Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Home Theater – Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Home Theater: In this video Gene and Hugo discuss the common mistakes that are done when setting up a home theater:

Mistake #1: Bad Product Selection
Mistake #2: Bad Speaker Placement
Mistake #3: Blocking Your Direct Path of Sound
Mistake #4: Not Calibrating Your Equipment
Mistake #5: Selecting The Wrong Cables
Mistake #6: Bad Room Acoustics
BONUS! Mistake #7: Falling For The Upgrade Bug!

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Sans Yo says:

Great point about component cable for time warner stuff. I didn’t even know that shitty set top box supported hdmi until now.

Phantasmed and more says:

One mistake I see all the time with people is they have the TV on the wall but nowhere near eye level…it makes a huge difference too..if the screen is in line and center with your eyes..but so many people think it is cool and modern to have their TV half way up a wall….bad for 3D films too…you will never see that properly either..

Phill M156 says:

I remember as a teenager with his 1 EQ. Turn up the 20hz and 16 khz. Funny stuff.

Danny Mars says:

most retarded vid i have seen on youtube about HT…

LanceCampeau says:

About 20 years ago I learned that there are exactly 2 kinds of listeners in the world….

1. People who view audio recording and reproduction as an art form.
2. People who view audio recording and reproduction as a science.

If you don’t know which one your are…. just add money.

Fog says:

This was actually extremely informative given the short timeframe and shaky intro. Well done sirs.

tman 1470 says:

Would you put your atmos speakers directly above your listening position in a 5.1.2 set up

Laurent de backer says:

Right, so, i have a question, i live at home with my mom (cause i have a disease called Graft Versus Host so i can’t live alone). I have a fairly large room (5m length and about 3m wide). The thing is, my room needs to do two things (and i know that’s almost impossible, but in my case, i have not really much of a choice). So i make music with the computer (Dance music) so i’m using it a bit like a studio. But i also love watching movies with good quality sound. I have 2 SVS Ultra towers and one SVS Subwoofer. I’m planning on getting an SVS Ultra center this year together with the SVS Ultra surrounds. I don’t have the room to take the bookshelfs, i really can’t put them anywhere. For the moment, my sound is okay, but i’m a noob when it comes to tweaking my homecinema. My Receiver btw is a Marantz SR7009. Any tips will be greatly Appreciated 🙂

eddie larena says:

waooooo thanks for great toturial

Creation 80 Graphics says:

If you’re going to give us examples of what “we” are doing wrong at least step back and show us how to do it right. If you have another video for that please drop the link to it.

dean rudge says:

Great video with good advise. Thanks!

Rob Kadera says:

How many watts can this audio bro bench?

Rui Pedro Silva says:

That image at 2:21! ahahahaha

Trucker_Pete says:

This might be insulting if it weren’t true. I’ve seen these same things. My uncle had an HDTV connected to his satellite receiver with composite cables. He had no idea he wasn’t seeing HD. Definitely seen the speakers on the wall next to the ceiling for the fronts and backs more than once. It’s really common to see people buy this expensive stuff but do no research as to how to connect it. There’s no shame in ignorance but it is funny when you think about it.

Matt Dahl says:

I would say that not all hdmi cables are the same if you get beyond a few feet. Check out this comparison.

22jaydogg says:

Very horrible tutorial. If that’s what you call this

Conservative Copwatch says:

Let’s see. Uninformative, and complete A-holes. What a lose / lose proposition.

Garrett Spitler says:

What pricks.

Hilda Reveron says:

To all this audioholics and suppose “experts” in the matter i say this….stop bashing BOSE and their speakers, there is not a perfect speaker outhere even those so call 20,000 dollars audiophile speakers in the wrong room with the wrong acustics will sound like crap. So we see is not about the speaker but the room acustics and the listener.

Michael Angelo H. says:

“You got 480i…”

– Every Nerd

Kishan Gowda says:

Hey Audioholics, I have onkyo 5.1 Home Theatre, Should I place the surround speakers 2ft above the ear level or to the ear level and should the surround speakers be facing towards the ear or away from it?

matthew standage says:

These guys look like smug pricks and fucking jerks talking down to everyone lay off the roids polesmokers

Hilda Reveron says:

Cant understand the hate people have for Bose jewels , i think in the right room they work just right. they produce increadible sound for their size and with the right adjustments in the amp you can have a real good sounding cinema sound without the clutter.

roel caranguian says:

What kind of video is this? I thought they are expert and give full info in setting up home theater,,instead discussed & laughed the mistakes of other people in setting up home theater.

Xino Ximo says:

More than 5 minutes of bullying and laughing at people who never got any info or help. You guys are assholes. Thumbs down. Fucking elitist assholes.

Ruben sauceda says:

I have the DENON AVR S920W RECIEVER ( DOLBY ATMOS AND DTS-X) what speakers do I need for this reciever ?

John Hooper says:

I think this is really funny.. And it is true.. Friend of mine hooked his ps3 with av video cable to his samsung full hd tv.. Played a year until i visited him. Saw the picture, saw the cable and needed a minute of silence 🙂

Anand Arunakumar says:

This is great, you guys almost seconded my thought about Home theater system. My only constraint is, I do not have too many HDMI ports on a retro model purchased in Craigslist. As a result of it, I am using next best options like TOSlink and component videos.
Another important tip would be to read good impedance and power matched speakers. Randomly going by art or room aesthetics can easily introduce technical problems with distortion / clipping etc…

Dirkschneider says:

My “mistake” is probably not a mayor one but when my full set of 5.2 Wharfedale Diamond speakers arrived I was shocked by how huge they were. My speakers are overdimensioned for my livingroom. I don’t know how to hide the monstrosities that are the two 10″ subs. I might exaggerate a bit because I have a fairly large livingroom and the front speakers sound absolutely wonderful. I am sure the home theatre will sound great as well as soon as it’s all connected. I’m waiting until black friday to buy a new TV, an Oppo UHD-player and a receiver. For now I’m just enjoying listening to Black sabbath and playing Zelda: Breath of the wild on my Wharfedale Diamond 250’s.

baz mor says:

english is a great language. shame these 2 guys..presidents dont forget. cant speak a word of it…cheeeeeeeezzzzyyyy …really…????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Michel Linschoten says:

Actually, if you have a decent receiver you speakers placement become less crucial. (given fact that it’s set up in symmetry traditional ways) you can adjust for lots of acoustical issues with the receiver. My living room is far from ideal, but i can tell you this listening to stereo you will hear placement (IN STEREO) wrap around your head. Calibrating is a must however not something you should not avoid tweaking it, it takes lots of time. It’s just to bad this video seems more like a flame session than actual straight to the point advise. .
Room acoustics are never ideal, unless you have a real dedicated room to just that. And not many people i know do have that option (me included).

rafrodr says:

Good micing technique wouldn’t hurt either.

Dennis Parham says:

question… IM running my Theater ( Entertainment system source) MACPRO 2012 with 1050Ti Video card to my Sony 55X900E HDTV and using toslink audio to my Yamaha V1900 receiver… since IM bypassing the receivers HDMI ( which is not 4K passthough and sending video only to TV, am I missing all my surround Features?

philfy23 says:

Pair of pricks.

James Wentling says:

I have a Onkyo TX-NR 636 that has died the power supply tripped and now I need to replace it. So I was thinking about the Onkyo TX-RZ 820 or the new Onkyo TX-NR 686. Which do prefer

Elizabeth Anbu says:

Can i get a 5 min video and TO do no what NOT to do please? i’m hopping that will cut out the BS and give me something useful.

P. Hamilton says:

Moved on after 1 minute, 35 seconds…

Justin Rocco says:

Very good stuff here is mentioned. We all have been guilty of some of these things. I’m a pack rat, have placed empty boxes in front of my rear left speaker lol on occasion

Renêe says:

Funny video. I can’t laugh yet- trying to set up my theater surround sound receiver. and I haven’t a clue…..

todd w says:

Another mistake don’t upgrade to a theater out of the box system from your component system you will be disappointed

R Taylor says:


Shaff Huq says:

Is it just me or Hugo could use some good bass in his vocal? All that muscles and no bass to match – talk about bad room acoustics ROFL! JK. I’ve found tons of good tips from your videos. Thanks.

Drockpujols says:

what do you mean by ghetto?

Joshua Brown says:

Dude skipped head day. Chew more gum, man!

Michael Angelo H. says:

So my Trust surround set with Monster Cables isn’t going to work?…

Marshall Timmons says:

I love these guys. With the information I’ve learned about home theater and the info I learned on the car audio channels, I much rather have quality sound over just loud sounds that sound like garbage.

Richard Sauer says:

These people are assholes.

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