LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar: Ultimate Home Theater Sound

Link for More Information: http://bit.ly/2whWdq8

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ALDamnboL says:

Hi mike, i am thorn, i do have mu6303 65 inch samsung. I want this lg sj9 and k950 samsung. What is the difference? Lg will do even if i have samsung tv?

Foensh says:

Now I have seen many reviews about this product but nothing as detailed as this one.
Very well done! (subscribed just now)

Daniel Gimbert says:

Thanks for the video!!
I got the same setup as you. Where can I get the videos you use in this review? And how do you play them?

Subia Durrani says:

Is this soundbar good for big room and for 82 inches Samsung tv?
Because I am not satisfied with the sound. Please let me know which soundbar should I buy for big family room. Thank you!

Imara Xoxo says:

Just got this! And its simply awesome!

javier castaneda says:

Price has gone up

Adam Hipsz says:

den är bra och har bra jud och bra bass

Heron Miah says:

Very ugly curved sound bar are hideous.

The Rectangle by Sony Samsung looks modern trendy.


What isthepriceofthe tv console send me the link

arnoldgd84 says:

Are you using the optical cables or hdmi to ARC? Do you need to use a special kind of HDMi or any kind?

Troy Goodall says:

Are all dolby atmos soundbar s that expensive?

Anthony Davis says:

I am in!!

Dave Blundell says:

whats this shit Make sure to use Microsoft Edge™ or Safari 10 for macOS™ Sierra or later to hear this in Dolby Audio™.

Raj Mamidi says:

is it available in India?

Nick H says:

Sounds the same!

Obed Jalomo says:

Which is better Sony Dolby Atmos or lg Dolby Atmos sound bar

Luiz Fernando says:


moto815 says:

dolby wins..is it better sound when i play my play station 4 gaming?
can u go death with the sound bar?

bikash mahato says:

Woow so good but how much price please

therealknapster says:

Terrible tried it yesterday and abso useless when tried tv speakers as well as soundbar . Cheaper one was better but still rubbish . Surround sound system much better which lg do 😉

Weng Gaming says:

Nice I can’t wait to buy this Dolby soundbar

Soufian Ratib says:

Sponsored by Dolby….I wouldnt trust a paid review.

Gurdip Garcha says:

Hi i want to know i have Samsung q7 QLED TV. But TV will not sport Dolby Atmos. Is it still Worth it to buying LG SJ9 sound bar.

Akash Sharma says:

this system is cute and all but really is no match for my Sony HT-ST5000 a 800w sound bar 7.1.2ch system 7 speakers on the front of the bar which is amplified individually plus the 2 atmos speakers on the top and the wireless subwoofer is way more powerful than this lg one it has 2 drivers a bottom firing and a front firing driver the atmos effect can be adjusted set the hight of ur ceiling plays hi-res audio and every single audio format out there and as a recent update it also supports DTS-X I may have missed out on more stuff like Bluetooth and dlna but I’m talking about sound here lg can’t really match Sony when it comes to audio

Юрий Давыдов says:

Shit it cost more than $800!! Fuck that shit

alexandsimba says:

If LG made this compatible with the sj4 it would be perfect, but right now it’s just a good 2.1.2 soundbar.

Fandy Dharmawan says:

Where do u get the video demo at 1:59

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