LG Probeam HF80JA Review | Best 1080p Home Cinema Projector 2017?

LG Probeam HF80JA Review Best 1080p Projector 2017?
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In Today’s Video we will take a look at the LG Probeam HF80JA projector. The Model has all the smart features plus a smart remote controller to boot. Could this be the best 1080p projector out right now?

For more information and specs be sure to check out their direct website at http://bit.ly/2wrnbce

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Giordano Pietrorazio says:


Bob Ramsey says:

Thanks for the review of another great product. I’m curious as to how loud the LG was compared to the #Xgimi or are they both somewhat quiet during use?

Khalid Fahad says:

Hey what happened to your nose? It looks bigger

kevin espinoza says:

#Xgimi I’m 15 so it’s hard for me to get money so winning this giveaway would mean allot



Gerome Abenilla says:

#Xgimi LG did a great job as always. Especially on those remote control. Its like their trademark remote, all of its Smart TV has that cool remote. Great review as always!

Tone7744 says:

#Xgimi great projector, bro.

petepistol007 says:

£1500 from UK Amazon think I’ll just get a telly

vasilisbill says:

#Xgimi You are the best!!

dude2789 says:

#Xgimi awesome vids!! Keep up the good work!

Stennis Hampton says:

Lookin real good.

Sigedno Kastaneer says:

Sadly has no 3d?

SoggyBiscuits1000 says:


Kiryu Mimori says:

The remote is making it more awesome. Definitely makes life easier lol #Xgimi

kannan p says:

great …video man

Drew Bord says:

What’s it like in daylight or a lit room? Presentation on point as usual… #5%er #GottaRotate

Kevin Donaldson says:

Please review the philips screeneo 2.0 you won’t be disappointed

juanca1180 says:


Sadip Rock says:


poupou coeurdelion says:

#xgimi gimme dat thang haha, nice review dude.

jose velasquez says:


C MILL says:

feeling the XGIMI H1 a lot more and it’s less $….smh

imnobosh says:

Another dope video man but that price though…haha. Keep it up homie! #Xgimi

valente says:

#Xgimi This LG Probeam Laser projector is sooooooooo sick !!!!!!!! To bad I sooooooo can’t afford it.

Dano Jose says:

#Xgimi Thanks for the review!

sean hames says:


Simeon Cmeone says:

#xgimi keep it going

J2THEON says:

Nice, I would love this for Halloween for my atmosfx hologram ghost setup #Xgimi

C MILL says:


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