Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater System Review

Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater System Review
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Bose was kind enough to sponsor this video & I’ve partnered with them to review some of their exciting new audio products. In this video I’ll be reviewing the Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater system. If you’re like me and you love movies AND music, this is a perfect addition to your HDTV.

The Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater system’s main hardware consists of a 37” soundbar, a wireless acoustimass module, a SoundTouch wireless adapter, and a control console. It also comes with a universal remote control, HDMI cable, speaker cable, USB cable, power cords, and an ADAPTiQ headset. A common question for a system like this with many components is how hard is it to set up? Well it comes with an easy to follow guide and I was able to set up everything in about 20 minutes which is pretty good. Part of the setup process includes connecting the included ADAPTiQ headset which is an audio calibration device that will optimize the SoundTouch 130 home theater system for your specific room layout which was a really fun and interesting experience.

Let’s start off with the king of this home theater system, the soundbar. It’s one of Bose’s best performing soundbars delivering a lifelike surround sound that will blow your mind when you’re watching movies. The soundbar features TrueSpace multi-channel technology. Inside it there are 6 drivers and 2 PhaseGuide sound radiators which makes it possible for it to easily fill a room with surround sound. What’s also great about this soundbar is that it’s only about 5″x2.5” & only 7.8 lbs so it’s not a huge bar which simplifies the setup. It also has Bose FlexMount technology that senses whether the speaker has been placed horizontally on a surface or mounted vertically on a wall. So you can install it either way, and it will automatically adjust the sound to make it the most natural.

The control console is a small box with all the inputs you need for high quality audio. Mainly it has an HDMI output to your TV and 4 HDMI inputs for your various different sources such as gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, and even streaming sticks like a Google Chromecast.

The Acoustimass module is a wireless subwoofer that only requires a power outlet. It connects to the SoundTouch 130 wirelessly and has a range of up to 30 feet so it can be placed just about anywhere in the room, and it provides a pretty powerful bass. It’s not overbearing. The lows it produces are very tolerable, but you will notice how strong it is with certain audio.

Last but not least, the SoundTouch wireless adapter turns this home theater system into a music lover’s dream. Not only can you play audio from any Bluetooth device, but with the free SoundTouch app for Android and iOS devices you can wirelessly stream music to the SoundTouch 130 system from your favorite music services like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime music, and even your own music library. The app walks you through the setup of adding the home theater system to your WiFi network and from there you just use the app to play your music. You can also set up to 6 different presets with the app. For example preset 1 can be your favorite Pandora station, Preset 2 can be your favorite Spotify artist, and so on. The universal remote or the app allows you to start playing any of the presets with the touch of a button.

Since it’s part of the Bose SoundTouch family, if you have other SoundTouch speakers in your home you can play music from all speakers at the same time. As a music lover, that is one of my favorite features of this system because I can easily fill up my entire apartment with music.

So in summary, even though this is a pricey home theater system at over $1000, the highly detailed surround sound it produces when watching movies really turns your living room into its own mini movie theater. I don’t think I have a reason to even go out to the movies anymore because with a premium sound system like this one, with everything from the sound bar to the wireless bass module, the movie watching experience is just extremely satisfying. When you pair that with the ability to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth device along with the ability to play from the SoundTouch app and presets, the SoundTouch 130 home theater system is hard to beat. I would highly recommend it to music and movie lovers like myself.

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Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater System Review

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Ben McHugh says:

Hi Andy. Do you know if there is a way you can pre-set the unit to switch to a favorite setting? I want it to wake to my roku channel when i turn on my TV and refresh the Roku. At the moment when it wakes it goes to TV, which is connected to the ARC HDMI port on my television. Thanks in advance!

Laurens Eekman says:

Hi Andy. Several months ago I purchased the above system for around 1600 Euros. The “wireless subwoofer” kept on disconnecting, even when I placed it three feet away from the control console or that other thing (whatsitcalled). I contacted Bose Support and they sent me a 10ft cable, which I am now using… A few months later I bought 3 sets of the Soundtouch 20 to put in different rooms in my house. Here in holland you pay around 400 Euros for each set. I connected them through my home-network and am using the app to stream music to all systems, simultaneously. And this is where things really get screwed up. *Every time* I play music, one or more systems stop playing after some time, usually within 5 minutes. Sometimes they then restart but often don’t until I completely reset the Bose-app and Spotify. My router is an 2012 Apple TimeCapsule and the maximum distance of any system is 10 meters. I don’t have time to mention all the things I’ve tried/done to improve the performance but trust me that I’ve covered all the basics *and it’s still not working properly*. As a music-lover I’m sure you understand the frustrating feeling when you’re in the middle of listening to your favorite music and suddenly the sound is gone. Silence. Sheer horror, honestly! The only reason why I haven’t returned the (all of it) systems is that 1. it’s quite a logistics operation with 7 large items to carry and several smaller ones and 2. ofcourse Bose is going to “investigate” and then ask me if I’ve tried another router, re-install the app, re-install the speakers, re-connect the speakers, move them in different positions, take out particular possible jamming signals from other machines, et cetera. I don’t want to go through that time-consuming proces (don’t have time for it) and will, in the future, install ethernet-cables to the several locations to (I hope!) fix the problem. Not ideal though, obviously.
I’m adding this comment here to warn potential buyers. I used to be a big Bose-fan but that has really changed since the SoudTouch-experience.

Robert Cheung says:

I just bought this system from a local electronic store (open box). killer deal but no remote was included. Do you have to turn on the receiver with the remote or is there a manual switch. thanks

rafa gonz says:

$999.00 at costco

Yahya Rahman says:

Nice, are you going to do a video on the Note 7?

Jeremy Christian says:

I’ll be here until this channel is big and I’ll type one day “remember when there were just a couple of comments in this channel? He’s come a long way”

Keep em coming Andy.

Henri Popard says:

congratulations it was a very great test even if I’m French your english is pretty easy to understood

Matt Ste. Claire says:

Hey Andy Slye, quick question. I love the system but really want to add on surrounding speakers. I know it’s not made to, but wondering if there’s away around it? Possibly adding another Bose speaker and using sound touch to play sound from a movie or tv shows. Or can sound touch only play music from the options it gives you? Is there maybe an adapter I can use to add on additional surrounding speakers? I don’t mind if I have to spend the extra money on a Bose speaker just been wondering if this is possible? Thank you.

Skips 420 says:

Is this really the 4th comment wow guys! We need to get Andy more subscribers make sure to leave a like and subscribe

Gean Citizen says:

Another Great Video Andy! Glad to have you back. Keep the videos coming!

Ayyanar Vijayan says:


iraklirockyarabidze says:

dude, you are  good I m planning to buy, waiting when Bose  going to drop prize down . p. s.  you think is it worth it that prize ?  what prize  have right now? again good job Andy.

dolce crew says:


melikesleepy says:

Great video in that you are quick speaking concise and objective with none of the B.S. filler that has become so common with YouTuber’s.

Ethan Chiasson says:

Awesome video! keep up the good work

Andy Slye says:

Get the Bose SoundTouch 130 on Amazon:

Calvin Pas says:

can you adjust the volume on the subwoofer?

Anees Ahmed says:

Thanks Andy! Getting this today. Can’t wait!!

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