Pioneer SP-PK52FS Review – Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under $600?

My Pioneer SP-PK52FS review, covers everything from pros & cons to sound quality [Links Below]

Best Price for Pioneer SP-PK52FS
Best Price in UK


Energy Take Classic 5.1
Energy RC-Micro 5.1
Aperion Intimus 4T Hybrid SD


Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Receiver


Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speakers
Reviewed here

Pioneer SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker
*Review video coming soon*

Pioneer SW-8MK2 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer
Reviewed here

Pioneer 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Package Review

Pioneer SP-SB03 Bluetooth Speaker Base by Andrew Jones Review


Gene McLoud says:

Was wondering what your opinion is regarding the sound quality w/o the sub for now. I read one review that suggested that the tower speakers did a fine job with base and to some extent covered the same frequency as the sub. Your thoughts are appreciated. — Gene

JP3 says:

Hello lance…I just got a def tech pro cinema 600 and and poineer elite 44 receiver for Christmas…hooked everything up and turns out the sub isn’t working…was wondering ur thoughts on a return and exchange or should I return and purchase the
Pioneer SP-PK52FS …..

Rearkom Offical says:

how will this system sound with svs pb-2000 sub?

Doctor Who? says:

Is there a POWERED 5.1 surround computer desktop version of this?  Whew!

Tito Rodriguez says:

i can no longer find this hometheater pakage 🙁

Jeetu Singh says:

Hi, please can you help me to find out home theatre system for my home theatre? my home theatre size is 4520× budget is maximum 1500australian dollars.

Dinesh T says:

Amazing in depth review Lance. Happy to know about a HT system which costs reasonable yet deliver the best at the price range. I am planning to buy these. How about I pair them with Pioneer VSX -924K AV receiver? I am stuck between Pioneer VSX 924K and Denon AVR X1100W. Do suggest. Pioneer AV is a little more on price but has got Airplay in it when compared to Denon. Appreciate your reply on it.


Sumit Kamble says:

what about logitech z906

Hayden Moore says:

Hey Lance, very informative and great video! I still have one question though. I have a TEAC PD-D2610 CD player and was wondering if i were to buy the tower models, would I need a Amp to power the speakers better? Because I’m not sure if it would be getting enough watts. TBH, i don’t know if these speakers are even compatible, but they should be. Thank you in advance, and again, great video!

teodoro springer says:

Great review!! Should I buy the Dolby Atmos roof speakers? (5.1.2)

way2g00 says:

Are these speakers good for VSX-45 elite?

liam comerford says:

How big is the sub?

Max Wolf says:

Incredible review, just the info I was looking for. Will be checking your channel regularly.

Sasikumar Sevanan says:

I have already placed order after seeing your review , thanks a lot

Gene McLoud says:

Really enjoyed this thorough review. Just purchased the Pioneer VSX-90 and hope these might be a nice match. I was wondering if you had an opinion on the optimal room size for these. I’m thinking of setting up a theater room that’s about 12×14. Would these be over-powering?
Thanks again, for an excellent review. Gene

lorenzo pieters says:

these are not for sale in belgium, i can let them get shipped to belgium but this wil cost me 450 dollar, are they still worth it? or are there better options that are available in belgium

Arash Farzam says:

What receiver do you recommend for this set? What stereo receiver would you recommend given that I just want to buy the two front floor standing speakers. I need Bluetooth.

Cody B says:

does this system need a receiver?

Dale Wilson says:

Very nice review.  I just purchased the previous model and watched other reviews comparing the individual components for $365 dollars which included the center, 2 towers, 2 surround, sub-woofer.  I’m assuming these should give a similar experience to your review (which again was excellent).  would you agree that these previous and current version are very similar in quality?

Glenn Steinke says:

Great review Lance.  Have you compared these to the Sony SSCS series?  They are also considered budget but don’t have the same praise, though they sounded comparable to me.  Also do you have any recommendations on in-wall speakers?  Many thanks!

Travis Mayes says:

what about SP-PK51FS 5.1 CHANNEL SPEAKER PACKAGE are there any good and how can I make them 7.1

Wats Doug says:

Myself i can’t find this system for any lower then $755 and with no subwoofer.

Travis Mayes says:

hey Lance the speakers are talking about everybody says how good they are this Pioneer got anything a little newer I like those speakers how big they are in the front The Two Towers and the price let me know thank you by the way how clear are these speakers I mean clear sounding

blahblahblah48504 says:

Hi there, nicer review!
I am planning out a home cinema now and I’m wondering if this is the receiver you’d suggest to use with it now:

Yamaha RX-V679BL

The one used for testing is discontinued and this one is close. I don’t know very much about receiver’s. Is there any advantage to having extra wattage per channel above the speakers capacity?

Thanks for any info!

C MY Skill says:

Ok Lance,  First off great review. Question- I have a medium to large room, what are your thoughts on using all the 52FS tower speakers as my surround speakers?  I have a Sony STR-DA3000ES 7.1 with 160watts per channel, so power is not an issue.  I Currently have the front 52FS’s and love them.

Travis Mayes says:

Lance the reason why I’m asking you about this system and a center Channel I was at Best Buy the other day they told me this center Channel was junk how is the clarity and the bookshelf speakers I have a brand new Pioneer Elite 90 new model receiver

M.A.S says:

I bought this set along with 2 bookshelf atmos speakers and atmos addons for front speakers. Very good build and sound

Kurtonebay says:

Can the center speaker be wall mounted?

artificialization says:

Hi! Can u help me in deciding if Denon AVRX1200W is sufficient for these Floorstanders or not. I was told that this avr is underpowered hence might kill the FSs. If its true then can you please suggest an avr pls. Planning to buy one this week

ScOrE FiRsT says:

Is creative t6300 is better than Logitech z506.

Mykal Fury says:

Thx for the exacting review of the Andrew Jones Pioneer series.
With a 125 watt powered Accurian Sub already in my 5.1 arsenal,
isn’t prudent to buy 5 of the SP-BS22 LR’s rather than 2 SP-FS52’s, 2 B-22’s
& the center speaker?
I envision 3 of the BS-22’s for front duty & 2 BS-22’s for surrounds.
Cuts the cost, yet still delivers the precise A. Jones stereo sound.
Anyway, I enjoyed your presentations very much.
As a Yamaha AV Receiver User & Fan?
You’ve sold me on trying out the A. Jones line-up to be powered by my Yamaha AV.
Replacing my 4 Panasonic 2-way satellites & 3 way center speaker.
Which by the way, rock with realism & clarity as well.
They were, part of the 2005 Panasonic HTB surround sound system.
Now, they’ll return to the bedroom Panasonic HTB unit where they once belonged.
On an odd note?
I’ve never been able to find out who Panasonic used to make those satellite speakers
for that 5.1 system, but, they’re the best sounding satellites I’ve ever heard from
a HTB under $500.
Keep reviewing & I’ll be watching.
~ Mykal

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