Logitech Harmony Smart Remote long term review | My home theatre (part 14)

2nd part of my Harmony smart remote control. This time, it’s a long term review where I discuss the pros and cons of ownership. Is it still the best remote you can buy? Check the video!

First Harmony smart un-boxing and review: https://youtu.be/-5SDiHWYaPE

Harmony Ultimate:


rfrancoi says:

Great job SIr. Where can I find a list of supported devices? I have a rasberry Pie and would like to manage it with my phone. At this day and age, why the hell would anybody want a ‘hard’ remote?

johnmacd2001 says:

Very nice review. Thank you for taking the time to go over everything.

Arun Sharma says:

Top marks thanks. Can you command multiple hubs simultaneously? I have a satelite box in a cabinet 20 meters away, then I have a tv and amp to control, so 2 hubs. What do you suggest.

Jay Moran says:

Good overview.  Understandable and relatively comprehensive. Great production values as well.  Thanks for taking the time to do it.

NoeysMama says:

i have the one with the touch screen i have no issues

groovejets says:

thanks Chris. Excellent review.

Neil Lavitt says:

Good summary. I went with the Ultimate remote and it seems to have overcome the problem of the 6 activities and remembering. I paid $298 and have added a keyboard via ebay for an extra $50.

ramzzess82 says:

can you control the projector screen with it?

Darryl Chew says:

Chris, good video. Just got the Harmony, but not set up yet. Can the Harmony control an HDMI switcher? I don’t have all my components connected to the TV or AV Receiver. I use an HDMI switcher to toggle between Cable, Apple TV and Blu-Ray. Can the Harmony control the switching?

outofthebiz says:

What about sound bars?

Carlos Rodriguez says:

does this remote works with the echo “alexa” voice command

Darren Bates says:

thanks for the great review. A new house soon , pending construction and I’m heading towards smartthings with hamomy smarthub.

Nick Leffler says:

What kind of LEDs do you have?

Vince Hamilton says:

Thanks for the review. I found it helpful. 🙂

Ian Jones says:

Is there a way of adding devices controlled by a app? ie , App controlled power sockets that come with a dedicated android app, the remote only learns IR and cannot seem to find other than mainstream devices on my wifi network.

Izdislav Ya says:

Great review! I have harmony 525 as you and it is very handy but I want to buy same additional remote – nowhere to find and software is very good. Is this smart remote needs some magic to power off/on devices? I like buttons not touches! My phone have IR blaster – is it can be paired with logitech remote?

imlon2 says:

Can you control the LED’s with the Harmony remote?

Andy Van says:

Hey Chris, I have a Heat & Glow heater with Remote control, I’d love to be able to turn on the heater when I’m away from home, or upstairs, Logitech says I can control things away from home. Have you found this to be accurate & do you think I can do what I want to do with my heater?

Steve Potts says:

Not only do the Activity Buttons have a Short press and Long press programmability, but EVERY button can have short or long press commands assigned to them. So for your infrequent commands – like turning up/down LED light controls, assign this to a long press ChanUp/ChanDown (or whatever combo you want) and that still leaves short press ChanUp/ChanDown for regular channel navigation. Not intuitive to your mother-in-law babysitting, but LED light control never would have been.

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