Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector(Best 2017 Review)

The Optoma HD142X is a dynamic and cost-effective 1080p Home Theater Projector packed with an array of features including 3000 lumens, 1920 x 1080 FullHD Resolution, 1.1x Zoom, sRGB support, and 23,000:1 contrast ratio. The HD142X is the perfect Home Theater Projector for watching Blu-ray movies on movie night or Games of Thrones on a Sunday Evening. The 8000-hour lamp life leads to extended hours of viewing with limited need for maintenance and a lower overall cost-of-use without sacrificing outstanding picture quality. The HD142X is a great projector for gaming platforms including Xbox One, PS4, and your Personal Computer.


Rocky Elorde says:


Robert Castor says:

what kind of screen is it playing on ?

Ricardo Asturias says:

Will you recommend this one over an Epson 2045?

hellkeeperXYZ says:

Still see input lag… Hate that on projectors…

Darryl James says:

Thank you for sharing your colorful projector I just received mine this Sunday the Optoma HD 142x

thalia karagiozaki says:

hi there I like to buy this projector!But can you tell me the inches of the screen and the distance that you have put your projector from the wall?I need to measure my space…if I get this or another optoma product. ty

Charlie Wilson says:

great to hear

FAISAL A says:

Hello , will you help me please
I just got a new one but i couldn’t get as big as your screen

Mark Cleveland says:

I have the hd28dse my picture looks amazing as well but i believe your using 4k footage to achieve this image when i view the same my image is the same vs regular blu ray incase people are tired of asking what screen u use

Steve Vestel says:

Another question if I may – How large is your screen? And what type of screen do you have?

Carol Shepard says:

I wish it had 3 hdmi connections..I currently have an AVR that’s connected to speakers, I would like to replace it with a soundbar, I found a sound bar that connects using hdmi however I would need a third to connect to the DVD player…does any one have any suggestions?

benson wainaina says:

Charlie, which projector screen is this man? Please share the details.

Darryl James says:

Hey Mr. Charlie Wilson where can I purchase the glasses for 3-D could you please provide a link?

Алексей Сахно says:

Thanks, picture is amazing. I want hd26lv and I hope that my picture will be like this!

Jose Munoz says:

Can you share your settings. I just bought it and need to get it working like yours.

Charlie Wilson says:

Hey everyone. I purchased the 3D active shutter glasses for this projector. I will upload the review very soon. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to my channel for more reviews.

The Syndicate Movement says:

What size is the screen?

Jose Munoz says:

Can you share your settings?

Carol Shepard says:

I still have some configuration to do because mine is not as clear as yours

jackie king says:


Steve Vestel says:

Absolutely Amazing. I do have a couple of questions. 1. How much money does this projector cost? 2. Where can I buy one? 3. How do you hook up surround sound speakers for this projector? And finally – How far from the wall do you set the projector? And can you hook up a 4K Bluray player to the projector? I myself am going to build my own screen and it’s going to be 9 feet tall and 20-30 feet wide.

Carol Shepard says:

I think I’m going to try an hdmi splitter

Home Cinema Lovers says:

Omg what a perfect Picture Charlie! Great Job, i have Optoma hd23 no 3d,but now i buy the Optoma hd29 Darbee 3D but i have to wait for june they still don’t have here cause is new in the market, Can’t wait 🙂  By the way GUYS If You Like Home Cinemas & Movies Join My Group Here:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/199128560449512/

Stubacka 157 says:

hi weres the best place to buy this from? do i need to change the bulb n how long does a bulb last n how much do they cost? plz thanks

Chris Jack Online says:

And … the price ?

MrFluffysteel says:

What demo shots are these?

jackie king says:

can u do a video with lights on and off i have a lot of light and with 3000 ansi lumen i want to see what it can do thanks very much for getting back to me last time so fast

linn jazzy says:

What screen is it ?

Jorbin rivas says:

can it be use for gamin purposes and tv?? nive image quality

CORZER0 says:

Great demo! Thanks!

Charlie Wilson says:

no wifi

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

jackie king says:

how long have you had your projector and have you had any problems up till now and what about fan noise and can u do a video with only hd movie /tv with lights on and off thank you for your time

eduardo paz says:

inch ???????

crumcon says:

what screen are you using on your wall ?

benson wainaina says:

@Charlie Wilson what surface are yo projecting on?

octap79 says:

Will my active 3d glasses from Optoma HD33 work on hd142x ?

Robert Martinez says:

can you play movies directly off a usb stick?

Martin Kiel says:

Looks nice but why the frik did you demonstrate it at this awful angle ????

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