Klipsch Reference Premier in Room Review

Klipsch Reference Premier series speakers in my media room.


Tellez916 says:

Nice setup, I’m currently piecing together my own HT setup. I actually have those same speakers (except rears since I’m going 5.1 due to space) and I’m also looking for a sub to add. Can’t wait to see what sub or subs you end up choosing.

PS. you should consider posting links to your videos on reddit under the /r/Hometheater subreddit

NickEdwards2k10 says:

Love the setup! Which speaker stands are you using for your surrounds and back channels? Thinking about replacing mine…

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

get a projector!

Romzes16 says:

Great setup! What is your room dimensions?

Louis Hernandez says:

Very nice Klipsch setup! As far as subwoofers go, I would take a look at SVS subs, I have a SB-2000 and that thing rocks the room but is also very detailed.

Nalla Nosnarb says:

Dude believe Me you could do atmos…I have a similar sized room with a soffit with Andrew Jones Pioneer Atmos, LG Oled 65, Avr Pioneer Elite SC lx801 (9.2)…people get caught up with audyssey and MCACC pro, that shit is fine in a perfect room, when not you have to do what sounds good to you and yours because those algorithms will not be as good as your own ears for an imperfect room

Dukeoden7458 says:

Nice setup

AllSeeyingGuy says:

Great looking setup! I’ve got the C7 oled 55 inch and it’s definatly a great upgrade.

anjalisanjayify says:

Use Klipschs in rof Specres

Tony Kinard says:

Where did you get the tv riser from? Did you make it?

فلاح مصرى says:

nice setup and amazing channel ,what do you think is good for side speakers ,the bi-pole or the mono in 7.2.4 setup?

Joel Gutierrez says:

What’s up YouTube? Umm, dude, we are people you’re talking to, not YouTube… if you’re on the phone with someone would you answer the phone “what’s up phone…?” Or what’s up FaceTime, or whatever…

Troy Brown Entertainment says:

Try out the PSA V1801 for your sub. Just bought one myself. I will be doing an updated video soon as well. Great setup

Techno Dad says:

Nice! I have a Reference Premier 5.1.2 Atmos setup, and I had 150Ms as surrounds. I changed them to 250Ss and the difference was amazing! There’s a lot less hot-spotting from the 250Ss. You don’t know exactly where the sound is coming from. I too have my side surrounds flanking my listening area and you could tell exactly where the 150Ms were. With the 250Ss, you can’t tell where the sound is coming from and makes the experience more immersive. My other speakers include: RP-280F, RP-450C, R-112SW, and RP-140SAs. Nice setup!

Dick Fantastic says:

Recent subscriber, really like your videos and your journey into home theater. Check out the SV Sound Prime Elevation speakers for your ceiling/Atmos, I see them working very well in your room due to the mounting flexibility. I think that is most likely the route I will go, once I finally get everything set up. Right now as I type, I should be inside putting my system back together, instead I’m out here in my garage watching your videos wishing it would just magically be done once I go back inside!

Francisco J. González H. says:

Very nice setup, just a few things I don’t like: the TV is too far away from the sitting position and too high; your audio setup is great but you’re not going to see all the picture detail at that distance specially with a 4K TV (which today you need for serious home entertainment). And as you said, you need to trash those subs ASAP and get a couple of R-110SW’s or R-112SW’s (R-115SW is probably overkill for that room size).

David Mander says:

You could of tested with something decent instead of that noise!!!!

twochaudio twochaudio says:

My wife would have a shit fit if i had that brand in the house. She would call me mr mid fi get in the dog house. The pitch
Above your head is a good thing.

Sound Tech says:

Nice job,,,,,,try hiding your speaker wires either under the carpet or through the walls. It will make your area look very professional and well like…….

drummerhatch1 says:

What is the room dimensions?

english warrior says:

very nice setup! i’ve got the rp450c with the rp16m. i just need the surrounds to match.

Petar Bulgarov says:

I got inspired from your room…
Its a place where, when you are older you can escape from the rest of the family to play your games and listen to music that makes you happy.
I enjoyed the video!!!

Jack Farias says:

Yeah you got nice sound system real good you get the LG oledC6 65 inch TV they go for about 2800 right now that would be beautiful on that system ps that TV has 3D that looks incredible on OLED

english warrior says:

I just ordered the klipsch rp280f can’t wait

Mr Manuel says:

Very well done. I’m moving to Klipsch RP-280f’s coming this Monday. Those things better impress me.

Bone Head says:

If only they were wirelessly connectable….

kid007inplay says:

Nice set up!  If you’re looking into upgrading the subs, give RSL speedwoofer 10s a try.  I run 2 of them with my SVS prime towers and surrounds.  Was gonna go with SVS subs, but dual RSL subs did the job for me.

edgu71eg says:

My wife would have a shit attack if i put that many speakers in the living room

Techno Dad says:

Another note, if you like listening to multi channel audio, check out some stuff on SACD, where they actually make a 5.1 mix. I listened to Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, and that was intense!

Jay S says:

Love it brah, thanks for sharing!

andrew wilner says:

Out of the 2 subwoofers you have in this set up is it ok to mix a down fireing with a foeweed fying SUV?

T0m Karuuze says:

Very Nice Set Up !  Would like to know dimensions of room and output of AV receiver.  I have 4 x Klispch280F’s + 2 260F’s on a Onkyo TX RZ800.  Separate in ceiling for atmos.  Curious as to reflection (echo) problems with room acoustics.

Edin says:

Nice setup. Look forward to seeing future upgrades.

Aatif Azio says:

I would demonstrate Home Theater with Movie scene and not Mp3 or audio songs

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

I’m very sensitive to getting fatigued when listening to loud music and movies with MOST speakers. Do you ever think the Klipsch RP line is too bright? I currently have a Wharfedale stereo setup but will be going 5.2 soon. The Klipsch design has me intrigued especially the performance and robust nature of the center channels. I wish Klipsch offered a risk free demo period like SVS

Christos Kokonoglou says:

Very good video.

Dexter Morgan says:

Buy a SVS subwoofer. The End

Fixed in Focus says:

I am going to buy the Klipsch RP-160M speakers soon and I see you have nice bookshelve stands, what make are they and do you like them.

ashfaque shaan says:

waiting for more videos…hows the price???

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