Sonos PLAYBAR Wireless Soundbar Review

The Sonos PLAYBAR is simply one of the most flexible and useful pieces we’ve ever reviewed. It works well by itself or paired with any of the other products in the Sonos lineup to take things to a whole different level.

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E Mail says:

why does everything have to be a fucking zoom in?

JB CTR says:

Just me who was a little disappointed by the PlayBar in the music domain? Great for AV, not so good for music.

Michele Wetzel Hillman says:

Hello I have a small sonos system (one speaker) and really like the whole idea of the add-on. We are embarking on a family room addition and want to be all in on our AV equipment. Looking at the sonos Playbar and Home Theater System I would like to know how are the satellite speakers powered? I do not want to have wires everywhere when I can prepare by having outlets prepped and at the ready when we install the speaker system. The simple Sonos system I have now with the one speaker needs an outlet. Also, does the sub need to be in front or the back of the room? Thank you great video.

Marvin K. says:

Can I connect Google Home to the Sonos Playbar? Or use bluetooth to play music from my phone?

Rahul Das says:

People want to hear how this device sounds.

Marc Kamo says:

Cute face

John Mario Bonilla says:

Should i buy sonos soundbar or bose 300

Perry Russo says:

Sonos…playbar is a piece of shit…plain and simple

mafosa says:

so… theres no output connection for a subwoofer? wireless only??…

Jeff Bellamy says:

Can you control the centre channel volume in this? I am so tired of turning the volume up (to hear talking) then turning it down (action is too loud) when I watch Blu rays and AppleTV streams, and I don’t want a full surround setup.. Any advice would be appreciated!

Kelthus says:

I would at least mention that for surround sound it can only decode Dolby Digital which does not even include Dolby Digital Plus which is what you will find when watching Netflix. I would already own this if it could decode more inputs.

하상우 says:

I am going to buy 5.1 with sonos playbar and sub-configuration. I am using Samsung qn55q8c tv in 2017. Is it possible to use optical output Dolby 5.1 through pass?

CPSLondon says:

As a home cinema system it’s crap… no DTS support natively… so anyone with Blu Ray disks will only get stereo… massive problem for home cinema use.

Alan Chinn says:

Hi there. Do I need to buy a sonos bridge to listen to the tv, and what are the bridges for. Thanks alan

Sandy Scott says:

Jonathan, the only place I could put the Playbar would be about an inch off the ground on the mount of my pedestal Samsung TV.  I have been told that it would be a waste of money to put it down that low.  Can I get descent sound (I would be using the subwoofer also) with it basically on the ground in front of the TV?  Thanks.

Joseph Brown says:



Get a lg dts x with hdmi audio way better. Paid 149. Suppourts speaker kits and dts

Alex MacK says:

Your shots are all out of focus. If you’re going to shoot wide open, make sure you plan your shots prior.

Indrajeet Patil says:

Does SONOS Playbar has 4K bypass?

Mephisto Man says:

Yeah it’s well dated avoid this sound bar unless under 250 quid

Sibin Alexander says:

hey wanted some help make a purchase decision.which do you feel is good sound setup for sonos (playbar +2×play1+sub) or (sonos beam + 2*play 5) for a living room 22ft×12ft approx. great work comprehensive reviews.

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