Compared: Three Affordable Epson Living Room Home Projectors (Home Cinema 740, 1040, and 2040)

In this video, we compare three affordable Epson home projectors designed to handle your bright living room, the Home Cinema 740, Home Cinema 1040, and Home Cinema 2040. This is the longer of two videos comparing these three projectors.

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kabeauregardajax says:

Thanx buddy. This was great. Thanks for your time.

Joselyn Ramos says:

Between the epson 2045, the optoma hd29, and the viewsonic PJD7835HD which is recommended as an outdoor projector. I plan on connecting an amp speaker for sound, so that isn’t an issue.

LA Pink says:

Great review! I am researching projectors and was thinking of a benq or an optoma hd26, but now you have me considering an Epson for my first projector. After your review I am leaning toward the 2040 because of the added features mentioned. I am purchasing the projector for family/kid outdoor use. Mostly movies at night, but I foresee my kids wanting to use it to watch shows before sunset. They’re kids so the picture wouldn’t need to be perfect at the time, just viewable. Would the 2040 still be a good choice?

Mathieu Alepin says:

Thank you! Very good review. I am a filmmaker looking for a projector to project at the back of a vinyl screen while filming actors in front doing their thing while being low to fairly well lit up. (I choose this method for personal stylistic reasons over using a green screen.) Would you suggest the 1040 over the 2040? Or would the smooth motion of the 2040 capture better and with limited lines or just as well if filmed with 1920X1080p camera?

Donald Oliver says:

Great vid! Do you know the cost of replacing bulb on 2040?

Arbaaz Khan says:


Michael Stone says:

Hi Donald:
I just bought a Re-Furbished 1040…and I’m having a lot of trouble connecting my old Receiver Sound System…it has no HDMI!!! Also the built-in sound is very low at “10” which is full throttle can you help? I hate to return it but…….

Jeezy Mcjizzle says:

wow, killer video. stayed for the whole thing! Definitely helped form a decision.

E Mac says:

Optoma 1080p or Home cinema 1040 ?

Maulik Sharma says:

I have some ambient light in my apartment and can get the refurbished 1040 for $449 on amazon. At that much of a discount, would you recommend the 1040 over the 2040. Also, I had a question about using a Bluetooth transmitter to get audio to my sound system without messy wiring. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions as to whether my approach would work?

Linas Mak says:

Nice reviews Art! the only thing missing in them is latency measurements.

Nick M says:

Great work, Thank you for this video!


I just purchased EH-TW5350 projector for home use to project videos.
My question is how to watch in 3D ?? After I setup the 3D from the menu and pressed 2D to 3D, the image was converted and when I use a passive 3D glasses or active can’t watch any 3D effects !!!
am I missing something here?

Thank you.

Anson Cowabunga says:

Dude you are the man!

Henry h.s says:

tengo el Epson 1040 conectado a una NVIDIA shield por cables hdmi 2.0 que va a un splitter y de el splitter conecto un onkyo receiver , la experiencia es de lo mejor solo lo uso en el modo eco y es más que suficiente puedo encender la luz para comer o lo que sea y no le afecta, tengo mucha luz ambiente. es tan potente que uso el contraste en lo más mínimo, lo uso en una pantalla blanca mate, si lo calibrado un poco no creo que el 2040 lo supere. gracias por este video

stanitewolf says:

Can the 2040 be used for backyard viewing – say at Dusk, also can it double as a business projector in a standard lighted room

Imam Riyadi says:

Very details review, been hunting a projector for my home cinema, thanks a lot Sir, I subcribed!

Noé Melendez says:

so, the 1040 is better than the 2040 ?

Austin_LD says:

if the 740 runs in 1080p, and i have control over my lighting, are there any cons to displaying 1080p content as opposed to its native 720p? I’m new to projectors so I’m unsure as to why i would even bother running it at 720p.

Ryan Bottorf says:

how soon after the release of the epson 5040ub would you most likely be doing a review on it?

Liam Silver says:

this guy talks WAY too much

MoneyAhoy says:

Awesome review – that really makes it much easier to decide between them.

Joe Kotarsky says:

Sounds like you listened to the public and eliminated the scratchy cuts. Great videos! Thank you very much!

Prakhar Ghadge says:

Loved you video, i am looking for something more high end, my budget allows me to splurge around 2 grand USD, any suggestions please…

x x says:

2040 hands down, im sold thanks.

Bryan Cruz says:

just what I needed. thanks !

fsinner says:

You sir, are awesome! Thanks for the wonderful review…. nay, lesson!

Marcus Ireland says:

sanyo rip

Jim Higgins says:

Awesome work! I suffered projector overload and you’ve simplified the info, thank you and job well done! Based on your insigjt, I decided to buy the Epson 2040. Now I’m struggling on what type of 3d glass (cheaper is my hope) to buy. Any info would be greatly appreciated

joe martinez says:

have the Epson 2040 I got to say its really is an awesome projector. I was able to even get a better picture when I connected my upscale 4k receiver and gave me a even better picture, better colors. Thank you for this review.

Ryan Tallie says:

loved this video. i was literally struggling to find a reason to go one direction or the other, and you helped my day go much easier. highly appreciated!

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