Epson 2045 Home Cinema UNBOXING-TEST-COMPARISON-AND Review!!

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Andre Blackwell says:

no. I have the 2030. But I have a Samsung phone that has all share so I can wireless my phone to the Blu Ray player

Karim says:

A helpful video , I was looking for an Epson 2045 .

Andre Blackwell says:

Oh if you didn’t already know MHL…mobile high definition link…for ruku stick or the like

Enok Bong says:

How does this work in a brighly lit room? (i.e. classroom with ordinary white lights on)

Ibrahim ibrahim says:

nice video,, what Better adjusted to watch movies ?

Andre Blackwell says:

I am taking advice seriously. Because I do love my 2030 but some time when I watch 2D movies I really wish it had a little higher contrast…like in dark knight rises when Batman and Bane meet for the frist time. But everyone that sees 3D thinks is awesome(3D junkie). The video you put up was stunning. How close do you have to get before you see the screen door effect on the 2045.

-INFL3GACY- says:

wait I’m a little confused?

Andre Blackwell says:

why are you confused

Jackie Chin says:

Can I use a curved projector screen on Epson 2045?

Tomislav Dujmovic says:

Is it possible to stream a video directly from USB stick?

Andre Blackwell says:

thanks for the quick reply. I have the epson 2030 and I have the Samsung 3D Blu ray player with Samsung 3D glasses with 120″ screen. I was thinking about upgrading to the epson 3500 or even 5030 but that’s a huge jump in price not to mention the cost of bulb replacement cost $300 vs under $100.

Jay .K says:

How is the viewing in the daytime with light?

Andre Blackwell says:

wow that’s awesome. with the 2030 in 2D you can see pixels at about 5 to 6 feet from the screen. I sit about 8 to 9 feet from the screen. in 3D you don’t see any pixels.

Tyler Aronne says:


Carlos Valdez says:

How can I view in 3D with this Epson 2045?
Can any video played be in 3D or is it a special format?

Rick Carr says:

What kinda screen would be best to use from about 15′ away and 120″ screen

Andre Blackwell says:

with the 2045 how close can you get before you see the pixels on the screen (screen door)

Robert Ely says:

Can you place 2045 around 5-6 feet from wall and if so how big can the screen project at that distance ?

brian doughty says:

I am thinking about purchasing either the Optoma HD26 or this projector, I will be using the projector for watching movies in a dark room. Would the noise in eco mode still be quite loud while watching a movie? For this purpose and if you are on a budget which would you recommend getting?

jackie king says:

does it have lends shift

osukais1 says:

i got this projector and returned it days later.input lag is to great.i pla y bo3 on this and wow was it bad.i own a 2030 and that puts of 60.5 hertz.2045 did for me 55.not big deal but way to much for me.the colors this puts out is amazing.if your gonna using for watching movies only than its a hell of projector.not for gaming.and yes i turn everything off and down to try and decrease input lag in the settings.

Andre Blackwell says:

Thanks that was a very good demo. How’s the 3D? How soon till you get a screen, would like to see some dark pictures with the lights off. Thanks again .

Hassan Imam says:

What is the screen size

Andre Blackwell says:

looking forward to your next demo


how can I make the screen smaller?

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