Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000 Projector Review

Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000:

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Orion Yorke says:

wait wait waaaaaait. Thought he was married.

Talha Azam says:

if I are buying a huge TV so why I won’t buy projecter the best way to play games watchetc to waste money on TV why wouldn’t on projecter

Donna Zhu says:

great video

Connie Manabat says:

What game did you play

skullkidzzz says:

Good job on spoiling Man Of Steel you douche.

Nick6Michael says:

This projector only has 1800 lumens it sucks ass.

Danny Miller says:

the two 2000 has a good picture the fan sucks.

PlaystationPlayer says:

Does it work good in sunlight or just the dark.

Edward F says:

less talking would have been great

Steven Chuang says:

Hi, it is nice review. Can you please let me know how you shot video to the screen without any flash?

ap72sentinal says:

always buy benq

TJ Brock says:

Thanks for this very helpful video. I will be getting this asap

MGQTV says:

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hows the lag for games? are there any noticeable lag or??

jake wiebe says:

I got one like this and I have to say it is a good projector for its price. I got it at Walmart for half price $600 so I got a good deal to.

Ahmad 3D says:

Does the projector lamp dies?

O Santiago says:

What is your PSN ID?

Paul Sweeney says:

Was thinking of getting one for my ps4 and I’m wonder would games that run at 60fps run smooth on 1080p projecters

Andrew Seodyal says:

That’s a good price for what you get!

Pound S says:

does it lens shift?

Zhan Xu says:

Thank you for sharing this helpful video! Sir.

Ameera Shah says:

peace ! Hehehe

Ariel Cairns says:

*Epson PowerLite S27 LCD Projector – HDTV – 4:3 Get it here!

Mitchell Harden says:

You should add me on PSN: icmonkey123

Liliana Mendoza says:

please help, how do u zoom in and zoom out?

gotajerb says:

Black levels are determined by your projector screen, not your projector… The lowest the black levels can get on a projector is just that it emits no light for the dark parts of the screen. Get a decent white (or silver/black if you want to play your stuff with ambient light) projector screen and black levels will be way better.

Meno54321 says:

Here is one of the Best projectors!!!

Sharon Su says:

this is so helpful! thank you~

Miguelizk00l says:

I’ve always wanted a projector as an alternative for a tv. Idk have a screen on you wall is kinda cool

Legofan Productions says:

Spoiler…. 1:43 😛

zeyad mostafa says:


CounterTopArt says:

Epson LCD Projector Desktop 6000 ANSI Lumen 1920 X 1200 V11H266920

cinqo7 says:

Can you shelf mount this projector and adjust the image (up and down)?

jose gonzalez says:

cual es el juego del minuto 2:33

Ryan Lee says:

I think I’m gonna pick one of these bad boys up. Good review.

ludogiuly says:

If you want a sharper image with deeper blacks, you should go DLP!  

Reggie Merchant says:

hey would you mind if i used your video for my website?

ricerust says:

i stil dont understand y people would hav lights on while using a projector

What Ever says:

Can it connect to a phone?

FueThengMoua says:

Thanks brother.  Go Army.

Whatthebrizzle says:

hey, great review. I feel better buying from best buy than some random site, but I’m only finding Epson PL HC 2030. brightness and contrast are higher. any thoughts? I appreciate it

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