Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar – REVIEW

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Bose Soundtouch 300 Soundbar Review


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jbailey13 says:

Between the Klipsch RS14 and the Bose 300 which did you like the best?

That1chineseguy says:

I’m pretty sure it sounds better in person.

Johnny Saniel says:

Jim… Could you PLEASE review the “Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2” soundbar system. It was currently the #1 rated soundbar in CES 2018 for price and sound quality. Im sure everyone would love to see your thoughts on it.

Neil Vergara says:

hi Jim new subscriber here. just asking for advise. is it a good match  to have my front 201’s match with the vcs 10 for center? thank you

Gaminggod1717 says:

No sub Eiffel

Warm Apple Pie says:

Ich habe mir das kombipacket bei Mediamarkt angehört, dass ist echt unglaublich wie viel Druck Boses Bassbox macht. Für 1200 euro trotzdem meeeh

Windollyn Patino says:

How to fix the bug?

Django Skywalker says:


MorgenRoy says:

I just brought the sound bar and the sub but honestly the sub doesn’t feel like anything special, after doing a little reading I found a few people had the same issue and were saying it’s a bose issue that needs to be updated…

JimsReviewRoom says:

Use headphones/earphones for the soundtest!! Placed SPECIAL attention on this part for you guys. 😉

barianno says:

Great to hear a side by side Bose vs Sonos

wIz tRuSsArDi says:

Please review Samsung ks-950 Dolby Atmos soundbar

Stephen Cordaro says:

Please review the Sony HT-ST 5000 Soundbar with Subwoofer. Best in class, IMHO

Blind Frog says:

@jimsreviewroom can do a review of this soundbar with it’s virtual speaker? Since bose doesn’t support dolby or dts, how does the rear speaker knows which sound source are for the virtual speakers? Really curious as to how it works and does it really work?

sherrell burnette says:

Can the Bose 20 pair with the echo show?

Robert B. says:

When you take this sound bar and add the Bose subwoofer and surround speakers, you get an amazing experience! Bose FTW.

Subhankar Sinha says:

Plz review Sony HT – ST 5000

Robert Black says:

I have an usb asus adapter on my gaming pc can you pair this sound bar with that

Elrico Greenwood says:

can you please REVIEW Companion 5 computer speakers?

Uche Koledoye says:

Please review JBL 5.1 soundbar

Kenzi Manuel Evno says:

I realy interested with the samsung soundbar,can you review the soundbar?

Ivelin Mitev says:

SoundTouch 300 or yamaha 2700? This is the question

AMG Guy says:

Just got that sound bar plus surround and subwoofer. Very happy with my purchase

Samuel S says:

Just subscribed! Great quality videos thank you!

Justa Justov says:

Ich kann den Scheiß mit meinem Fernseher nicht verbinden

Imran Hasan says:

Can you review the 5.1 modular setup offered by Bose (Soundtouch sound bar + sub-woofer + rear satellites) with the Sonos (playbar + subwoofer + Play:1 for rear satellites)? I believe modular setup is the future of home theaters and these 2 are the only good offerings in the market right now. This will help me a lot with my decision 🙂

Avik B says:

please review the blaupunkt soundbar..

Liam Filipowski says:

Bose solo 5 !

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