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Here at, we took a look this Epson Home Cinema 5040UB and Pro Cinema 6040UB projectors and awarded them our Hot Product Award and Best Value Award ($2000-$4000) in our annual Home Theater Projector Report. This video serves to give you a summary of the Home Cinema 5040UB review. We also have a shorter video on the PC6040UB.

We also created an in-depth review video as a fun and informational overview of the full-length written review posted on We have a growing collection of videos covering both specific home theater projectors and FAQs about many of the most popular and important questions as you create your home theater environment.

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Jarrett Couser says:

Could you confirm that this projector can project in different ratios like 16:9 vs. 2:35:1. Sounds like per your comment that this supports widescreen that it’s possible but I want to be sure before I purchase.

iHelloway says:

talking about hdr
can u get similar dynamic range with bluray 1080p to 4k bluray ?
i know there are shifts between black to gray or gray to white, hdr just take both for itself…

Henry h.s says:

espero poner mis manos en uno de esos

Sjrick says:

you guys need to hire a person who doesnt sound like he has been eating yogurt all day. Give this guy a mucinex already. phlegm city. ugh.

John McMahan says:

Hey Art. On your review you wrote that cinema mode on medium lamp only has 501 lumens in cinema mode which will put me only at 12 ftl, which isn’t bright enough for me. However, here you state it is 900 lumens, which would work for me. What is the lumen output I can expect from this projector in cinema mode and bright cinema mode on med lamp power? Thanks.

MoneyAhoy says:

Awesome review!

Wookie Groomer says:

Barely supports any HDR devices so it’s worthless if you also like to game and want a variety of UHD players to choose from.

al8603cl says:

My first projector and screen for our family room was an Epson 8340 with an Elite Screens Cinegrey 110″ screen. About 24 months ago we upgraded to an Epson 5020UB and it was a big improvement. We are just beginning to look to upgrade from the 5020UB and are impressed with the 5040UB but, have decided to wait at least a year or two as the availability of 4K material is so very limited. And that is an understatement. That and the 5040UB is a first gen attempt. We know that there will be improvements to this and as the availability of 4K material increases Epson will make further improvements going forward. Our biggest dilemma is the next screen we will buy. The Elite Screen Cinegrey we have currently has a very wide viewing angle which is key to our layout in our Family Room. With Family Rooms you do not have total light control. Especially in open concept modern homes. With the newer ALS screens the viewing angles are so much narrower. This is a detriment and dilemma to our Family Room and I suspect to most Family Rooms. Is there a screen that has the light limiting advantages of ALS and the wider viewing angle of a Cinegrey screen out there for Family Rooms where there are people who will be watching sports and movies off to the side of the projector screen in less than total light control environments?

William Dean says:

no more fast declining bulbs please, laser only.

Andre Blackwell says:

how about 3D?

blakeesmith84 says:

Tone down the music during the review. It’s just too loud, otherwise, love you Art! 🙂

Steve Vestel says:

Can you hook up a Directv Receiver, and or a 4K Bluray player, or a Kodi Box to this Projector?

Kjell Olav Forberg says:

I’m looking to replace my aging sony vpl-hw10 but I think i’m going to wait another year and see if more “real” 4k and better HDR projectors come out. Also I need to replace my Yamaha RX-V3800 surround receiver to get 4k pass through….

Holy shit 2017 is going to be expensive!!

Grumpy Gills says:

Can barely even hear him over the stupid music…

Narudh Areesorn says:

Your camera has a dead pixel

mementorequiem says:

8:10, why do the numbers look different with enhancement turned on? If it truly is the same frame…

Hamad Alharbi says:

Thank you a lot for all information, the music is too annoying

Steve Vestel says:

I think your video is Badass.

Zebulun OfTheTwelveTribes says:

I wish all their projectors was black.

Ade K says:

stupid music

Aodin Projector says:

Your reviews are perfect~

cme4brain11 says:

great review but the background music is way to loud, can hardly hear the commentator.

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