F&D F2300X Home Audio Speaker review (5.1 Channel home theater)

Buy here: http://goo.gl/7OFn8g

The F&D F2300X Home Audio Speaker feature 5.1 surround sound and can play audio via NFC, Bluetooth, SD Card, Auxiliary cable, FM Radio, 6500 W PMPO, MP3 & WMA supported playback via SD card, USB.
For a price of INR 4700 these home theater speakers offer decent value for money and great sound clarity.

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Sajal Singh says:

Which one should i buy for my laptop,philips spa 4040 b or philips explode 4545 b ?
I require pc speakers with BT for home under 5k .Please suggest. Thank You!

Chinnu says:

Sir how to configure the speakers to pc… i got only 2.1 working ..not able to get 5.1

Srinivas m says:

philips DSP30U multimedia speakers How to Set up a 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System please video upload

Jose Rafael MEZA TORRES says:


Sohel Qureshi says:

price kya hai

Cobain Itu says:

so the 5.1 sound processor was in the speaker? because your input was a cellphone wich actually have 2.1 audio system…what if it play in pc with 5.1 soundcard?
bdw it is the ilumminati channel? :lol

Austin Taylor says:

could I hook it up to a flat screen tv?


Hey bro give the review of flow buzz 5.1 Bluetooth speaker plzzzz

Rusian Axenti says:

futuț dumnezei mati cu prostu tau

Sujoy mondal says:

hello, can you help me choose a good 5.1 home theatre for my led tv? I searched the features of a good home theatre on net and found out that it must have 20-200k kz frequency. now i need an expert’s help. please help me choose a good home theatre. my budget max.3k.

Tahmidur Talukder says:

My friend, can I get 5.1 by Bluetooth ??

Rohit Meena says:

abe gane toh ache chalata lawdeee

Peia Mircea says:

when the boxes are powerd do you hear a noise(like a buzz or anything else) from them when is nothing playing ?


i have a budget of Rs 6000.which 5.1 sysem will be ideal for me?

sanjeev saharan says:

Mitashi BS-120BT 5.1 Home Theatre or F&D F2300X 5.1 Home Theatre Please suggest.

Sourabh S says:

can this speakers wall mounted ??

Ashok Sonawane says:

It would have been better if you would have let us hear the audio instead of speaking while you are playing songs. You can finish the speech and you can play the song to check it out. B+

Nitish Kumar says:

how is it compared to f&d f550x??

Shashi Kumar says:

Hi.. I have purchased F&D 700UF but I m not able to connect the woofer to my onida LED tv.. could you please help me on this..?

Fireart FX says:

Which one would be good F5500u, F3000u, F2300x?

khedari bakhara says:

sir can i nonnect direct to tv or get 5.1 surround sopund. Please reply.

Mayur Pahuja says:

is this a true 5.1 or just stereo?

mahesh shetye says:

want to buy same speakers but some doubts.
I lay downed speaker wire in my leaving room’s each corner (4 Corner) and all are Concealed, I want to ask can i connect 4 speakers using Concealed wire ? if yes, It will downgrade the performance ? Also can i connect these to my Sony LED ?? kindly suggest

ducklandwikeno says:

very cheaply made speakers . you get what you pay for sometimes . I like jamo good quality speakers

Dhruv patel says:

i have a Phillips dsp2800 5.1 speaker.i buy from Amazon. in back of main woofer there are not a red white wire stereo connection so how i can connect my mobile to the speakers??? plz help me buddy.

omarchafa says:

Cool boom and sizzle! Junk. Get yourself some real 5.1 speakers with a A/V Receiver.

abhilash jha says:

impressive video, all features explained well in detail, keep it up man!

sanjay kumar jangde says:

i want to buy a home theater in 6000Rupaye so please tell which is the best

RAJAN says:

is it necessary to have sound card for connecting it to pc?


I have recently purchased it but I am not getting the way to connect to my infocus 50 inches led tv & even not able to connect to my sony blu ray player.. pls suggest a way

Vishal Tokas says:

how to turn off the bass of this speaker??

Sreerag S Nair says:

what is its prize

Shurid Zaman says:

my room is 700 square feet should i go for it ??? how is the sound quality and bass?

Jamiur Rahman Choudhury says:

sucks !! too low volume when it’s high.

Sparsh Varshney says:

HI :)..Is there any difference in sound quality when played through BT or AUX ??
Is the wire lengh enough to make the surr.speakers reach corners in a 10*16 feet room??
thanks in advance 😀


i have lost the remote of this speaker shall i know where should i find it


slow the fuck down man!!! your talking too fuckin fast !!!

debjit das says:

Tell me what would be best , F&d2300x/ F700uf/f550x ??

Rafael White says:

Are the LED on the front strong? Can you switch them off? I usually watch stuff in a dark room and the LED lights bother me.

Sachin Srivastava says:

bro ..unboxing or yelling

Jasdeep Bindra says:

PLEASE HELP!! How to use USB function. I plugged in the USB, blue USB light switches on, I changed the source but it is not playing the media files in the USB. It’s an 8 GB HP pendrive.

THE AKH says:

can you show how we can connect it to led tv

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