SVS Prime Home Cinema Speakers Review #audio

SVS Prime Home Cinema Speakers Review

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Zimba's Doom Corner says:

how do you like bookshelves for surround? Will I be losing out on anything if I go with bookshelves vs towers? I already have dual svs subs a 1 pair of bookshelves.

Neodestro says:

what power amp drive this speakers ?

Kwales66 says:

Wow ! They must sound Awseome  

Geekanoids says:

SVS Prime Home Cinema Speakers Review #audio

corban2150 says:

Amazing speakers and really do have to listen to them setup to believe it. They perform way above their price range.

Robert Bell says:

They look absolutely beastly Dave. I have surround in my living room and I don’t always use it, I find it just needs to be turned on for particular movies that deserve it. One of my favourites to use surround for is Jurassic park, the sounds are awesome.

Tom Scott says:

Great video Dave! They look fantastic but I don’t think they would dominate any living room would have to be a specific tv/cinematic room! Otherwise the other half would go mad! Haha

iamelrey says:

Thank you for this review! I’m contemplating the bookshelf speakers or the towers. Can you please give an honest review for the towers too? I would also love to hear them if possible in the video. Thanks!

Darren Gator says:

Very impressive speakers. Fantastic design and awesome specs, I am going to have to check these out! Brilliant video Dave.

Res Les says:

I know SVS makes good subs. Thanks for the review. 

Carravagio16 says:

I purchased the svs sub cable a few months back and it brought a better clarity to my existing sub, made me think that maybe some of their other products would be worth a look, thanks for the review

Archivist42 says:

Wow I’d love to watch Godzilla 2014 with that audio set up!

dean andrew says:

Very good detailed veido dave

ANDY UK says:

Nice review. But for Christ sake please give some idea of price on the products you review so we know the kind of price range we are dealing with. Would be so helpful and time saving. Other than than that great channel.

Darrell Tuttle says:

I have the Prime setup and I love them.

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