Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD Projector

Introducing the new Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD bringing the ultimate 4K experience to DIY home theaters for under $2,000! Stay tuned until the end to see the 4010 in action. Beautiful picture!

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MrSuperman258401 says:

Looks good, still not mentioning the screen you pair with , easy add on sales. Otherwise just show how it looks on wall.

Or send it my way lol

charles Benincasa says:

You never explained if the contrast is better then the Epson 4000

B4G3L5 says:

Excellent questions below!
I’d also like to know, what screen are you using?
How does this compare to the previous model?
Have you tried 3D, how does it look?
Given the option between this and the previous model, which is the better value?

Andre Blackwell says:

How good is the 3D?

Andre Blackwell says:

Does the 4010 have the updated pixel shifting text compared to 4000

SFbayKID says:

I AM waiting for lazier one , dont wanna buys light bulb models anymore…i am pretty sure gonna come up with new pro lazier model in 2019..cant wait
but they make real nice bright vivid rich & nice deep blk 4k projector..but ya lazier is something else

P F says:

Fantastic picture. Wow!

Tarun Singh says:

So is the sony 695es or this. Which is better? Sony has 1800 lumens vs 2400.

Petra Vidrih says:

I tested projector Epson EH-TW7300. This projector can’t show real 4K picture but can show something between 1080p and 4K. I saw that you have now new projector Epson 4010. Does this projector show picture sharp as real 4K or it can still show only picture between 1080p and 4K? I bought Optoma UHD550X because it can show more sharp (as sharp as real 4K) picture than EH-TW7300. But If 4010 can get me as sharp picture as real 4K I would possibly buy it.

RandomRT says:

Big question is did they fix the power supply problem which was on the 5040ub?

7victormanuel13 says:

This sounds like an incredible projector. But I need this projector to be the size of the 2045 which I love so much. I simply dont have the space for this. The throw ratio must be shorter too.. hopefully in the coming years with the technology evolving these huge projectors can go down in size while retained the technology . I just purchased the Optoma UHD50 trying to replace my Epson 2045 and honestly, came out unimpressed. The Epson 2045 had a sharper image than the UHD50, im not sure if all pixel shifting 4K projectors have that look.

nek render says:

I just bought the European version of this projector (TW7400) and I’d like to ask what screen you used in this video and under what lighting conditions.Also please tell me if the walls & ceiling are dark in your test room.I need a screen for use in a room with no light but white walls (which reflect the light from the projector and create some ambient light).

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