Top 7 Best SoundBars 2017 – Affordable TV Sound Bar Reviews

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Based on Customer Reviews, Features and Reasonable Price, Our #1 Top pick is :

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Top 7 Best SoundBars 2017 – Affordable TV Sound Bar Reviews:

Product In-details:
This amazing sound bar system by Bose will help revolutionize your home’s audio sound experience and take it to the next level. It features HDMI connectivity with the 4K-pass through that will enable you to enjoy your music, TV shows, and movies like never before.
At No 6.
If you are need of a sound bar speaker system that is highly portable and doesn’t come along with various stand-alone speakers then this is your best bet. This particular sound bar comes with the one-piece speaker with an inbuilt subwoofer allowing it to easily fit below your TV. Its Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates the cumbersomeness of having to rely on cords for connection. With it, you will easily play music wirelessly via Bluetooth using the SongPal app. If you need to stream music online using your Smartphone you can take advantage of Google cast and play music on this sound bar system using your favorite music apps. If you need to enhance the sound system in the room you can easily add other compatible Sony wireless speakers as rear surround speakers which will be connected to it via the Bluetooth technology
At No 5.
This premium quality sound bar system by Denon lets you enjoy an amazing sound experience right at your home whether and it doesn’t matter if you’re watching movies on your TV, listening to music from your DVD player or playing games. It also comes with a wireless subwoofer that is so powerful and helps to accentuate the sound quality effect. Another good feature of the sound bar system is that fact that you can easily use the HDMI cable to connect it to your TV set or your set-top box and play audio with it. Its virtual surround sound effect simulates the sound of a multi-channel speaker system thus giving you a kind of theatre-like sound experience right in your home. Use your Bluetooth enabled device such your Smartphone, tablet to stream music right through the sound bar system.
At No 4.
Samsung Electronics indeed produces some of the best electronics ever and this Samsung HW-K650 3.1 Channel 340 watts wireless audio soundbar system is an example. The sound bar comes with a high-quality subwoofer with a center speaker which works well to offer you that surround sound effect that you will love. You can use this soundbar system from Samsung to help turn your home into a mini “theater”. The total output power of the sound bar system is 340 watts and you can imagine how that is too powerful. This sound bar system helps deliver
At No 3.
The Yamaha YSP-3300 digital soundbar system features the 7.1 channel for an even better surround sound output. The system uses up to 16 array speakers which are controlled by the Yamaha YSP technology to give off a thrilling 3D sound effect. The soundbar also comes with a wireless but subwoofer which will help you that amazing bass boost.
At No 2.
This quality soundbar system from Vizio features wireless connection technology, therefore, eliminating the cumbersomeness that comes with cord speakers. Experience an amazing surround sound effect from your television set or even from your DVD player via this powerful 40 inches 5.1 soundbar system from Vizio.
And coming at no 1 of our list.

This is great sound bar system that you could easily connect with your television set and get to experience 3D sound output right in your home. It features wireless technology meaning you don’t need to have wires to connect it to your TV set or DVD player. You can easily enhance the surround sound effect of your Sonos sound bar by engaging the True play speaker tuning feature basically turning it into a real home theater system. All of the sound bar’s speakers are wireless and can easily be synced together to give you that amazing sound effects.
❥ ❥ 7.The Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar
❥ ❥ 6.Sony HTXT2 2.1 Channel Sound Base with Bluetooth
❥ ❥ 5.Denon DHT-S514 Home Theatre Sound Bar System with HDMI, Bluetooth Streaming, and Wireless Subwoofer
❥ ❥ 4.Samsung HW-K650 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar
❥ ❥ 3.Yamaha YSP-3300 Digital Sound Projector with Wireless Subwoofer
❥ ❥ 2.Vizio SB4051-C0 40-Inch 5.1 Sound Bar System
❥ ❥ 1.Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar for Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker

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patrkelly says:

Why is Bose number 7?

rocky4nz says:

You need optical for the Sonos to get sound from your TV. It will not connect wirelessly. It is only wireless for streaming music. Might want to get your product knowledge right when you are posting.

Hijas Ahamed says:

where lg sj9???

jatt4life10 says:

Yamaha sound bar ysp 2500 or ysp 2700 is best. Owned it for more than year but it’s crisp clear and loud

Eddie Johanson says:

Terrible video. But thanks

Techu40 X says:

Sound bars are shite, might aswell use your tv speakers

PuneManaPeBaiat ! says:

Top 7 Best SoundBars 2017 – Affordable TV Sound Bar Reviews i don’t know wath you understand true AFFORDABLE, 700$ … yow have large pocket …

Rylan Eigsti says:

Description says affordable and this list in whole isn’t very affordable

Tejinder Singh Bhatti says:

Tell you what. If you guys are ready to spend around $400- $500 CANADIAN $$$$$$ then close your eyes, buy JBL SB400.

JUST try it once before spending money on any other soundbar including boss. For that price its the best. I purchased when it was brand new from best buy for $1000 and it still works the best. Never had a single issue. Now a days its around $399.99

Jack Ridge says:

No Fluance ?

omar Inthedark says:

Bose cost 700$ how this affordable ??!!!

Mark Waldrep says:

The YARRA 3DX sound with patented beamforning is absolutely amazing and can be purchased for $299 including subwoofer. Check out for details.

America Pride says:

Should I buy a Bose sound bar or a Samsung sound bar

Dr Mash You Upp says:

Got to say the samsung und+ HW-MS6500 3.0 Curved All-in-One Sound Bar is a great buy well worth the money good bass and tone with good depth fills a big room

Carl Thompson says:

Sound Bars

ballards02 says:

Sonos is no 1? Are you kidding me? I compared Bose and Sonos today Bose sounds way better and the build quality is amazing

Braheem Hazeem says:

affordable….. samsung 3.1 is 1k dollars

Bunch of Monkeys says:

Where are the prices, approximates would’ve helped, also links to buy…..

Mar Tehc says:

Do not, do not buy Vizio soundbars, they fail, they stop working. These soundbars sounds great, they are one of the best on the market but they stop working, they have an issue and Vizio is not doing anything about it. Mine SB4251, the remote stopped working, meaning the device is not communicating with the remote so I called them up, was told that it was probably the remote, well now I have two remotes and the device is not communication with either of the. Tried numerous troubleshooting steps and nothing works. Customer service were not helpful considering that it’s a common issue. Don’t take my word for it do a search on Google, do a search right here on Youtube, look at the reviews on Amazon. I will add a video to show you the issue. Companies need to be held responsible for their products considering the amount of money we spend on their products.


bose sound bar price.. $224 :'(((( rest in piece

Klaus Hellemann says:

Prices???? Need to watch more tubers so you learn a little… Cheers!

Michael Couse says:

The sonos blows them all away. Period.

Marco Bösch says:

Bose Soundtouch 300 is the best Soundbar #1

Ceddy says:

soundbars are not the same as sound plates.

refused says:

Did you record the audio via dorito bag?

Jürgen Hoepel says:

Sonos is not the best, its not future proof. You are making a fool of your selves with this list.

JayMonstaR6 says:

Affordable? And you start with Bose?

Mark Brown says:

Don’t like reviews that sound like they are just reading the box 🙁
Lack of thoughts from the reviewer get a thumbs down.

kris1976melo says:

Number one £650 how this affordable list

oregon pitking says:

I can hear your glasses through the video. my room now stinks of virginity.

thingsandthemes says:

yeh 700 bucks is not affordable for most. put the ones up for 100 or less. most people aren’t going to spend more on a sound bar than they spent on their tv.

Nightlife says:

this might be a dumb question but, is it possible to connect 2 different systems to the same soundbar/soundbar system since they have wireless/bluetooth capabilities? ie pc + 4k smart tv? or for example, hook up my pc via hdmi, and then my 4k smart tv via wireless(where supported)?

bc i dont want to have to seperately have to buy sound systems for both my pc & tv.

Clint says:


Somebody has a very different idea of what affordable means…

Zach Baecker says:

The Bose is 600, which is not affordable by any means.

JonKalas007 says:

Please donate for an affordable soundbar….

Khalid Ali says:

The number (1) is Bose and no more .

richard ramos says:

sanyo sound bar affordable and good sound

Jackandmasonvids channel says:


luke says:

The definitive technology is better than all of these and is less than bose.

Bond Bondy says:

I heard Bose stands for,,,buy other sound equipment

Dominik Falta says:

Affordable and 700$ all around? Do you have money piling up?
Affordable is 300 and lower!

yo fa says:

Thanks for the video and ur list! Like it!, can i buy not samsung soundbar for a smasung tv, or the samsung soundbar is the best for samsungs curved tv? And what do u recommend?

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