Home Theater 101 (Z Review)

TL:DW – Spend your money on the Center and a good sub, Ignore Wattage (mostly) and forget Future-proofing with a high end receiver, 4K or Atmos.

What you may need.
[http://amzn.to/1SlLRHE] 1/4″ Neoprene
[http://amzn.to/1TrCvM7] SPL Meter
[http://amzn.to/1emoS0J] 16ga Speaker Wire

Speaker Placement Infographic [http://i.imgur.com/JzXnkCl.jpg] and mock room layout [http://i.imgur.com/9Y746Dr.jpg]

Here is the other equipment you see

[http://goo.gl/cyUBxT] Power Sound Audio MT110
[http://goo.gl/foqSCL] Power Sound Audio S1500
[http://amzn.to/1GXZ0ov] Micca MB42x (backs)
[http://amzn.to/1Gdwhp0] Mirage Nanostat (Discontinued)
[http://amzn.to/1R6bQ3i] JBL Studio 530
[http://amzn.to/1R6cduT] Marantz NR1403

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Thomas Anderson says:

You mention that bookshelves with ports at the back that shoot air out are not recommended to be near walls. Would is be ok if they were about 1ft away from a concrete wall but as rears?

Soapstreet says:

Would you recommend a down firing sub or a traditional front firing sub? Please explain. Thanks for the help.

MeatPopsycle says:

How do you use Audacity for setting the levels?

Aaron Tarajos says:

Awesome video, but I feel like putting speakers on top of the two subs even though they’re on speaker stands would create extra vibrations in turn distortion. Also, I think 4k video is definitely worth the investment in terms of tv and cables but audio like a passthrough av receiver is questionable.

Abbey king says:

how do you like it having that bookshelf on top of the sub,,I want to try this but im scared it might drop,

Patrick McCrank says:

Nice….have watched many vids on home theater for novices. This one is by far the best info on what I need to do, what’s most important and why. This also looks more like the average enthusiasts room. Not some mega buck home set up by an outside vendor. Thank You.. and keep em rolling.

LVcichlids says:

Hey Z. I know this is an old vid but I appreciate it so much I’ve watched it multiple times. Funny how important you deem a center channel but you don’t do many reviews of them. I’m gonna be doing an elac setup and would love to know how the debut center sounds for warmth and staging.

Michael Whitaker says:

ok, I’m about ready to throw some money at home theater, but the speakers I want are Q Acoustics, which are 6 ohm speakers and I’m wanting to go with the yamaha rx-a550. my question is, will the 6 ohm speakers be an issue with the yamaha receiver?

doomtomb3 says:

Can you do 5.1 without a receiver? what if I just want optical out from the TV to an amp?

Iggs Wanna says:

why would i want to put my side speakers in line with the mouth of the characters in the tv, if their voice is coming from the center channel which ironically is the only one you cant center cuz it would be in front of the tv?

iam 4k says:

@z I live in Saudi Arabia where speaker selections are limited as well as online shipping. I mean I can ship anything but the shipping will double the price. So I have three choices to choose from 1)klipsch RP280 towers (3.0 set will cost $1650) 2) prime towers (5.0 set will cost $1600) 3) uni-fi ub5 bookshelves (3.0 set will cost $1800). So what do you suggest I go with for a 16 by 19 feet room. My use will be 80% movies. Also what do you suggest as an AV receiver?

RoundhouseSteak says:

When’s 3.0+1.0

Bill Y. says:

Did you put speaker stands on subwoofers?

Monsieur イーサン says:

I think this video gave me motion sickness…

Iggs Wanna says:

also you can play games in true surround if your output is analog.

Forex0365 says:

Speaker hoarding !

Erik Coulombe says:

You never go receiver with amp,go separate 50 watt to 100 watts will be 2 times as loud with dynamics galore, if your speakers are quality.

Patrick McCrank says:

Okay. You say the center channel is most important. How about a review of the Definitive Technology cs9080.

eleelife says:

Thanks for the video man. Could you make a video about connecting your htpc to receiver. I am planning to get Tidal for music listening. will HDMI from video card be sufficient? Also I would like to get 7.1.4 for movie watching

MGSBigBoss77 says:

Would sure love to hear uncompressed Laserdisc audio on your Home Cinema setup!

Stijn van Kralingen says:

In the mock room layout image, I got a similar TV cabinet and was looking for speaker stands for the fronts *exactly* like in the image. I need to place the speakers next to the tv but without a stand they’re too low, *with* a stand, a regular normal-ass stand they’re way too high. So I need stands like in the picture, short bookshelf stands. About one foot high, any tips? It’s meant for Dali Zensor 3’s (which you should totally review btw!).

darin rozario says:

+Z Reviews Awesome video. Planning to have 2.1 stereo setup at home connected to the TV and later on have a 5.1 setup for watching movies and listening to music.
Confused whether to buy an active or passive speaker for the fronts. Please suggest? if active planning to get the JBL LSR305 and passive speakers my options are – MTX MONITOR5I Monitor Series 5-1/4, Sound Appeal 6.5″ Premium Bookshelf Speakers, Boston acoustics – CS 26 II / A26, Wharfedales, Taga. Awaiting your reply !!!

degenerazn says:

Had to stop watching from all the shaking.

showtime17 says:

800th like!! woooooooooooooo

Will Arthur says:

Before watching this video I was planning on buying 2 Micca MB42’s for front speakers, but after hearing about the importance of a centre – would you recommend buying the Micca MB42-C(entre) to go with it? Amazon is selling the older MB42-Centre for 62$ (CAD) and the MB42x Centre for 251$ (CAD) Do you know if it’s that much better?

tinostarks says:

I’d argue that Side and Rear Surrounds become way more important in videogames.

Audfile says:

such an audiophile. Room full of proper gear.. tiny tiny tv you need binoculars to see lol.

OldsXCool says:

Wow this video was like a train wreck. It was awful but I couldn’t stop watching. Home theater 101? Seriously?

OpTiclightning says:

“center is everything, stop watching”
well. that’s it boys, let’s leave at 12:26 xD

SabrinaB. says:

what set up do you think is best. receiver : Yamaha rx-a860 , front: svs ultra bookshelf , center:  micca mb42x-c or ? ,  dual sub: svs pb1000 or bic america 12 , back and side: micca mb42x or 6.5 premium bookshelf sound appeal.

XNeo27564 says:

I use my 7.2 for audio also. I upmix stereo FLAC’s etc. with MPC-HC and FFDshow mixer with 7.1 settings. Manually mirror the left and right to the surounds with corrected volumes. It’s insane with music, in this case it’s nicer to have matching speakers?
Also with wire it should be better to get OFC wire aka Oxygen Free Copper in as high percentage as possible, they say, like the Konig budget OFC cable at least.
If you start buying ALOT of cables, better buy the good ones first time, and not 3 times like me haha… not copper mixed with aluminum etc. You can feel it by the weight of the cable roll also. I myself noticed a quite big difference going from ultra cheap copper/alu cable to OFC copper, my setup was begging for it it seems, especiall the surrounds sounded fuller and such.
I use 4mm OFC cables for all my speakers, but sometimes I change the fronts and center to Audioquest biwire stuff doubled up to + and – , or as bi-wire.
Good video’s. For some reason I keep looking hehe. Guess I like audio stuff x)

B.D.B. says:

I think the whole don’t invest in L/R speakers is wrong for people looking for a surround system that can also do Hi-Fi. Maybe I made the wrong decision in your eyes, but I had slightly over 50% of my budget invested in L/R (Dali IKON 6 MK2) and the rest in the center (Dali ZENSOR VOKAL), rears (Dali ZENSOR 1) and receiver (Pioneer VSX-1123K). Also didn’t bother with a sub, because I don’t like too much base, they go fairly low for 6.5″ drivers and I live in an apartment building and while sound insulation is excellent base can really penetrate concrete walls.

Cosmin T says:

You are pretty smart and have nice information, but PLEASE put your camera on a tripod, attach a little mic to your shirt and you will stop giving people motion sickness.

Alan Herrera says:

Zeos, do you have a Center breakdown? I can’t seem to find it in the Reddit.

lawrence09151 says:

Lmao @ when that son of a bitch comes down

Erik Coulombe says:

where do you buy the neoprene?

Down Range!! says:

I have a question for you.When I change channels on my tv I’m getting a squealing noise,but if I have the stereo on it does not make that noise.Im using the marantz 1403,direct TV box all connection are via high end hdmi cables.This just started with a 3 week old/new Sony xbr 4k hdr tv.Is it a setting issue or ???.

Erik Coulombe says:

I use 12g for every wire run. I make them same as you with monster cable flex pin and banana plugs

Ameri Pat says:

I give you props for all the technical advice you give in the vid. Such as 5/8 on the t.v. and the center channel should be *here*….all the while all those damn boxes and clutter in the room lol. I love your passion.

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