Quick Guide to Home Audio

Did you just buy a new TV and something seems off with the speakers? Well we are here to help you remedy this. From sound bars to bookshelves speakers to 5.1 setups, we’ve got you covered.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


Mrcloc says:

Here’s a guide: Buy 2 very good speakers and a stereo amplifier. Music must be listened to in stereo.

Ter Diddler says:

Can someone help me get the gamer gunk out of my keyboard?

jet224presents says:

I have a five point surround system in my basement but 2 speakers beside the stand on my family room tv

Liam Gowin says:

Rip ncix. U will be missed

Ron Wess MusaQ says:

Well I just got a proficient s12 subwoofer so now I have to configure or re hook up everything there is already a subwoofer smaller one hooked in and I’m using a Pioneer receiver. I’m a instrumental musician so the room is mancave/studio but want that movie surround sound… hey I liked and subscribed Please check me out (“

raj kumar says:

I know it’s an old video but I need some advice I have a large room. But I don’t care about music or explosions need best suggestion for dialogue. Crisp sound so I understand what the actors are speaking

The Loneliest Rocket says:

I forgot that all about that base came out in 2015.

Deplorable Cat says:

I know this is old but im looking to get a decent system. Most importantly for music. Such as classic rock, old school hard rock, and heavy metal. Any suggestions would be enormously appreciated. 🙂

elmohead says:

Go big or go home for speakers. Speakers are not like TV’s. A good speaker will always be a good speaker whereas a good TV will be obselete in 10 years.

Invest in speakers, not TVs.

Jason N says:

I use to have and love AV receivers but now I find them big, bulky, and redundant. I hate having speaker wires all over and so many hdmi inputs into these things. 5.1 home theatre set up needs to be user friendly and all wireless now like how soundbars are. I gave up the onkyo 5.1 set up and bought a Logitech THX Z906 that plugs one digital optical wire into the TV. It sounds amazing and clutter free but I wish I had more base! Can you help me find a way to get a system with a great subwoofer base without the need to buy an AV receiver?? Money is no option that velodyne subwoofer is bombs but I’m sick of AV receivers it looks way too big, clumsy, takes up too much space and all my guests ask me wtf is that ancient device! In 30+ yrs av receivers still look the same. I don’t want one anymore.

Gamer HD says:

One of the best smallest surround sound is the minx s325 5.1 its roaring sound and it only cost 800 pounds and with a amp it will take it to about 1400 pounds which is perfect for one of the best roaring sound for a surround sound u will not be dissoponted

Noah Mack says:

And 7.2

Edward Crowley says:

I can’t imagine this guy ever getting laid

Raymond Leggs says:

I have Dayton T652 Air towers with ribbon tweeters . Dayton C452 Center, Portta Dac Sony BDP1500, Cube rear speakers, No subwoofer yet and Technical Pro RX55URIBT 5.1/2.1 receiver. And my space is te same size most people buys a soundbar for. I head a soundbar that cost about $500.00 and it was meh.

Frans-Leonard Markaskard says:


I got some bookshelf speakers with a sub (2.1 system) and got it connected to my TV. One problem: when I play bluerays (from PS4) with 6.1 DTS and other formats, it sounds low. More specific the dialogue is way way way low. The cable I’m using is a optical one from the amplifier to the TV – is one solution to this problem switching the cable and use RCA? Do you guys have any inputs? I could really use some help.


A Guy says:


Raymond Leggs says:

The only tip you need. Don’t buy a soundbar.

Pancho Pantera says:

+NCIX Tech Tips any recomendation for a wireless home audio ?

Hi Im Dad says:

Samsung HT-J5500W home theater system

Pancho Pantera says:

+DCsProductions any recomendation for a wireless home audio ?

SL33PIN S3XY says:


asvpjoey evdo says:

do they last long?

preston orr says:

I’m on a very low budget for anything really so I hit the thrift store. Picked up a 5.1 500w sony receiver for $10 a powered 6 inch Sony subwoofer for 5 and later got a set of sony soy surround sound speakers for $15 at a different thrift store. Picked up all my cable including optical cable for about another $10 at the same store.

Leonel Cantú de Llano says:

Surround sound with movies is extremely overrated, get a Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 or a Logitech Z623, the power those systems gives leaves surround sound out of the question.

TinchoX says:

Well this was somewhat useful info, thanks for the vid 🙂

Yousif Al-Mandil says:

Im considering pairing the frame TV with ysp5600

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