MonoPrice 5.1 Home Theater System Video Review

Hi, Andrew Gash here for Audioholics. Can you get a 5.1 system for under $85? Well, yea – but the big question is do you want to? We’ll try to answer that for you. We’re not going to wax eloquent about the incredible quality of the drivers or the deep authoritative bass response. It doesn’t have it! It’s pure boom and sizzle – BUT… BUT… it’s a better experience and sound than any TV speaker I’ve yet heard. And that’s something. It’s also quite standard, meaning you can upgrade it gradually over time. That’s worth its weight in gold.

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German-American says:

who puts a chubby unfunny gut in front of a camera?

Oneness100 says:

Um. Well, Bob Ludwig is considered one of the top mastering engineers amongst the commercial music crowd, and he also does classical recordings as well, used a SHIT load of Transparent cables in his mastering studio with $100K Eggleston speakers, which he helps evaluate, Cello amps and he actually does pay for his equipment he uses and doesn’t get paid to promote their products. MIT and others work with high end recording studios that work with master recordings, they are far more demanding.

Troy Crayson says:

I’ve been staring at these “budget 5.1” things, but really I’m a bit reluctant.  Everywhere I look they seem to assume you already know how to hook this stuff up.  It looks like you need old-fashion wire connections to set this up?  From an actual stereo receiver?  I didn’t even know electronics still used that sort of connector.  Does this thing come with the proper stuff to connect an HD TV to this?  /confusion. 

Stephen Sipos says:

I have this system and love it. It is for smaller rooms. It sounds incredible. I just wish this review told a bit more about the features and how it all sounds. All and all the best ‘bang for the buck’ that I’ve gotten in a very long time. For a bedroom or man cave these really do the trick. Buy these. You won’t be disappointed.

Oneness100 says:

It’s probably dumped product from China.

prayfawind says:

Just give the review, cut the bull shit trying to be a comedian shit

Dustin King says:

ummmmmmmmm… was this suppose to be good? jiggle man jiggle

Russell Spector says:

Thank you for the review. I have customers of my own and I’ve been a little hesitant to recommend them since I haven’t heard them yet. So they basically sound like a decent HTIB as compared to something like Def Tech ProCinema 600s. Gosh, I love those.

Oneness100 says:

I don’t think he’s a REAL audio guy. He’s more of a mid-fi guy. No hifi audio guy would even waste their time or breath explaining these systems. The MonoPrice is LOW FI.

joesl8 says:

any suggestions on a 5.1 system for that is great for both audio and tv viewing?

chase2910 says:

noob question but how would these compare to a home theatre in a box ( dvd/bluray hometheatre systems) or a sound bar, my assumption was getting the “true ” home theatre with an av reciever would be better than any home theatre/ bluray player bundle,
2nd question can u recomend a av reciever ( low price) to go with this set

Oneness100 says:

MIt Cables, for example have been used as the cable of choice for equipment mfg when they design speakers, amp, preamps, etc. like Goldmund, Spectral Audio, Wilson Audio and these guys are in the cost no object, I hear every little detail and use the most sophisticated and precise measurement equipment in highly optimized rooms rather than some dip shits that don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in test equipment and actually know what tests to run and how to run them. Case closed.

fbdbnvb says:

what the fuck? 84.10? seriously

Oneness100 says:

I’ve been reading audio mags like Stereophile and The Absolute sound for practically 20 years, even though I have had time away here and there, but there are too many idiots at Audioholics. First off they don’t know jack shit about testing audio products. FYI, The designer of cables at MIT Cables helped design some $100K test equipment w/HP so he can conduct his measurement tests.

Stephen Sipos says:

This is a stupid ‘review’. I don’t need all the ‘comedy’ crap. Just give a straight review.
This guy is a jerk. Will look elsewhere for a review.

Randall Crowley says:

Andrew Gash is an audio guy. He is no nonsense and gets to the point. The point he is making is straight forward, this is better than TV speakers but don’t expect wonders. He also keeps his reviews light as not to bore people. I for one love Audioholics. Clearly you were looking for some shining and spectacular review on an $85 system. If so, go find someone dishonest and watch their videos.

Oneness100 says:

Anyone that tries to do any serious testing of a speaker by placing it OUTSIDE is a complete idiot. That was how they did some of the measurement tests with those Status speakers. You are supposed to do those types of tests in a freaking Anachoic chamber. Sorry, but I will tend to look up to people like SkyWalker Sound, Bob Ludwig and the high end cost no object mastering labs, recording studios for guidance on audio products and those that REALLY know high end audio.

Stephen Sipos says:

After watching this review again – and showing it to a couple of friends – I like it a lot better. I was all keyed up over my purchase and wasn’t used to his style of review. I mean this is a sub $100.00 setup. I don’t need to be so hasty in my reviews. I give it a thumbs up. Good product – good review.

Randall Crowley says:

Had to go back and look up what I said 10 months ago. 🙂 I would disagree there though. They tend to cover about every range of product for every range of price. Last I checked the Audioholics show-room had some pretty darn expensive Status Acoustics speakers sitting in it. That said, the stuff they sell is more middle of the line I would agree. Just because he is intelligent enough not to spend $8000 on some speaker cables, doesn’t mean he isn’t a real audio guy. 😉

negussugen says:

Good lord this man is obnoxious.

chase2910 says:

ps awesome review

Chandy Motörhead says:

What the heck are you trying to say? I better read the comments instead of watching the video.

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