The Epson Home Cinema 3500/3600e Overview presented by Projector Reviews TV

Here at, we took a look the Epson Home Cinema 3500 and 3600e projectors and awarded them our Hot Product Award. This short video serves to give you a brief look at these award-winning projectors.

We also created an in-depth review video as a fun and informational summary of the full-length written review posted on We have a growing collection of videos covering both specific home theater projectors and FAQs about many of the most popular and important questions as you create your home theater environment.

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Ira Gershwin says:

What does it mean when I’m seeing a ripple effect roll down the screen every once in awhile?  Also, the frames seem to jump a bit.  I have it hooked to my computer and on the computer the image/video is smooth, no distortion.  The projected image has this rolling ripple effect every now and then and some flickers here and there, like frames are being jumped or missed.

Shane Harrison says:

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Zory Sherman says:

would this be a good choice for living room tv replacement?

Chivas6 says:

I always come and check your vids when I’m researching projectors. They’re very good! But those transitions like at 1:48 are unspeakably horrid…

Steven Sturgill says:

Art Buddy. Please for the Love of God, please scrap the ridiculous and godawful electric screech guitar and white noise cuts. They are beyond belief TERRIBLE. Love you, love your reviews,…get rid of these atrocities and your reviews will be perfect.

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