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Here at, we took a look this Epson Home Cinema 2040/2045 projector and awarded it our Hot Product Award, as well as our annual Best Entry Level Value Projector award in our annual Best Home Theater Projectors Report. This video serves to give you a brief look at this award-winning projector.

We also created an in-depth review video as a fun and informational summary of the full-length written review posted on We have a growing collection of videos covering both specific home theater projectors and FAQs about many of the most popular and important questions as you create your home theater environment.

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Anthony Lavezzari moran says:

Which is better this one or optoma hd28dse?

Enok Bong says:

Hello , How does this work in a brightly lit room? (i.e. class room with ordinary white lights on.)
Thank you

John Quintana says:

Wish you covered the keystone feature more and showed examples. That seems to be a major issue with not everyone being able to put their projectors dead center. Will that work to adjust the image if I have to put mine at an angle in a corner that is not center to where I wish the image to be?

Nicholas Reiter says:

I’m debating between getting the Epson 2030 or the Epson 2040. is the Epson 2040 worth the extra $100?

Ira Gershwin says:

How does this compare to the Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 3500?

Moses D says:

its not right in europe the model is .epson eh tw 5300/5350 and not 5200

Kevin Arsham says:

ArtI was hoping you could respond.  I’m a big fan-watching your videos.  I tried an Epson 3500 but found the image oversaturated – gave me more of a brown, grey coloring when playing Gladiator on Blue ray.  Granted, I am projecting this on a wall for the time being.  I decided I did not really need the zoom or lens shift feature.  In comparison, I found the Epson 2040 to have better color.  Plus, it was hard to see real differences in detail between the 3500 and the 2040 – I had to really look hard.  I was seeing the image only 9 feet from the wall since that is all the space I had had during my own personal test.  Is it possible that the 2040 would stand out over the 3500 in terms of color or image quality? – based on these conditions.   Seems you have to really look carefully to see any differences.  I do get the grey image around the frame when lifting the projector up a bit – is there a way to correct this?  THANKS

Andrew Metthew says:

i like it thus far. I bought one from amazon last week due to a discount. This is better so far for 1080p than the previous one i tested from Amazon, the JmGo G1 model, which was sleek but low resolution. I only tested on a wall so far but with this settings, i bet on my 110″ screen will be superb. a few pics attached for those that are looking and interested in this model. fyi – the fan runs quite a bit but if you have surrounds sound on then you won’t noticed link http,//amzn,to/2aMeIV2

SeanRPS says:

pain in the ass cut out, change it please

King Gil says:

Really good review! I’m definitely considering this projector now. Thanks.

Jason McLeod says:

Long shot here, but any chance someone could point to a method to add component (YBpBr) to this? I tried a VGA to Component cable but I just get green signal. Don’t see the option that Epson mentions in the settings menu. 🙁

Major Tom says:

I dont know why the pay you guys. Are you not allowed to show the number one reason why anyone would buy a projector, how it looks on a screen?

DarthHater100 says:

What the hell is that explosive static cut in??

David H. Mason says:

The “cut” noise used makes this pretty unpleasant to watch.

Ibrahim ibrahim says:

I have the same machine, but it raises the high temperature used for 20 minutes only is it a problem or what ؟

GooberTube123 says:

Thank you for the review!! Very informative!!
I’m definitely getting this projector…are there certain dimensions I should make my screen to properly view the widescreen format? My wall is about 117″ wide x 96″ high (actually goes up about another foot, but there’s a slope on one side, so hanging screen where that starts).The screen material I bought is 66″x110″…just wondering what size frame I should build. Any advice is appreciated!

Christian Castro says:

why would the 2040 would be more the most popular if the 2045 can do everything and more than the 2040?

Guilherme Costa says:

One thing. The 2040 in Europe is called Epson EH TW5210. I bought one today 🙂

Oscar Levcovich says:

Very good review: thank you!

Joseph Lettieri says:

Thanks for listening about that complaint

Jackie Chin says:

Can I use a curved projector screen on Epson 2045?

Travis Andersen says:

VERY HELPFUL AND CLEAR. Agree with David below about that cut noise. A bit obnoxious.

kae9797 says:

Hey Art could you stop using that nasty cut noise in the videos. I have watch few of your reviews and that nasty sound is killing me.
I use headphones and the cut noise is just nasty to listen to!
Other than that great job on the reviews!

Mark Smith says:

would this work projecting videogames onto my ceiling above my bed? would I need a screen over the drywall?

Stan Davidson says:

Art, with the input lag…Does this projector have any issues syncing voice to picture. In other words, I hate when the words are off from the mouths.

Danthehorse says:

Guys, what is the UK model number of the 2045 please?

Derrick Wolfensberger says:

Could someone please recommend a paint for this projector. I’m getting mixed answers from website. Some say white, some say gray, some say black. Please help explain which one and why. I would really appreciate it

Justin Ware says:

What is the best color screen for the 2040?!

MachineGunLouis says:

So in your opinion what’s better? The 2040 or the 2045 what one is brighter? And what one would be better for day viewing Also I’m thinking about gaming and watching sports inviting family &a friends and I want the guest to be wowed with the quality there are limited reviews with horrible filming so I can’t tell the difference when it comes to picking the best band for a buck..

monchichi955 says:

i have a question..if you had to pick Epson 2045 or optima hd141x which one would you pick and why.. am on the wall and sword here. i have to make a decision real soon please help ASAP.

AnTorri Will says:

Thanks for the review! Now I need to decide between the Epson and the BenQ.

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