Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Sonos Wireless Subwoofer

Sonos Playbar Soundbar And Sonos Wireless Subwoofer
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Kenji Del says:

HI what’s the music playing @ the end of the movie> thx;)

CommanderCatman says:

This is a solid review. This guy knows his stuff. Subscribed.

Michael Anyim says:

wired vs wireless subwoofer, which one will you take? I have the svs pb 100. it’s really good but I keep wondering if a wireless sub could be as good.

Ed YT says:

Uhhh a Lambo is way better!

Twell609 says:

so if you had to pick 1 which 1 would it be this or the Bose?

Eternal Genesis says:

Man, praising Bose so much! Each their own opinion but have you even listened to a good AV setup of actually great Brands? Bose is fine and all, but for that price you would expect high end drivers and enclosures.. what do you get? fairly cheap speakers and mediocre enclosures. You pay big time for the name of that brand man.

MrEverisforever says:

Hey Floss, is possible to connect Sony wireless ZR5s Bluetooth speakers to the Bose sound bar?

Manny Talavera says:

I was going back and forth with SONOS and Bose SoundTouch 300. I went with Bose because of the slimmer design of the sound bar. The sound is great. Especially, the bass if the Bose AcoustiMass 300 is included. You also get at least and HDMI port on the BOSE whether the SONOS doesn’t. It only had Optical. Bluetooth is also supported with BOSE. Only WIFI on SONOS. And I believe BOSE supports also 4K audio. But both are great sounding products.

Gerald harris says:

Great Review floss

AA S says:

I want a Sonos playbar with the usual books and shit too, but I’m still hurting from dropping $1700 on a tv

Adam Willis says:

I don’t think you can get as many Play:1s as you want unless you’re talking about whole home sound. I want to say that 5.1 is the best you can do which would be Playbar, Sub, and two rear speakers (Play:1, 3, or 5 gen2). Otherwise, good review! I think the true winner of Sonos is the whole home audio. Can’t beat it.

Dennis Dowd says:

Just way too much money for this poor boy. I rather just bluetooth some fairly good speakers to my Echo and then use it that way, surely it isn’t the same, but I feel that in the future is will be just as convenient as these and in some ways better. Thanks for a great review, and wishing you and your family the very Best for the New Year!

Robert Lee Garza says:

Sonos speaker to me is the best easy set up and excellent call support to help set up if there’s any questions. Only one thing I had trouble was getting subwoofer to work had to buy the extra &50 sonos bridge to connect wirelessly. I love the fact the sub is wireless.

DELTABOY04 says:

” he’s dead” haha i love this movie..

really flossy

Dee Jimenez says:

Floss, you should have reviewed the Samsung K950. It’s a true Dolby Atmos Soundbar with discrete surround speakers and 4 height channels. It’s regarded as being the best Soundbar on the market, and is not compared to other soundbars. Instead, it is compared to AVRs with separate speakers.

Balushi 2Day says:

Bro But Bose Is Also Big Compney ANd SOund King

moha abdull says:

Who is the best Sonos subwoofer or Bose subwoofer?

Rebecca Lewis says:

Hey, What watches are you rockin in this vid, after a nice looking sports watch or like a fitbit type watch and the double red looks smart – thanks

Morgan says:

In the house we got the play 1, play 5 and the soundbar

Kurtis Rule says:

I was just stuck at the store between this and the Bose, chose the Sonos! Sick video!

Jermaine Phillips says:

Do you have to use Ethernet connection or can you connect with Wifi?

FilthyBassBoosts says:

I’ve used the sonos subwoofer, and it is BEAUTIFUL! It’s loud and powerful as hell!

MJJSmoothCriminal says:

Been waiting for this review!

Craig Kreafle says:

Thank you sir for that comparison

M Rod says:

I returned the Bose because the highs werent very crisp, kinda bland sound. I bought the Sonos for the better highs. The sonos is ugly so i painted the silver part black. But the sonos has deeper lows.

JJ 4 says:

Mr. Carter if you are just comparing sound of the bose sound bar and sub-woofer vs the sonos soundbar & sub-woofer…Which you say would win on sound quality and bass output?

Thanks in advance for your help trying to decide which one to buy this week…

James D. says:

Hey when you perform a review, there’s a standard song you use with a female voice in the background and music in the forefront, who is the singer or group? I just watch your review of the Fluance soundbar! Thanks~

Mark Reyes says:

I need your review on the new Sonos Playbase. Hopefully you can get on that soon.

Sathish Kumar says:

whats’s the wattage for the sub woofer?

Jaime Fisher says:

bose sounds much better but you can’t beat being able to add over 30 speakers like Sonos

eddluxe says:

I bought a Sonos PlayBar, Subwoofer, and 2 Play 1’s back in November to have wireless 5.1 surround sound in my bedroom and I absolutely love it. The sound is incredible. Best money I’ve spent in a minute.

CommanderCatman says:

I figured out that you can just use any remote to control the sonos.

BAMBINO 350 says:

Hey floss how bout a review on the samsung HW-K950 Dolby Atmos soundbar subwoofer & rear speaker setup

espodoty says:

can the sonos soundbar be mounted to the bottom of the tv using a bracket for soundbars

funlvr4life says:

Did you had any issues pairing the sub. I ended returning the sub back. Sonos soundbar is amazing

melenmike says:

Great video , no bullshit straight to to point .

Got my sub 🙂

Have a great day Floss

MD Noon says:


Matthew Gibbs says:

Black Hawk Down is one of the saddest movies ive seen

Fabricio Flor says:

Hi Flossy you could do a revised and comparative with the sounbar Samsung HW-k950 vs Bose sound touch 300

jamoan123 says:

haha notice the boss didn’t toss the usual books and shit off the table for high priced items

Wright Connection says:

I’m glad you did a video comparing the Bose 300 with the Sonos Playbar system. I don’t agree with one point that you made though. I really don’t care what the speaker looks like, it’s just not important to me but to each their own. I would think that the Bose with the glass on the top would have a tendency to reflect the image of the TV off the top of the Bose speaker. I could be wrong though. I’ll admit I used to be a Bose fan boy but thankfully was exposed to good speakers and now realize that Bose doesn’t make a speaker that in my opinion is worth buying.

MJJSmoothCriminal says:

The sound of the Sonos sounds amazing! I gotta get me one!

Edin says:

The Sonons Playbar only has optical input, while the Bose Soundtouch 300 has HDMI in with ARC, HDMI out, Optical input, Ethernet-port and some other inputs. Not only has it WiFi it also has Bluetooth with NFC, If you want to expand the Bose system with speakers in other rooms you can ad the Bose Soundtouch 10, 20, 30. Bose also includes ADAPTiQ room-calibration in the package.

Sergio Ceja says:

No hdmi connections. What gives sonos

Darryl Da Silva says:

Yo Floss what kind of TV you running??

bushman 223 says:


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