LG CineBeam HU80KA Review – 4K Laser Projector

The LG CineBeam HU80KA 4K Laser Projector is finally here for me to check out. This is LG’s first 4K projector and everything from it’s design to it’s features says that LG was thinking outside of the box with this projector. It’s a Smart Projector with LG’s WebOS, it comes with a great remote, it has Wifi and Bluetooth built-in, as well as HDR support.

LG.com link: https://goo.gl/2MXyhR
B&H Photo Video: http://geni.us/kzNyyO

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Mark Silberman says:

A review of the Epson Pro Cinema 4050 would be amazing! Thank you for a great video as always!

Orlando Renteria says:

When they sponsor you do they let u just use their stuff or do you get to keep it?

Claus Baggesgaard says:

Thank for the video. I order my LG cinebeam in the white version. It should come beginning of next month

Keith2800 says:

Too dim for my tastes and sorry I’m not cleaning that mirror.

EDwin GonzalezMontoya says:

I am getting the optoma uhz65 next week, how would you compare the LG 4k with that optoma? Thanks

YSoSrisProductions says:

Is this replacing your UHD60 in your home theater?

Home theater Lover says:

That looks amazing bro.Not in my price range at the moment.

KazKer Videos says:

Anyone else not care what majestechs reviews, you still watch the entire video?

Joseph A Norman says:

$2700!! Not a short throw?? Lol I’m good

Harshit 2nd Channel says:

This is not ur best. It was advertise of lg not review. It has horrible blacks, its not even black its gray. Plus not so accurate colors. Its there everywhere in avsforum and I have first hand experience with this. I moved to JVC rs440 with lesser price than this and difference is like day n night. Your all other reviews are very detail oriented highlighting pro n cons of projector. This was more about pros. Don’t do this. You have loyalty to your subscribers I am one of them.

Steve Fox says:

3D is a must for projector!

Steven Sturgill says:

3D is still being promoted around the world. Why is it being killed off here in the USA? Great vid!

Trevor Mitchell says:

Never use keystone please

Matt BrownieCake says:

Very good review and useful

Jens Erik Bech says:

What about some critic?? How much ANSI lumen brightness?? Enough to lighten the dark colored areas?? Then you are able to satisfy yourself with “Fortunately Blue-tooth sound”!??? Blue-tooth sound is crap as all Blue-tooth sound has a delay!! A small delay at best, but a delay!!! Nothing worse as to watch a movie that is lacking lip-sync! So what a projector needs is AUDIO OUT!!! not Blue-tooth!!

Philip Yuditsky says:

Can you please provide your calibration #’s for this pj
Thank you for the video review

Andre Palmer says:

Why is 3D slowly dying?

Touching Evil says:

It has the rainbow effect and thats why its a NO BUY!

Fluffy Monkey says:

Price: $2,996.99

Juan Von Valter says:

Wait this isn’t a true 4k projector? I heard it’s not a “true” 4k

ImBlaze30 says:

Would be cool to see the laser projector vs UHD 60/65

Rocky Patel says:

Nice Review! I love 3D cinema, hoping it doesn’t die…..BTW can you review the new Wemax One UST from XIAOMI if you get your hands on it?

Cyberdyne Systems says:

3D looks like a pop up children’s book after you taste VR. Just saying…

Hawk Eyes Blue says:

Hey man love the review. When the Sony 295es and JVC rs1000 come out I would love a comparison of the two! Great content as always

Edward Johnston says:

Is this better than the optima uhd65??? Please I paid 1600 for my UHD65

Ron Hillier says:

Nice video. Too bad there are so many “experts” here that learn a new buzzword and throw it around like they actually know something. Idiots. Keep up the good vids Amigo. Ignore the the twits’ comments.

MysticMaven says:

No 3D is a deal breaker.

xpol xmart says:

What camera did you use for filming these video ?

Lee J says:

Great review as always,just waiting as the Christmas and Superbowl bring new products & sales before spending 2k and regretting it

Tom says:

Hmmm I’ve thought about getting the Sony VPL-VW285ES. Now I’m hesitant to pull the trigger. There don’t seem to be any real cons to this projector plus the price is a lot lower than the 285ES.

Abu Tayb says:

Btw anyone cop dat BenQ prize? How do I enter the competition please?

David Stokes-Lopez says:

Great review!!!

Hoseman says:

Another high quality video, as always. Good job!

Nathan Bell says:

I’m a hater and I’m jealous of the fancy cool projector. This video is teh s uck.


Bro..come on..just because LG is sponsored this video doesn’t mean should make it look like this projector doesn’t have it downfalls..3d movies are been released every month in the cinemas all year rounds..its not dying..now I hope you handle a little bit of constructive feedback

bluchap43 says:

I enjoy and value your input. Keep up the good work.

Abu Tayb says:

Compact sleek efficient, higher resolution is the way the future of media is going. As a 3D fan that is a worry however 8K is not far and will drive down the 4K market. Nice review

Gabrijel Pezelj says:

I hope they paid you well for this promo video. Cause you will loose your subscrbers with videos like this.

Jack Hammer says:

Honest review,you got a new subscriber!

RamirezHD says:

Avsforums disagree greatly. Even they say the hissing noise from the vents it has is so annoying…2700? Get a flagship olg or sony oled tv, call it day.

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