Home Theater Geeks 344: LG OLED TV Review

Journalists Chris Boylan from BigPictureBigSound.com, Caleb Denison from DigitalTrends.com, and Robert Heron from HeronFidelity.com join host Scott Wilkinson to talk about their recent trip to San Francisco for a deep dive into the 2017 LG OLED TVs. Topics include the improvements LG made compared with the 2016 models, a side-by-side demo of a 2016 E6, 2017 E7, and Sony X300 professional OLED monitor, HDR, Dolby Atmos immersive sound, the flagship W7’s large soundbar/processor/input module, comments from our hands-on time with the W7, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

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Portu Bello says:

Great Review! And amazing panel of experts! Very informative as always! Keep it up Scott!

cadwell collins says:

Hi this is Cadwell I meet you at 2017 CES at wolfs projector display can you please give me what tv gives the strongest soap-opera effect with a HDR TV we have learned that the soap-opera effect makes our architectural models pop any help would be appreciated. thank you

Fo says:

You guys are fantastic. Thank you.

Nathan Reimer says:

you guys are awesome! love your info and the show!

Always VIRAL says:

I would love to see lg w7 vs sony oled vs panasonic oled flagship to see which is the best

Theoldskool says:

when all I do is wait for that infamous ms response time and I hear its below 30ms, its good news….fap fap fap

Jarod Reddig says:

To the guy that keeps leaving his laptop on planes…..come on man!!!

RXP91 says:

What percentage of content does everyone think they’ll view in HDR? The good news is that SDR is pertty much perfect on the OLEDs now, especially with the compression noise reduction on low brightness areas.

I find that people are obsessed with HDR when there’s little content, the content that is already out there hasn’t been graded properly and colourists are learning a new art.


best informational Source I’ve seen LG OLED 2017 thanks for the broadcast

1Aquadon says:

@ 58:50 you guys mention input lag at 21.5Ms but was that in ((HDR)) GAME MODE ? and double checking that was that the E7

Quincy Sloan says:

When are you guys going to upgrade your recording to at least 1080p?

Always VIRAL says:

what is the best audio format?

Portu Bello says:

more info on the LG W7 and 2017 LG OLED’s vs. the 2016 LG OLED’s:


FrakU2 says:


George Lynch says:

LG are a terrible company i had light bleed issues with a new 55 inch tv and they said it was normal !!! so all LG are made with faults according to them, buy LG at your Peril. LG customer service is crap, not interested. DO NOT BUY LG !!!

FrakU2 says:

At least 3D will live on in projectors. I just don’t understand the hate.

RKoen2006 says:

I wanted a 2017 Oled tv but they got rid of it so I bought LG E 6 3D is amazing on it my only complaint is the motion on the oled and it’s not 1000 nits.How is the motion on the 2017 LG oleds has it been improved that’s my only gripe about my tv if I went with LCD I would have to deal with light bleed and the picture degrading on the sides of the picture and Samsung is asking to munch money for their edge lit Qled sinks know how it can be better than oled and heard there is still some light bleed but I will not judge until you guys give a true review of one!

pieter bijma says:

on my tablet it goes up to 720 60 p but on it depends on device youtube supports 4k on smart tv

Paschal Mokw says:

Wow, 21.5 input lag. thats a reference point there. I hope the less models have the same values.

Jim Long says:

At 9:15 “shot this image with a fairly long exposure” and “this is a live image not paused”. You lost me there. BS factor on this show is huge.

wh1ppet1982 says:

no 3D = no sale for me

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