony)
Center Channel: Klipsch RP-450C (Ebony)
Subwoofers: Klipsch R-115SW
Surrounds: RP-250S (Black)
Rear Surrounds: RP-150M (Ebony)
Ceiling (Atmos): Polk RC80i

Seatcraft Venetian Black Leather 7000 (4x)
Palliser Pacifico Black Leather (4x)
Riser: DIY Build
Riser Lighting: WenTop 33ft LED Strip


Honor Gaming says:

I mean not atmos the klipsch speakers

peter leach says:

Cheers man, you are prob the best that I’ve seen on this subject on YouTube.., you speak calmly, cheers from New Zealand

Nab hash says:

I’ve been looking at onkyo hts 9700thx. It doesn’t support dtx though. Is it a good choice for a small room. Or I will be happy with Polk mini soundbar?

PhillyDj Hook says:

I LOVE your channel.

1289dude says:

Love the Enya music for the background. Great video too.

Dave Blundell says:

JUSt WAIT TILL YOU TRY dolby atmos going from PC to a HOME theater SYSTEM it is DAMN near impossible YOU ARE THATS Dolby FRICKING idiots You wanna know why you are not selling its BECAUSE it dont WORK “without full instuctions” give me my money back for a useless windows 10 app

Marcus B. says:

Great job. Clear. Concise. No fluff.
I can appreciate that much more than folks trying to “plug themselves or they’re services or brands”.
I am in the process of setting up my brand new Home Theater up with: Yamaha RX3070, Klipsch, Micca, silver Ticket 135″ screen and more! Super Hyped!!! Going to the local Megaplex will be a thing of the past…

ColonielLizardT4 says:

I actually prefer DTS:X to Dolby Atmos due to flexible more freedom of speakers, Dolby Atmos is too specific-based, especially if you’re no fan of ceiling/height speakers.
Good thing I have a option to watch the 4K Blu-ray Dolby Atmos discs in lossless Dolby TrueHD 5.1 or 7.1 (DTS:X is also btw a extra layer for DTS-HD Master Audio).

McKenzie Small says:

Great video, produced quite nicely by the way. Excellent diagram graphics too.

SagaciousFrank says:

Great video. I also have that same Denon Receiver. But your speakers and subs *look* (looks can be deceiving though) like they piss all over mine. I haven’t set my system up yet (7.2.4) but I’m fortunate that the room is very ideal for an Atmos setup.

Aelia Yousaf says:

dolby atmos enabled speakers = poor mans atmos setup

flikdurbean says:

Atmos soundbars are a marketing joke!

Robert Marriott says:

Great system but 5.1 is really all anyone needs for immersive sound. These companies keep reinventing the wheel to try and justify selling more hifi nonsense at costs so high the experience for price isn’t justifiable. Not only that but like you pointed out there isn’t enough audio encoded for the other channels to justify the hype. Just my experience and opinion.

sicilianbambino says:

Anything ?

9993chelsea says:

Hello sir,thanks for video. I am planning to setup my home theatre system . Now i am confuse in where to start for setup. First step is i need to choose av receiver with dolby atmos and can support to 9.2 and 2 rooms atleast. Also is it mandatory to buy dolby atmos home theatre system or normal 7.1 can work fine with dolby atmos av receiver? Also is it ok to just add two normal ceiling speaker? So it will become like 7.1.2 ..Can you please give best model/product name for this whole setup.. also i am planning to ho with wireless speaker system if possiable.Thanks

Sheldon Spock says:

Fugees – Ready or Not?

Anderson C says:

Any of us would love to have a similar Atmos system. But, it should be noted that the LAST thing any one should use are speakers that bounce sound of surfaces before they get to the viewer. As in this Klipsch system. There are manufacturers like SVS that make “height speakers” that can be mounted on the front and rear walls with the face of the speakers angled down towards the viewers. Or, use in-ceiling Atmos (angled 45 degrees drivers) in-ceiling speakers. Which any one can put in if building a HT room.

Jacob Garcia says:

Nice video! I recently finished my new hometheater build and have a 7.2.4 setup using in ceiling speakers for the above head. I love it. I hope to post a video sooner or later.

Cedric James says:

This comment section had me cracking up… lol I have a question if I have Dolby Atmos for the xbox one x and I am listening through a 7.1 surround sound headset (turtle beach elite 800x) that is not atmos certified will it have the full effect of a headset that was “certified atmos” and the reason why I ask this is because when reading the description on the xbox one store it says that it will make any headset atmos enabled. Just wondering about the validity of this description.

Thank you for your time

Eric Lowenbach says:

Thank you for this. Very helpful.

Tony Mireles says:

Good video! This is similar to my setup (5.2.4), consisting of a Pioneer Elite SP-EC73, four Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73, & two MartinLogan Dynamo 1000W Subwoofers all connected to a Denon AVR-x4200w.

Felipe Salomão says:

Did you used 4 in ceiling Speakers for atmos? My doubt is, why use atmos enabled front Speakers (RF-280) if you already have in ceiling solution? Could you recomend front Speakers that is not atmos enabled? If cheaper, better.. Thank you.

All Access Construction says:

Another #excellent video

EJM3 says:

Question, if a movie or streaming video does not have dolby atmos support what does that mean exactly? does it mean that the entire speaker system or soundbar will not play the audio, or will only the speakers that reflect off the ceiling not work?

vwr32jeep says:

Great review. Subbed.

Monstructo says:

Is it worth getting the $15 Dolby Atmos software on PC for my headphones? I play games where pinpointing sound locations is rather important and currently use DTS 7.1

keahi foxx says:

I need to learn more about this stuff so maybe I could setup a Dolby Atmos soundbar system

sickjohnson says:

I would love to have Auro 3-D in home system, it’s driven by PCM so it would work with most new movies too.
From what I have read Auro 3-D was first and Dolby Atmos & DTS-X are just a rip off of it.

Antarius Baugh says:

I need help getting a good receiver to power my Klipsch Reference Speakers. I have the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-450CA, 4 Klipsch RP-160M, 1 Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer and 2 Klipsch RP-280F. What will be a good 7.1 receiver to power this setup…..

kmg501 says:

This is good information but I think that this is largely a waste of money for most people. In addition to the considerations you mentioned people also need to be aware that the movie also must be mixed to properly support Atmos and mixing engineers already have a lot to do with the current format techs that are available.

exclusivelynyc says:

3 ways – using front heights as Dolby Atmos and/or back heights.

Antonio Owensby says:

I preordered Star Wars the last Jedi 4K UHD Steelbook which said it will have the Dolby Atmos track, that would be a perfect opportunity to test the in ceiling/enabled drivers to the max.

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