LG SK10Y Soundbar REVIEW: I test DOLBY ATMOS – Listen here!


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LG SK10Y Sound bar review


Colin says:

Wonderful review. Thanks for doing it. Seems like the Bose Sound touch 300 remains the industry best at this price point.

amit bali says:

Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2 Xtreme 2

Future Video Media says:

Do you have surround on? Also what settings are you using subwoofer? Rear, front etc?

Ahmad Zaib says:

Awesome review as always!

PS: Which movie is that with the monster truck chase?

Techder Audios says:

Again subwoofer is to small for real cinema feeling my soundbar also has small sub for the sound

Venomous King says:

Make a video on av receiver

Kaanthan Karuppayah says:

Awesome detailed review as always. Can you please review or do the comparison video of the Samsung HW-N950 soundbar? Thank you!

MysticMaven says:

Using a Korean Samsung phone? Hahahahah no wonder BT sound didn’t work. Buy American next time.

Sarathkumar vp says:

from which movie the first clip ?

kres0000 says:

First, you seem much more happier on these “post time-off” video intros so whatever you needed to do – I’m glad it worked.

Second, thanks for the awesome review again. For what it’s worth, I’m not purchasing *hit unless I check your review first. So please, keep it up 🙂

Venomous King says:

I have bought sony htrt 40 but its not giving sourround sound experience ….. i have directly connected it to my panasonic tv via hdmi arc ….. help needed

Christine Anne Delos Reyes says:

Why did ur video for tribit x boom deleted? I just seen it awhile ago..

Jay Nainani says:

Hey Jim can you please review and make a comparison video of best USB C type Earphones

lee kemp says:

Great review, quick question can use just the front speakers and the subwoofer for more everyday TV viewing and then have he 5.1.2 set up for movies or sports events?

Merlin Arthur says:

*Harman Kardon or Bose?*

which one is better?

Baireddy vikram says:

LG very aggressive now …It’s already upper hand in oled model TVs . Samsung & Sony other TVs r behind lg … Now in music side..Now LG is top except mobiles

John Fitzgerald Hare says:

Great review! How about the Samsung HW-K950?

Michael Antony says:

Good review and thanks for making this video! How does this sound for music, i know these are meant for movies/TV shows but curious to know how they sound. Is there stereo mode available in the sound bar which can disable other speakers and make left and right channel work?

OneLove OneWorld says:

I got the SK9Y and there was no sound quality. Yes you get the bass and the effects, but from a sound clarity standpoint, I kept wondering if my ears are bad or the sounder just doesn’t sounds as good. Then got the Bose with the subwoofer and the rear speakers, and definitely way better sound, including all the surround sound effects. I wouldn’t recommend it. For just a little bit more money, i think ST300 Bose offers much better sound quality overall. Hopefully they add Atmos support in the future…

Ricardo Herrera says:

just finish watching all the videos that i havent seen great come back brother love the videos and keep it up! would love to hv some collab in a a future!!!! i still got a long way to catch up tho lol

sachin bhat says:

I liked the round log which used to come in the beginning, why did you drop it?

Aj Flowe says:

Can you review the ultimate ears speakers

shibu_deb says:

bro follow mr mobile or mkbhd. I love your review. But you are telling most of the pro things. which eventually push people to purchase stuff. People watch review video to compare

Hany Baabdullah says:

Ohh my god .. thats crazy good ..
I love2 that .. but that price points to hii ..
I personaly use Sony .. HT-RT40 600W 5.1 home theater

Amaan Ali says:

Great video Jim. Can we get a video on the new noise cancelling headphones by Sony?

Myron Hayes says:

Nice review. I’m considering Samsung HW N850. There hasn’t been many reviews on that one. Just 950 I would like to hear your professional review

Fuldark Lighty says:

Price is $715

Hitomtom says:

Wb Jim. Any chance a review fir the jaybird x4? Also, I noticed youre on a roll with the vids, dont forget to pace yourself with work and family.

Peter PB says:

Jim, what do you think of this soundbar for the current action price of 780 euro?
The Sony HT-ST5000 gets a lot more praise but is 220 euro more expensive. The samsung products are apparently really good but I just love my Google Home so +1 for that on this one.

FoodGrade says:

Review the new Vizio 5.1.2 system. Is it worth the ~$300 premium over the 5.1 system for most users?

Venomous King says:

Can hdmi arc via tv give sorround sound or we need an external av receiver

Mohit Manghani says:

Hey plz review ue boom 3 and megaboom 3

Ston3bridg3 Viking says:

Hey Jim. Got a Q for you.
I ordered a HyperX Cloud Revolver S after seeing you video review on it. Then I saw your review on the Steelseries Arctis Pro and I bought that instead. Did I do a good deal there? I got 40% off the Steelseries headset.

Jaison Robin says:

Jim, do a review on sony Z9F soundbar with its rears

Aj Flowe says:

Can you review the ultimate ears speakers

Just some random guy says:

Is it worth it over sj9


If we’re doing soundbars can we do at least a real one.. the ST5000. Thx

Felix Nando says:

Review sony too

Johnny Lang says:

Thank you for this!! I’m currently in the market for sound bars, I will be waiting for your future reviews!

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