Sony HT-RT3 5.1 Home Theater Sound System: Unboxing & Review

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Sony HT-RT3 is a 5.1 channel for your home entertainment with Sony’s Clean living room concept which offers a slim look and ease of installation. To know more watch full video.


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Amrit Sengupta says:

How long are the wires for the rear speakers?

Invincible Speaker says:

Wait so the two speakers and subwoofer have to be connected to the soundbar? Unlike the vizio soundbar where the soundbar is separate & I can put my speakers behind my couch

Ankit Sen says:

Sony is god

Gourab dey says:

i am planing to buy 5.1 home theater system (for music and movies), which one 1 will best under ₹7000 ?

Sarthak Das says:

can you please help me?
I bought this Sony rt3. how do I play the sound of my TV?
I have two hdmi ports in my TV. and one of them is the tv video input. how do I use the hdmi cable of the speakers to play the tv’s sound?

Bl1ts says:

so you judge a 5.1 home theater by playing music ? now I know why sexist exist in this world.

Ravneet Singh says:

How long are the wires for the rear speakers?

marcje007 says:

bad review

Ankit Sen says:


Soham Raje Bhosale says:

unboxing and review in same video ???? but review is after some how using upto 10 – 15 days

zombie crazy says:

I thought the whole reason for a sound bar was less wires may as well just go out and get a full surround system lol

sachin sharma says:

is the sound is from dolby digital

Arturo Abarca says:

que pena del mal sonido de este vídeo

Pranav Kakde says:

Nice try but not a review! Please try covering all technical aspect! It can be called only unboxing video, that way, its best one on YouTube, just i can’t take it as a review!

Please make a video on songpal app, remote control functions, and wired connectivity options, so in short waiting for a long term use review!

geojoesol says:

nice cable mangement

iGrid says:

is it support dolby audio or not??????

deivanayagam k says:

nice review… I am planning to buy ht IV 300 which one is best…

Aditya Pawar says:

i want to mount soundbar to wall. But when i inquired about the demo (will we get installed it through demo person) they said NO.
how can i mount it?
because there is nothing inside the box to which i can fix the sound bar to wall

கிறுக்கல்கள் -Tweaks says:

i’m really disappointed with sony htrt3
i spend 16500 for this scrap

Rohit Bais says:

I have sony ht rt3

Bobby Mobby says:


khedari bakhara says:

cable length of rear speakers ?

katariya g2 tech says:

Hindi me bola karo

gurvinder singh says:

please tell me .This home theatre system compatible with pc ?

Veer Maharaj says:

Use a better mic please.

ajay sharma says:

Shipra madam jo mobile apke haath me dikh rha hai.. woh kaun sa model hai….. ☺

Tushar Shete says:

This is shitty product from sony ! Just Listen to my crystal acoustic speakers!

XxNuk3ThatAssX x says:

do they include curry with the home theater system

rajesh kumar says:

that is rear speaker should be placed behind your head

Arya pk tech says:

sony best…

Mohamed ALBAHI says:

I would like to know which better Sony Blu-ray Home Cinema System with Bluetooth BDV-E2100 (1000W) or Sony HT-RT3 Sound bar???

Binoy Balachandran says:

No 5.1 Surround with PC

panting ka photo says:


Abhishek Ghosh says:

mam , how can i connect with pc please tell me..

siva prasanth B says:

which is best among sony ht rt3 and dz 350?

Ganesh Nayak says:

You seriously need to sort out your desk setup!!!! Ohhh the cable clutter!!!!

Smile Lowrance says:

I have Sony ht-rt3 nd its sound is very good nd bass also nice

viral video says:

ambulance siren is listening some one in emergency

amir mohd says:

no remote control?



Amrit Sengupta says:

Hi, Can I connect with my Desktop or Laptop in this model of Sony Home theatre……………..

Nitin Bana says:

Can you help me in deciding which one is good. I only have two options – Samsung k450 and Sony Hy rt3?

I would love to go with quality with any compromise.

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