Epson 3100 Projector Review!

Epson sent over their Epson 3100 Projector for review and I check it out to see if this can become my new main projector! Like, Share, and Enjoy this video!

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Blow Money Records says:

OMG!!!! These are just mavilous. Love u

LOLwut says:

Oh my god. This is awesome.

Top Dawg says:

Its my birthday tomorrow! 😀

Nassim Benjelil says:

What if Samsung made projectors

Imagine how good it would look

Campwise05 says:

Good video SKB!

MrSaosh says:

Teal’c ?

xander1980 says:

I’ve been looking a lot on LED projectors, as they seem more affordable plus the lamp time is usually around 50.000 hours. Any thoughts on that?

Guardian's Creed says:

Only 5 Easy Payments of $79.99 But WAIT THERES NO MORE!


Hey Soldier, how noisy are the fans on this?? can they get annoying??

Dimi S says:

That’s strange, I bought my Epson Home Cinema 3500 projector on Amazon for 1199$ incl taxes n shipping and it also included that bigger remote & 2 3D glasses. The image quality on these projectors is outstanding. The TV is collecting dust ever since I got it last September.

Priceless Boost says:

What is the background song called?

Chicago Herps Inc. says:

Are you still in Saint Louis

Mo_uzi _ says:

Super saftv giving this

Nathen Mixon (MixonFitness) says:

This will be my next step up

FormallyCrippled says:

I’ve been a subscriber and fan for years. Keep it up!

Uthman Karimabadi says:

Love the work you do on your videos, been watching you since you first reviewed the iPhone 5. Always giving your much valued opinion 🙂

Slick Trademarc says:

dude, when you came in with the tv for comparison, too funny 😀

tomewatson says:

Hi Brother

Johanneslol11 says:

I like the beamer, i use a beamer myself to. 🙂 The only bad thing about a beamer compaired to a tv is power usage in my eyes..

Pol McGuigan says:

wooo JRE!! 🙂

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