Samsung HW N950 Dolby Atmos Soundbar – Hands On Review

As the first soundbar to come out of Samsung’s California-based audio lab, the HW-K950 Dolby Atmos soundbar was a real gamble. In fact, with its dual wireless surround speakers, 15 drivers (including four fired at the ceiling), and a $1,500 price tag, the K950 might be better described as an all-in, pink-slips-on-the-table bet on Atmos. Luckily for Samsung, going big paid off. While plenty of others have tried, no one has created a true Dolby Atmos surround soundbar that bests Samsung’s first venture into the segment. Until now.

The follow up to the K950, the HW-N950, is even more formidable than its predecessor (and at $1,700, it’s got the price tag to prove it). Boasting new side-firing front drivers for a wider soundstage, support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS 3D surround, and impressive clarity across the board, Samsung’s latest audio powerhouse has once again laid down the track for all other surround soundbars to follow.



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Rafiq Suhd says:

Put dts x on the k950 goddammit

littlebigmarc says:

i was waiting for this one but they took too long i spent 3k instead on a 7.1.2 sound system instead

brendan regan says:

Does the rear speakers need to be plugged in or are they connected wirelessly like the lg sk10

Chih Chen says:

Should the Apple TV 4K plugged directly in to the sound bar or still to the TV? what are the benefits? thanks

Sgt Rawk says:

If your TV doesn’t have ARC you should get a new TV? Wow…this is an awful review.

Michelle Alexandria says:

$1,700! and they can’t give you a proper LED display just that crappy scrunched thing in the corner?

Kevin Taylor says:

My 8-Year-old HT-D6750W sounds way better! I have compared them and the old tech is way better!!

Monty Britton says:

I want to replace my Sony Dolby Atmos sound bar with this one. Looks phenomenal! Does it pass 4K Dolby Vision as well? I am a DV freak.

Zaheer Kader says:

It sounds shit.. For that kinda money get a set of B&W speakers and sub with a Denon Amp for superior sound

123bigred says:

So your front 3 channel– the most important are that close together? You won’t get the full effect and they want 1500 for this and you don’t get a 4kblu ray player built in?? Samsung you have to try harder

Callum Russell says:

Looks cheap for that price…

Myron Hayes says:

Can you review N850?

Juan Mundo says:

What a bad review… disapointed

silenthillstrangler says:

What this ridiculous excuse for a tech review channel doesnt tell you is:
1) It has a built in off timer of 5 minutes which you CANNOT adjust nor turn off meaning if say you watch YouTube for instance and take time searching between videos you press play on your chosen video and viola the sound bar is off so you have to turn it on again and again and again, ridiculous.
2) rears barely change in volume when you adjust them so if they are at the side of your lounge prepare to have them over power the bar.
3) It has so many infuriating handshake issues when plugged in via arc.
4) If you have concrete ceiling forget about atmos…. It just doesn’t work.
5) You cannot change the level of the front channels only the front TOP, again, RIDICULOUS!

They expect you to pay premium money for a budget experience.

dizasteR says:

Or get a nice b stock av reciever that’s around 1000 normally for 400. And a nice pair of passive fronts that will outperform this in everyway.

J Y says:

Sk10y+rear speakers €709+169= €878 thats a little over half the price of the samsung, sure its not as good but for the money, definitely better value. That samsung is in the price range of a dedicated system

Alim Ahmed says:

Could you do a give away please for this?

Paul S says:

does the n950 also have the connection problem with the rear speakers like the k950 ? Nice video btw

Mike Wallace says:

Were did you get the tv stand from

Grimer180 says:

Anyone know what TV stand that is?

123bigred says:

My 7 year old 7.1 Samsung blu ray all in one is way better than this WHY? becuase it’s a receiver with separate channels. Soundbars suck. I have vertical surround too… no bid deal. I want Samsung to make a 4k all in one blu ray with separate channel/speakers 9.1 or 11.2

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