Klipsch Reference Premiere 7.2 Surround Sound System – Review

Klipsch’s Reference Premiere system aims to deliver some serious bang for your buck. The technology behind some of its ultra-high-end speakers has trickled down to the Reference Premiere series, offering the company’s best sound for the dollar yet. The over-the-top system featured here runs $5500, and that includes towers in the rear surround position, which is completely unnecessary (but, hey, we were really going for it here!)

We used the Klipsch RP-280F ($579/each) for the front left/right and rear surround channels, with dual 8-inch drivers and a 1-inch Tractrix Horn tweeter in each. For the center channel, we got the big boy: an RP-450C with four 5.25-inch drivers and 1-inch horn tweeter. The side surround channels were held down by the RP-250S, with dual 5.25-inch drivers and 1-inch tweeters each. And finally, LFE information was belted out by two gargantuan R-115SW subwoofers, with 15-inch drivers and 800-watts of power each. Total system weight- 480 pounds. Total system cost- $5500






Joe Blow says:

Sets up an $8000 speaker system, then makes a 6 minute video about it WITHOUT letting us hear it. Brilliant sir…………….just brilliant!

Juan vargas says:

I like them I got this at home and it is awesome. the first day I set it and cranked it up you can literally feel the bass all the way to the street

Ronnie Sinclair says:


iishyxvietxboyii says:

Horn tweeters are bright.

TheSharpmarksman says:

why am i watching this? i could never afford this

Mike Long says:

I can’t believe you didn’t record the speakers at all in this video.

Alexander Mustermann says:

this is an excellent price point for such a system.

jldude84 says:

God damn if only I had the money….

Half A Mind says:

I’m watching this and I’m thinking to myself. Look at all those wires. If only everything was wireless.

Sylvex Dragonskin says:

Too bad the screen is too high and no demo.

Sathesh Roman says:


LouieLandsCandyTreat says:

This was a review? Sounded like a commercial for Klipsch. Waste of time.

tinostarks says:

what would one’s yearly salary have to be in order to go buy $5500 speakers?

Moo Mooing says:


Carlo Rodrigues says:

Klipsch speakers have always been my favourites.

FreeDooMusic says:

Not the ideal acoustics in such a room tho. and btw, does the calibration you do phase elign every speaker including the subs?

Zumipali2 says:

Ther are nothing better than my stereo! It is easily blow away a home theater system with ease!

Ajay Pathak says:

is that available in India and price

Chris Chris says:

The Best Speakers For a decent price!!!


where can I get those speaker stands ?

A A says:

All klipch I’ve heard have this sharp metallic sound that I just could’nt get past.

ToTheMax says:

Isnt this like 12000$ on speakers

Shahid Rana says:

may Lovely sounds like good luck

Onegengem Stone says:

Hey people who really like a musical house , l have a question l my speaker collection is ..
2 klipsch-klf30s
6klipsch -klf20s
2klipsch-jkf 10s
6fluance SXBDs,-SSnd
10 Sony ‘SS6000 towers
I am going to run all this with..
B&K5000 amps-X4
,Sony – ESd2000es pre-ampsx4
Along with 4 possible – AV 5.1up to 9.2 chnl receivers into a 6 room house ..where l can get concert like loud some of the time..
So as you may have any charting ideas , please help me out..
The way to use this stuff and legally get away with it …
By the way ..the music l would use to configure the sound with would be..
1,alan Parsons project – TOMAI , PYRAMID, and TOAFC ,
2,PNK FLD – ,MEDDLE , and UMA..
I am sure it will sound &%$#@&#$ ,
Once it’s all wired ..

感じる音楽を感じる says:

Blablabla… but no demostration. So bad guys. My money to KSR.

James bond says:

jusr shut the fuk up and hit the play button

Jasper Janssen says:

whats rhe brand and type of the phone case he is holding at 1:38? and maybe someone knows whats the name of the app?


sony sony sony sony

Ajay Pathak says:

Where can i purchase in INDIA..

samljer says:

all that sound… with that pitiful screen.

No Name says:

You can’t cheat the laws of physics at all!!

NutCase says:

400.000 views … why?

Eric Shutter says:

Just $5500 for all these speakers, including those 2 subs? Can’t be right… too cheap.

Anna Svensson says:

This is fucking REATARDED. Setup a 5500 USD system and just talk about it. Fucking genius man. YES, I KNOW that it’s not going to do it justice listeniong toi them at home, but … Fucking GENIUS.

Charles Benz says:

Nice setup!

Onegengem Stone says:

I forgot to mention three are 6 subs in the system as well 16 inch D-FRE
Abd12 front,-fire..

Azalan Malik says:

TerBaik ya Bro…

Shuhrat Egamberdi says:

1:44. What song is that?

Abc 123 says:

Or you could just spend £50 on Sennheiser Momentum headphones to save sitting in your arse day after day in your front room set-up.

Isaac Beke says:

I have these speakers the RP260’S the highs are incredible and the mids are clean I have yet to crank them to the max but they are very good sounding speakers

Hundred Eyes says:

Too much!

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