Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 4K Enhancement Projector in Action

Dave at Projector People gets his hands on an Epson 5040UB and gives us a tour of it. He runs us through most of the features and fires her up for us to view.

You can find the Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 4K Enhancement projector (along with camera shot images) here:
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Eloy Garcia says:

I have only 1080P available from receiver, I love my 5030 and have enjoyed it why should I upgrade? will the 1080P be sharper on this ? I love the PIP..I would love that

Robster Godsafake says:

We’ve just got ourselves one of these, ur first movie on it was “Pitch Black” which on the epson lived up to its name. On our previous projector, an Optoma HD33 it was more “Pitch Murky Grey”.

Steve Vestel says:

I FREAKING LOVE this video. Does this have 4K UHD with HDR?

KW C. says:

How do I level the screen? I can’t figure it out.

Adam says:

You should use wireless mics or something. Your voice is too quiet, and the ambient audio creates an echo chamber. At least there weren’t airplane noises this time…

Brian Pacheco says:

What is the throw distance required for a 120″ screen for this projector?

Bill Peirce says:

Would never buy a Epson projector. The bulbs don’t last half as long as they say they should.

ken peffley says:

whats the average room size? I have width of around 12 foot. thanks

Michael Yogibara says:

Just bought one from you guys! My third one from Projector People.

Orlando Adams says:

is there a difference between the 5040 vs 6040 minus the extra that come with the 6040.

Jose Munoz says:

Hi!!! After watching your video, I’m almost set to buy this projector but, I need to know something first. Seating is at 9.5′ and the lens of this PJ will be at 10′ from the screen. What is the max size I can get from this PJ at this distance??? This will be the most important aspect of all as I’m hoping for 106″. Thanks in advanced.

Bill Schumacher says:

Hi Dave,

You spoke a little about this projector having PIP (Picture in Picture), which peaked my interest. I have a 110 inch screen. With the PIP option what size can I get the 2nd picture up to? My current projector only allows the 2nd picture up to a size of 20 inches, which is impossible to watch a 2nd sporting event (just to tiny), so the PIP option doesn’t get used. I’m really hoping the 5040 will be able to make the PIP (2nd picture) 40 inches or larger. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

kishore K says:

which one to buy Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 4K or Sony HW 45 ES Projector .. rate both of them in 1 to 5

Ömer Yilmaz says:

I dont care about the 1080p stuff, We just care about the 4k picture quality compared to a real 4k beamer, if theres really not much difference I will definately buy a 6040ub 🙂

Brandon Duncan says:

Confused on what the 4K enhancement is exactly. Does it upscale 1080p content to “4K” using the pixel shifting… or does it only work when you send a native 4K signal and the it uses the additional resolution to then use pixel shifting to give it a near “4K” look? I know it isn’t true 4K but trying to figure out if getting a UHD blu-ray player will provide an actual benefit or not with this projector. I understand that this projector will accept HDR from UHD content/gaming/etc but have heard varying reports on success handling it. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

John Hallam says:

how good is the 3d?

navygirlav2012 says:

Does it have optical out for speakers?

Chris Lawhead says:

is this a passive or active 3D? Does the 2D-3D conversion include converting a side by side 3D image into a 3D image? A lot of my Plex 3D library is in Half Side By Side 3D.

inflextion leslie says:

I believe this is the equivalent of the TW8300 sold in Asia. Hi I’ve sold a number of tw8200s and tw8300s in Singapore, but I haven’t got a chance to see the TW8300 in action yet as I no longer stock in higher end units, due to market saturation. I do have a demo unit for the entry level TW5350, I’d like to know how is the frame interpolation on this model? I realise with the Epson TW5350 on default setting or lightest mode, customers tend to get a bit of “motion sickness” watching for too long. So they prefer to turn frame interpolation off. How does the interpolation on this model compare to the TW5350? I feel the noise reduction feature on the TW5200 was better, and on the whole a better projector. But I still find Panasonic’s frame creation way more realistic and easy on the eye, compared to Epson. Since the AE4000 all the way to AE8000, pity panasonic no longer focuses on home theatre models…. to my knowledge.

zztop7000 says:

Will this work on my Xbox one? Is there a lag when you play gaming? Thank you.

Vitamin- P says:

New to your channel. I am planning to get either this projector or the 6040. What screen may I ask was used for this demo? What an amazing picture.

Adam Wilson says:

would you know if there is an increase in input lag if you get the wireless hdmi version? Would it be suitable for gaming?

Kobayashi Maru says:

I wish products that don’t actually support something wouldn’t use that “thing” in their marketing bs.
To this day many people still think “HD ready” means they will be watching a real HD image. Now the same with 4K/UHD up scaling crap.

cockneyb2k says:

No price ???

forza italia says:

how much is this projector?

llininger says:

Excellent review thanks! How did you play the 4K video from the iphone 6s?

D Oliveira says:

The Epson 5040 mutch better than uhd6/65 Optoma? Thanks!

DirtyHarry427 says:

Would I be able to use a soundbar for the 5040ube wireless projector?

Lucas Pere says:

I have this projector purchased yesterday. Just wondering if it does auto lens shift between different aspect ratio from 16×9 to 2.35:1like the ae4000u?

Leonard Cheri says:

isnt that image inhancement the same as super resolution in the older models?? It even has the same amount of steps

Wookie Groomer says:

Wish I could see what the image quality was but… 720p… lol
Impossible to see any detail other that the appears of excessive use of the sharpness setting.

Chuck Norrisrat says:

The only thing that beats this Epson is the Sony 4K but the Epson still has the better HDR.
I found the Epson was far better value and if I was to spend double I would want 2500 lumens and hard core HDR.

Steve Vestel says:

Can you hook up a Directv box or 4K Bluray player to this Projector? Or a Kodi Box to this Projector?

DirtyHarry427 says:

I just bought an 82 inch Stewart Firehawk fixed projector screen. Will this Epson projector work well with my screen size?

David says:

So is this projector better than the Jvc-dla 700r and the 900r? I saw a video where this projector was rated higher. I asked another projector people near me is this projector better and they said no. so I’m confused as to why people would rate the epson so high then.

John McMahan says:

Is there a manual iris setting for this projector?

budi haryanto says:

with lens memory on an Epson 5040 , can this projector display 2.35.1 aspect ratio content , similar to Panasonic projector

romance698 says:


Hatless Chimp says:

The video below is me doing a quick unboxing of the 9300 / 6040ub 4k projector and testing cinemascope 2.35:1. It looks great even on a wall. Your video is great. Thanks for the great info!

Anderson C says:

Imagine quality looks fairly least through my iMac screen 🙂 But I can see the sharpness. Clarity. Good neutral colour. Not flat looking. To the point where I think most people would be hard pressed to tell if this was from a “native 4k HDR projector”. If viewed individually. If demoing one projector in shop A in the morning and projector 2 in shop b in the afternoon.

Maybe you can do an a/b test. Maybe the 5040 vs 8050 (native 4k HER). 🙂 Same 4k HDR Bluray movies.

SS S says:

I wish they would offer this in black (I know the pro version is but its a grand more) I’m debating this or the JVC420. Is there a concern about it not being 18gb like the JVC?

R Davis says:

Just purchased the 5040 Wireless and I am only using the wireless transmitter from about 12 feet away from the projector so I am not sure if I am getting full 4k benefits from my Sony 4k dvd player sending the signal wirelessly. Al so I need some advise on a good to really good screen a relatively cheap one because I spent all my money on the projector or is there a certain kind()color, brand) of indoor paint, roller, brush I should use to cover my wall until I can afford a decent screen? Thanks in advance. Rod D.

Robert says:

why not use your iphone 6s to record this videos in 4k lol

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