Inside Dolby Atmos Home Theater, with Pioneer’s Andrew Jones

It’s not everyday that one of the most recognized speaker designers and engineers in the world visits to help set up and calibrate a brand-new kind of surround speaker system they’ve just designed.

I’m talking about Pioneer’s Andrew Jones and his new Elite Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. I got to spend a full day with the man in DT’s home theater as we talked speaker tech, design, and Dolby’s re-envisioning of surround sound in the home, called Dolby Atmos. It was pretty freakin’ sweet.

But I must cop to having entered into the meeting with a little bit of skepticism. You see, although I’ve heard enough of Andrew Jones’ speakers in the past to know the system would probably sound very good — if not damn spectacular — I had some serious doubts about this “Atmos-enabled” approach. It sounded to me like some kind of acoustic voodoo. I just didn’t think it would work very well.

I was so wrong. Turns out, not only is this Atmos-enabled approach a realistic alternative to ceiling speakers, it has its own distinct advantages, too. And it sounds great.

Read DT’s full review of Pioneer’s Elite Dolby Atmos speaker system and receiver here.


attila840702 says:

wish I had house to build a sound system. In my studio flat, I’m stuck with headphones

DarthCardo says:

I bought three years ago the previous generation of Andrew Jones “budget” speaker system. Only to came extremely impressed with it. Now I’m waiting for these new Elite Atmos speakers to replace it. This guy is truly a genious. Can’t understand so many people saying BS this BS that without even testing this new approach…Andrew Jones is a well regarded audio engineer…

Honza Marek says:

Binaural recordings are better

Chris Stone says:

no thanks. .ill stick with dolby 5.1 or 7.1

SuperBoris1976 says:

I’ve always pointed my rear speakers to the ceiling fills the room more from bottom top, mine are few foot off the ground pointed at an angle up

dossip dan says:

This is a joke.. I’d prefer DTS Neural X and use my 7.2 setup – more freedom, less on money and better effect.

Puneet Gulati says:

Have you heard of calibration – distance, angle etc…Wow what a BS. Create a hype based on some logic, people are smarter than you think, give some credit to your buyers – they’re not that dumb

TrapHunt says:

What brand of stuff is that at 0:13? Or is it just CGI?

delivrex says:

You can immerse yourself with a good soundbar but what sound imaging?

Paul Martin says:

I was doing this set-up years ago — reinforce with ceiling mounted speakers

Gaj B says:

People only bitch and whine when they don’t have the money.

ninja1518 says:

And for a low price of 3,500 for the speakers only…….

Mykal Fury says:

Andrew is a genius & a great speaker designer, as he should be, he’s a physicist.
I have all 7 of my speakers mounted 2/3rds up the wall 3 ft. above seating.
The bubble of surround & the seldom mentioned Haas effect is superb!
I’ll stick with 7.1 & pass on the Atmos.
But, I may buy his 5.1 speaker line, SP~K52FS
to upgrade from satellites.
I love the satellites as they’re dialed in, but, the Pioneers are sweet.
So, soon I’ll buy the Pioneers to replace the 12 year old satellites & dial them in.
Pro-Surround Sound for under $500.
Too bad Jones left Pioneer for ELAC.

Arokhantos says:

Sounds like a great way to piss off top neighbors untill they get a down firing subwoofer 😀

George Rivera says:

FAIL i have 2 story ceilings

Daniel • says:

What about speakers under the floor?

Fluterra says:

Atmos is a COMPLETE WASTE of money!
Spend the same amount on 4, or even just 2, speakers and amp. The added quality will be huge, and will give a much more pleasing experience.

Recap: SAME Budget on 4 (or 2) speakers.

jyvais1001 says:

bonjour.jevoudrais savoir ou brancher mes 2 haut parleurs atmos de plafond sur mon ampli yamaha rx-a850 merci cordialement

Va Gina says:

I still use a boom box as my sound output for my projector TV.

Guava juice says:

Please surchcribe

cp070476 says:

No sub??? im sorry but any driver in any speaker in the world does not produce the power and depth of a 15-18in sub.. unless the speaker has large drivers.. They don’t use 8in drivers in live venues.. 12in.. 15in. 18in… yes for the power and depth.. My speakers have 12in drivers and they come nowhere near to the sub for shear bass.. U need a sub.. They have a huge amp and motor structure needed to produce deep bass. Watch war of the worlds pods emerge scene at 100Db on just fronts no sub.. Watch them 8in drivers blow up…

L.A. November 2019 says:

Waste of effort/money for smaller setups, especially if you can’t install in-ceiling speakers. 5.1 (with True HD Audio) is still the golden standard for smaller/average sized home theaters.

jason kidmen says:

will some one please help and give me some money for i can get a sony 4k video projector

M.A.S says:

Andrew jones is awesome. Love my pioneer speakers

Sportscars_BE says:

Pioneer for the win!

TriGGletyplay says:

In the future walls will just be made of speakers.   Digital sound coming soon in 2025. Will need at least 802,900,01 speakers for it to work.

Norbert Balogh says:

I have dolby atmos on my phone ! 🙂

Scott Winy says:

what to do if you have vaulted ceilings?

Skyler Martin says:

It’s all about money ,marketing , make u think u need it .

TimmyME says:

I love great sound… but this is just too much for a home set up.

Louis De Vos says:


Carlos Ruvalcaba says:

where can I find those speakers.

Macd3v0t3d says:

With reflected sounds, I would assume timing and speaker placement would be very important. So, it would probably be more difficult for a home user to actually achieve properly. I think I’d prefer dual purpose ceiling speakers that I could also use as ambient music speakers for parties or something.

SSJBen says:

Money can make even respected people spew bullshit. Thanks Andrew and digital trends, you’re all nothing more than phoney asswipes now.

Sportscars_BE says:

these floorstanding dolby atmos pioneer speakers aren’t even that expensive, i’ve seen them go for 450 a pair on amazon

Fluterra says:

When do you move around while watching a movie?
This whole explanation is a JOKE.

imagic studio says:

1000 th like thats meeeeeeeeeeee

Shawn Brockman says:

Remember consumers! don’t believe the hype! things like this are tested in the most ideal room situations..Not everyone can have a perfectly tuned room for these to do what they claim they can do!

Andy Vo says:

Andrew Jones is a speaker prodigy.

TheRobertSt says:

IN the beginning we had one channel. Then two. Then three in front. Then two additional on the back. And then two more, one on each side. And now the ceiling… What will they think of next? On the floor? Jeeeesus…

chase says:

curious as to how they’re planning to take into account delay due to ceiling height differences let alone reflective drive properties.
Interesting though…

rainmakr20 says:

What if the ceiling is 12ft.?

Cujobob says:

I think Andrew Jones lied here. Having identical full range speakers all around would be hard to integrate as any frequency below 200hz is highly affected by the room. Using multiple subwoofers to even out room modes is the best way to take care of the low end.

thm4855 says:

And how many DVD,s have been produced so you hear the helicopter coming from your right back and is coming to land in the right front?  Its like a DVD 7.1 or 2 – I ahve a lot of DVD.s, but today only ONE DVD 7.2, but hundreds of 5.1. If you like to get your sounsystem sound like “kakofoni” – buy Atmos.

repairdrive says:

Your wife is going to love you buying even MORE speakers. not

guacgirl says:

fascinating! ! !

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