The 2016 Best Home Theater Projectors Report by Projector Reviews

Every year, we hold a competition to determine the best home theater projectors in each price range. The 2016 Best Home Theater Projector Report is an in-depth written resource analyzing all the 1080p and 4K home theater projectors we have reviewed in the past two are three years that are still current models. From those contenders, we select Best in Class award winners.

This video serves to summarize and provide highlights of the written report.

Read the full written report here:


TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

got the rs400u .. review soon!

Blue Ocean says:

What do you think of Optoma HD142X &141X and Optoma HD28DSE?

greddysrt says:

Keep it coming Art

gymkhanadog says:

What would your personal choice be between the BenQ HT2050 and the Epson Home Cinema 2040?

I’ve done the research, know about lamp life and price, features, colour lumens, all that jazz. Would love to know what a pro would chose if he could only have one of those two. Going in to replace an old Vivitek D950HD used as our primary viewing device in the livingroom. Moderate to moderately high ambient light but no direct light on screen. 100″ projection on a standard Elite Screen.

My concern with the LCD model is panel degradation over the next ~5 years I’ll own it, and black levels. 3D is really just a gimmick in my book, so it doesn’t enter into my decision. No MHL use.

Sjrick says:

this guy needs to clear his throat, it took me out of the video.

al8603cl says:

Art, I discovered your site years ago and use your reviews before making any purchase. And, your reviews saved me some cash last year. I was in the market for a new projector. I had decided on the Epson 5030. I ran across an opportunity to pick up a B Stock 5020 for $1699.00 and, after reading your reviews of both I decided to go with the 5020 and save several hundreds of dollars. I’m holding off on 4k capable projectors for a few years until content is readily available.

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

hey quick question. do u like the DILA look? im looking at a jvc 400u solid 45 pound 3 chip DilA design.. wondering about picture quality and the suposed …lack there of ..screen door effect. would be nice to hear about it.

Jim C says:

Love the channel Art!!!! I’ve been watching (and reading your online reviews) since day 1 and will always continue to stay tuned for your great reviews. Very much appreciated sir!!

Ian Thomas says:

No love for the Epson 3700?

MDJAK says:

Art, the 1440 is intriguing. Sounds great for a bright room. But do I understand correctly that type projector is not desirable for a dark room also because of inaccurate colors or poor black level when the room is dark? Love your reviews.

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