Epson Home Cinema 5010 3D Projector Video Review

We seem to be hitting a lot of projectors this year, but it’s no surprise since most manufacturers are releasing new 3D models that can do justice to the newest 3D Blu-ray movies. The Home Cinema 5010 is Epson’s 1080p 3D projector that targets the enthusiast… make that the premier enthusiast. The 5010 is the highest model in Epson’s Home Cinema lineup and it’s designed to produce the richest blacks, the highest contrast ratios and the most detailed picture possible. We utilize the company’s 9700UB, which is the professional model of the 8700UB, which this projector replaces. The 5010 ups the output of its predecessor to 2400 lumens. Now while we don’t typically need that much light in home theaters, in 3D mode you lose a significant amount of the brightness due to the way the glasses are constantly closing and opening over each eye. With 2400 lumens and custom calibration options for 3D, Epson takes care of that and lets you calibrate the set for optimal 3D performance.

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Mikey Teflo says:

It does not matter, you can still tell black levels even when cross-sampling to YouTube, and that’s the main thing I want to see with this Projector, the Black Levels in action.

زولك ZoLaK says:

tw9000 5010

tw9000w 5010e(wireless unit included however with a little drop in brightness)

both phenomenal beasts hands down

Tai Lopez says:

How much better is the 5010 to the 3010 when considering contrast ratio/blacks

Kal El says:

Why you don’t showed working???
That’s gay!!!!

mrfatfish1 says:

HEY nice review, i dont know whether to get the 200,000:1 ratio, or the cheaper 40,000:1 ratio. is there much different? can some one please tell me

Anthony Colombo says:

Great video. Don’t listen to these people wanting examples. They can go get a demo from a local dealer if they are that interested. Any video of the projector functioning would not show what it is capable of.

and ignore the guy saying your rude. Obviously they don’t visit the forums.

Dave Phipps says:

I’m really considering picking one of these up to replace my 8100, new models from Epson should be out soon and the price of this model should get reduced. The 8100 has been a great projector except for an issue with the lamp, but Epson has replaced the lamp at not cost to me a couple of times. They have fantastic customer support and that’s why I’m a repeat Epson customer, I have 2 of their printers as well.

Audioholics says:

@jimijackson So, you want us to include moving video of the movies projecting on a projector screen… Captured in 1080p and then cross-sampled by YouTube to a 720p video and dithered? That sounds like a bad idea to us, but I’d welcome seeing one done this way if you have the time and inclination.

david fiske says:

I’m getting 3D projector for Christmas the glasses are sold separately 80$

jimijackson says:

@allstarbip it doesnt tell him if the 3d is good on the 5010 in the specs sheet and he seems to have no opinions 😀 lol

jwd0808 says:

It uses Active shutter technology.

Jack Da Rapper says:

What epsons equivalent to the 5010? Is it the TW6000 or TW9000? Thanks

flotech66 says:

the biggest problem with projectors is lasting.the moment you put your hands on one of them, you get addicted.everytime you want to turn it on, you think twice.broken projector is a broken heart.buying a new one is way to expensive.stay with your lovely LCD t.v. i been through all this.

jimijackson says:

@AudioholicsLIVE you may aswell have made a written review. whats the point of not showing it in action? ofcourse nothing will do complete justice to the product. but it will give an indication in addition to how you are describing it.
. thats my two cents anyway 🙂 take it as constructive criticism. its cool when a reviewer can offer their opinion and do it illustratively. search “Epson MovieMate 85HD, Home Cinema 8350 and Home Cinema 8700 UB Compared “

jimijackson says:

reviews that dont show the product in action. fantastic :p

Leftfield Larrikin says:

Sorry can say all that again we didn’t catch it just kidding were not all fucking retarded in fact we’ve actually got enough brains to realise 2400 lumins is shit all when we can pay 400 dollars and get a vivitek d5 series 3d projector that outputs 3000 lumins converts 2d to 3d and plays blue ray and pc 3d strait off the bat . Plus I think we can figure out how to get the best picture without paying some one to do it for us in fact the considering you had to do that I think you might be retarded

j. gardner says:

Hi, Is the 3D good on 5010?

jimijackson says:

@mkraeftig7 fine ill take your constructive criticism and you can stop simply reading the specs sheet of a product, then labeling it as a review.


and im sorry if it came across as snide, but when you search for a review on youtube…you shouldnt have to delve through countless videos of people spouting what can be looked up on the manufacturers website.

andreavda says:

if any youtuber did that one could compare the projectors just by focusing on the differences between the youtube videos, even though it’s a 720p, just by looking at the differences, and not judging the projector on its own as it would be wrong for the reasons you listed above.

Veronica B says:

Nice video.

Theharrizable says:

people who care about quality.

Mirosław Andrejuk says:

0:27 – 0:39
As a viewer I got message:
“I grumble to much, and to fast so if do not understand me, just watch it one more time.”
Quite unpleasend and rude. Maybe next time you could talk slower.


epson make awesome shit

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