Stereo HomePods vs $2,500 Home Theater System

Are Stereo Paired HomePods good enough to replace a Home Theatre Sound System with the Apple TV? We hit play on our Zoom H6 audio recorder and compared both setups. Let’s see what conclusions we can pull from this test.

Apple TV 4K:
Dolby Atmos speakers:
Zoom H6 Recorder:

Our video gear:



Are you some type of special?

OnceAPunAThyme says:

If you have a chance to audition these in your own home and unless you have a very small room, say like a dorm room, I think a lot of people will steer well clear of the Homepod.

The dramatic sound profile from a small size might superficially appeal to some, to each their own and all that good stuff, but if you want something that sounds neutral/natural, that sounds anything like the original source, you might find yourself very disappointed if you are used to a good budget separates system, say. I found myself unsubscribing from several channels that gave the Homepods glowing reviews without context; if you like a dramatic sound and don’t think you will find it fatiguing after a while, they are good at what they do in a small room, a nice piece of design that caters for a not inconsiderable space-pressed niche but a terrible replacement for a decent budget separates system, either way, never mind a home cinema set up. Certainly Homepod reminded me just how important it is, with your hard earned money, to audition things yourself in your own home and be a little wary of glowing reviews that seem to work their way through the thesaurus of superlatives.

cage heuer says:

Best review! Subscribing!

Julko Trulqo says:

ur front speakers are angeled far too much

on the other hand a great comparison. Apple homepods or any multiroom solution is just for low backround music, and nothing else. So glad u showed the world that expected something else

Nelson says:

Are you a troll? Cause this is a stupid comparison. And so are you clearly.

Guillermo Martin says:

You should have your subscriptions rescinded. Are you seriously comparing a home theater system with separate components with a couple of homepods?

Raymond Leggs says:

The homepod sounds like it is at the bottom of a well.

Baking madness kieran says:

This is absolutely stupid

Retro Force says:

I’m sure the home pods are good for PC speakers. That’s all they’re good for.

Asitha Jude Fernando says:

stupidest review ever


DJ - Rocket Man - says:

Damn dude ur chuncky those man boobs.

robertin de anda says:

No mamen es como comparar un pinche tsuru con un Ferrari hahahaha nmms

Jim Banville says:

This is the dumbest video I’ve watched all day! If the clip u watched was too low in volume, find another video. If u can’t, then turn down the home theater system to match the HomePods. And why r u comparing speakers + subwoofers to just speakers??? U should compare speaker to speaker, period. I can’t believe u r really this stupid.

xu yongsong says:

Tbh the volume is not even at the same level

MacAutomationTips says:

I was hoping that the Homepod would be sufficient to replace my holder stereo system that includes a woofer, but unfortunately it just doesn’t. I purchased the Homepod last night, and while I like the convenience of Siri demands, I’m not “blown away” by the sound. I would need to purchase another Homepod to get closer to the stereo system. I know that’s obvious, but I was hoping the technology of the Homepod would indeed bounce off the walls as claimed and give a stereo effect. To me it doesn’t. I’ll keep my Homepod because of current and future Siri features, but it’s not going to replace my stereo system.

Lumumba B. says:

lol all those salty dumb fanbois

Sideways Lens says:

Wow this channel is trash.

D Kent says:

Terrible review.

HAZOX says:

The home pods only have 1 woofer each and it’s not even that big (that’s what she said xD) so wtf where you expecting???

Hi-Fidude66 says:

Dude my vintage stereo system puts out $8000 sound, I paid close to nothing for it.

$2000 sound is still good though, if it’s a stereo system.

Donaldo Logan says:

6 minutes that arent coming back.. couldn’t finish the video… i guess i enjoyed the comments more

Cedric Tomas says:

Whata stupid comparaison, next time test ECHO DOT against your ATMOS system LOOOOOL Also the Homepod should be lower (coffee table level) to get better basses.

Tim Döink says:

Where did you get this Clip?


Question, why the heck did you not used the movie from iTunes?

Grand Productions Media says:

We all know the sound output from the system would be greater probably by 5-8 times. Sound quality i think would be a better comparison here. HomePod stereo pair would work a lot better in a smaller room like a bedroom. The HomePod just wasn’t designed to be like a boom box/sound blaster, its smooth sound quality over sound output which is why it cant distort and is so small.

TheRob says:

I like this video. Its intresting!

Sam jsh says:

Useless crap of a video

Fat Pigeon says:

Why waste $300, when you have siri on your phone?

Porubin Cristian says:

HomePod is simply designed for music playback not for video play back, yet can be used (as one of Apple believes is to create a grea music experience).. 2. you comparing as you mentioned an insane 3500bucks comparing to 700(2 homepods), plus how much more space your 5.1 need is incomparable ) 3. If I may be quite rude, your bar is for deaf people, homepod is more than enough loudn + is just about sound quality (that crispness from the bar sometimes is too itchy for ear) again, different people different rooms, different preferences…… but one thing to remember HomePod is been designed for Music not Movies mainly 😉 My square 5ft room is brilliant with a pair of HomePod ) is bouncing back amazingly

Infinite G Dimensions . says:

This is a really bad comparison thumbs down!!!!!!!!

john shalek says:

Waste of time review. 30 seconds in I knew this was stupid.

Rob G says:

Daft comparison

Lyrical Gaming says:

I’ll put the home pods in a bedroom but not for the front room. Definitely a huge difference

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