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SONOS has been making great iPhone and iPad controlled wireless speakers for years, but recently they’ve moved into the home theater space as well. Now, not only can you get all your audio anywhere in your house, but you can get 5.1 surround sound in your living room. Easily. How does is work, and more importantly, how well? Watch now and find out!

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Matt DeWitt says:

Looks great how much does your whole system cost? I have been looking for a good sound bar.

Der Hof 2007 says:

What the hell is airplay? Is this a google thing?

Thomas Sven Whittaker says:

Curious, is a Sonos 5.1 arrangement able to pull 5.1 sound sources from applications, such as VLC or MPC on a Windows PC or Macintosh? I’d like to invest in 2 or 3 Sonos Play3s and a Sonos Sub, primarily for music, though, having the option to play 5.1 audio from my PC in the living room would be a deal-maker.

One of the huge advantages I see with Sonos is the lack of speaker wires, which in a surround sound setup are ugly and cumberson, while also giving incredible audio and the ability to add more speakers later, rather than my current Edifier 5.1 S550, which are incredible, but I’m limited to those speakers, and not simple to replace if a speaker is damaged. 

kingblack22ss says:

$700 for the bar and $700 for the sub wow I seen a LG 9.1 for $700

luisfc311 says:

I have a Yamaha receiver rx-v481bl with a optical audio option input, will it work with the sonos soundbar?

danny25692 says:

How did you play a film off your iPad through the controller or was it a diffrent app using wifi to the tv and then the tv supply’s the sound bar with audio and the. Streamed it to the other speakers?

marcher says:

thanks for discussing the sound quality

Brian Stanfield says:

Can also be used with Android and applications on your Windows PC or Apple Mac.  Not just Apple products for those new to the Sonos ecosystem.

Another neat feature, you can play music stored directly from these devices as long as they are on the same network, eliminating the need for Bluetooth or AirPlay.

Zolitar Iglussey says:

Crap………   I just bought a SONY Receiver to go with our 4K TV thinking we could tie in SONOS to handle the back speaker wireless dilemma without having to crawl through the ugly attic now I realize I screwed up because SONOS is like BOSE, it’s the complete system by itself……      CRUD and it is too late to take the SONY Receiver back…

Loel Stein says:

Is there a way to effectively integrate my existing sonos network with my existing airtunes/express/powered speaker network? I’ve successfully integrated the two networks but experience significant latency between the two audio signals. The airtunes signal is a full two seconds or so behind the sonos audio signal. Any ideas?

Brian Thomas says:

I have the sound bar and the subwoofer and this system has some serious bang!! Can’t wait until I buy my play 5’s

Colonel Chewbaca says:

Works with Android and Windows also.

AyeBee says:

Not a word on sound quality! I have an older Bose 321 and I’m due for an upgrade. Is the sound quality on the same level as Bose? Thanks!

Edward R. Percarpio says:

very helpful and nicely done review but the background music is unnecessary and very distracting.

LinkUs Enterprises - System Designer says:

There is a solution if you have a lot of sources, you can use an hdmi converter that will allow 3 sources to stream into the HDMI to upload into the Sonos playbar.

Balithazzarr says:

Good review.

ThinkAdvantage says:

Tragically it does not support that completely proprietary System of that complete Proprietary Company… yeah … i think sonos is not the problem… and by the way I have a gr8 Sonos Controller App on my Android… 

Ranjit says:

Did u say Sonos has Sirius.?

DJSonik4 says:

I own the complete Sonos system and I can say you get what you pay for, If you find a complete surround system for $500.00 it will sound like one, Sonos in my opinion is right up there or just below Bose, I have owned the Bose Lifestyle 48 and I paid $5000.00 for it at the time but for $2000 you can get a complete Sonos home theatre that will sound incredible without having to run wires in ceiling or walls, plus I have four play 3 in other rooms and for parties there is nothing better, sounds amazing!  I have been using Sonos for over 6 years and I love it and recommend 100%.

Mike Alessi says:

Great stuff Rene, as usual.

Nick Cuoco says:

I really want a playbar and the sub but it’s so expensive! Including tax, just the two will run me around 1500$

Mathew Wilde says:

Nice Video Bro!!!!

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