Budget Projector Under $100 | Artlii Home Theater Review

Cheap Budget Projector Under $100 Artlii Home Theater
On Sale (Amazon): http://geni.us/3AkRvn

In Todays video we will take a look at the Artlii Projector. It is less than $100 right now at the current sale price, but is it any good? Let’s find out together.

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Want to know what Camera I Used?
Link Here: http://geni.us/SRBcG (Amazon)

Want to know what Lighting I Used?
Link Here: http://geni.us/JQjQj6 (Amazon)

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Ricky Spanish says:

I fucked my neighbor’s wife.

EastKingstonNH says:

I’m suspect of the 1200 lumen spec at that price point.

Conor Flynn says:

Which projector do you personally use day to day ? Or most common anyway.

Owen Morgan says:

Another great review and I like the what it’s not good for bit

Joaradid Rodriguez says:

haha you look so handsome, with or without beard, always. Great review. Recently, xiaomi announced its new projector, try to get it pls. Hugs!

Marshall Kilgore says:

Mindseed! That’s a nice little projector for the price man! Sorry I haven’t been caught up on your videos I have been crazy busy lately man. Liked and shared

tyler avalos says:

Bad ass

Keeperofsecrets65 Velez says:

Great job finding the deals !is more or less lumens better ?

Christopher Komla says:

can this projector be used in a bright room? ( a room with light)

Yama Fanboy says:

How come you’ve never reviewed the excelvan CL720 projector? (same as fugetek fg-857 i think)

Mad Rex says:

Thank you for the reviews . Plz do a review on Aaxa P2a cube projector. Thanks again

Rock-E Oldboy says:

you can plug in the Microsoft wireless display adapter v2 and mirror your phone on it. via HDMI. you are welcome

Alex Ionescu says:

where do you get all this stuff

John Sloan says:

I’m looking for a portable smart projector to play stuff from my iPhone. I want to play stuff mostly outside at the park, camping or just in the backyard. What don you think is the best for that? The iCodis G1 mini projector, the aodin mini smart projector or step it up to the wowoto H8. I had thought the Aodin was the ticket but then after lots of research it seams not to have 300lm but instead 50. I want to carry it in my pocket or a backpack. What do you think and thanks for the help

Sat Sat says:

Hey could you maybe do videos on other things than projector please ? Even if i like you’re content, it’s just that i feel like watching the same thing over and over…

DJ Brandon says:

Not Bad! I need two projectors that are bright for 100 inches.
DJing had gotten real! any recommendations?

Paully A. says:

Gaming on a 480 p projector is shit unless your going to project a 30 inch image or something. You won’t be able to read small text otherwise.

Sadip Rock says:

Yehhhhh.after long time

procekim says:

better to safe money…

Ayon Barua says:

Hey Casey, really love your reviews. Could you please review Excelvan CL720D LED Projector, heard really good things about this projector?

kbizz75 says:

Lol @ the ting… It doesn’t work for you bro plus it’s over used

Nadeem Khan says:

awailable in india ?.?

Ken Mcmaster says:


Rob Rod says:

Looks sick….great review

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