Best Projector 2018 – The Best Home Theater Projector on Any Budget

This is a list of the Best Projectors in 2018. This includes home theater projectors as well as short throw projectors and gaming projectors. The budgets range from $5000 to less than $500 and includes 4K projectors as well as 1080p projectors. All of the opinions expressed in this video are my own thoughts and I have not been endorsed or persuaded by any manufacturers.

Best Projectors Under $5000
Sony VPLVW285ES –
Optoma UHZ65 –

Best Projectors Under $2000
Optoma UHD60 –
Optoma UHD51A –

Best Projectors Under $1500
Optoma UHD50 –
Viewsonic PX727-4K –

Best Projectors Under $1000
BenQ HT2050A –
Viewsonic PX747-4K –

Best Projectors Under $500
Optoma HD27 –
Optoma HD143x –

Best Gaming Projector
Optoma GT1080Darbee –
BenQ TH671ST –

Best Short Throw Projector
LG PF1000UW –
Optoma HT2150ST –

Honorable Mention
Epson 5040ub –

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tony worrell says:

very good review

LookNside says:

Would you consider or is it doable to review and compare the image quality of a Sony 45es or other models to the projectors you own? I enjoy how you review your projectors, and Im curious how Sony at 1800 lumens is often brighter than some projectors with well over 2200+ lumens.

Assaf Albogami says:

I saw your video on YouTube about the best projectors in 2018 and i really need your help to make a choice which one I choose..
My budget is under 500 $
and I’m looking for a smart projector with Wifi built in.
Is th optoma hd27 that you mentioned in the video has a wifi and is it smart or not..
Could you help me find what i want..
I had the optoma hd131x but it’s dead now even When i bought a new lamp for ir cause I’m using it from 2013 every day and it is time to change now..
I’m sorry for long talking but i wanted to describe everything to you
Best regard..

Gina Brown says:

Ok being a novice to audio and video I was wondering a couple of things.
1. All of the projectors you reviewed are they all ceiling mountable?
2.How do you hook a gaming system up to the projector when it is mounted in the ceiling, without having alot of wires hanging down. I might sound silly but im just trying to figure out how i would setup a sensor bar/gaming camera that has to be attached to the system via cable. How would I go about that?
3.Out of the projectors you reviewed which ones would be optimal for both gaming and general visual entertainment and also gives you full screen coverage?
Thank you in advance I just want to pick the right gift for my gamer hubby.

Force Awakens says:

Hello Chris, thank you for all the work you did here, it helped me a lot to understand what I want and what I need to look for, but I have a question. Can I find a decent 1080p projector for a 100 or 200 bucks? 🙂 I mean a good quality picture with enough britness in a full dark environment.
I watched a lot of your videos and what you recomment is a projectors 500 and up, but is there a decent projector under 3-2 hundreds that will satisfy a film connoisseur?

Joshua Price says:

You should do a video for best outside viewing and best compact projection… I’m needing a compact/portable to do pop up demos with…

Jeff Thompson says:

EPSON 5040ub or Optoma UHD 60? Putting in a 120″ screen in a mostly light controlled basement. Movies and PS4 casual gamer?

Channel 612 says:

Hi Sir thank you for the nice video for list of best projectors – I wanted to buy one in the future – I just wonder how many hours is suggested to use per day?

Daniel Long says:

hey great videos, i’ve been binge watching them today. just wanted to mention under the Best Short Throw Projector list you have the Optoma HT2150ST when its actually a BenQ projector. anyway keep up the good work

7. Mazuma says:

gr8 work! stay well


so much optoma

tres Fort says:

Can I have a full 135 display if I put the projector 14 feet away from my screen?

Alice Lei says:

Have anyone tried XGIMI H series projector? I bought an H1 and heard that XGIMI will launch H2 soon. Should be a great pick under $1000.

Will Olaguibel says:

Hello buddy , witch one will you recommend for a gaming bigger screen size and better home theatre. The benq or the optoma in the gaming category. I’m not sure about it.

York Chen says:

Hi do you know if optoma uhd50 work with sonos speaker system

Christopher Carr says:

I’m looking for a 4k lazer ultra short throw projector under $2k, any recommendation?

Bitm8 says:

so when a lazer projector loses clour what needs replacing and how much are you looking compared to a 200-400$ uhd bulb

Garrett B says:

I recently got a HITACHI cp-wx401n projector and its about $1,200 and its also 4,000 lumens it is a great projector though.

Jamil Joyner says:

Hey Chris, have you tried out any Epson projectors? I noticed them missing from your channel. I’m personally pretty sensitive to Rainbow Effect, which is why I immediately switched out the Optoma HD142 for the Epson HC 1040 (and it turned out to be the hands down better projector even outside of RBE imo). Planning on doing the 4k upgrade next summer and was interested in these many Optoma options, but i see that consensus is that RBE isn’t completely eliminated. So I’m pretty sure I’ll stay on-brand with the Epson HC 4000, but there aren’t as many in-dept reviews for Epson from what i’ev seen.

Abhijith Rajendra says:

Thank you so much for this video. Really helpful. I was looking for a short throw projector and I came across Wemax One. You have any inputs for that?

Chopper G says:

Majestechs, how close can you sit before you can see the 1080p or 4k pixels on the projector screen with the Optoma UHD50 projector? I’m planning to get the Optoma UHD 50 for my 11′ x 11′ room. I was hoping I have enough distance from viewing my location, which is 9′ 1/2″ to 10′ from the projector screen. I’ll be happy with a 90 to 100″ (6:9) screen.

Milton Mariano castaño Llugdar says:

Hi bro, i bought a chinese projector yaufey C26 native fullhd, is there any way to verify that the projector is really fullhd native? Thank you

Willie Lazo says:

other than sony,NONE OF THESE ARE 4K all of these shit so called 4k projectors you show are 1080p e shifting GARBAGE

n says:

Very thorough

DiazEA says:

Hope you get hands on Epson 4050 Pro UHD to provide a review soon! I cant get any of the Optomas (wish I could) because my projector is shelf mounted not ceiling mounted and they don’t have enough vertical shift for that. Really hope this 4050 competes better with them than 5040 does.

Anish A S says:

Hi, so if I wanna choose between hd27e and Gt1080 darbee, and hd29 darbee, what would you recommend..?
(I want a 150 inch projection, in my room which has very little ambient light, and a length of 5.02meter wall to wall)

Your videos have been helpful.

navas manali says:

Hello Sir, please can you give me advice that Epson 5600 / Optoma hd 29 which is the best projector?.

Alec Nguyen says:

Good lordt I typed for phones to connect to. Shocked when I heard $5000 lmao but realized it’s full home set ups

trinhk says:

What a great video, thank you so much. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos on your channels, and they’re very informative and unbiased, so thank you for that. I’m on the fence of setting up my home theatre system, and based on your review I’m leaning towards the Optoma UHD60 and maybe an Elite Screen Spectrum (budgeted around $3000). So I proceed to a local theatre store and they have recommended JVC DLA-X590RB and some crazy price for EluneVision Aurora 4K (over $2000 just for the screen) which total over $6000. Way over my budget. Now, do I just forget about the whole thing. Do I really need that kind of screen in order to have good quality picture?

TheAsianlove says:

Hello Majestechs! I’ve been in the market for a home projector but gotta say, I’m a super newb. Your reviews have really opened my eyes to this market but I seem to be stuck on making the best decision for the space I have. Short story, would you be able to point me in the best direction for the following space I have and personal wants. I got space to fit 110in screen, want 3000+lumens, will be ceiling mounted in a corner and needs an estimated 11degree angle to hit the center of the screen. +- 1.5 degrees. Let’s also say the distance from lens to screen is 14 feet most likely favoring a shorter distance once actually mounted. Much appreciated for your time and I will most def take your suggestions in the highest regards. Thanks!

Leo Samora says:

What’s a good projector for gaming and watching movies? $1000 and under?

Abdullah Yislam says:

Hey chris nice video as always. I tested the viewsonic 747 and it has crappy black level. I wonder how is the black level compared to the optoma uhd50? And how is the uhd50 compared to the uhd65 on black level or maybe compared to the uhd60 as you are using it? Im upgrading from a super black level projector of mine that ive been using for sometime and realy satisfied with the black level coz it was top notch in it’s days back then. Im using the infocus in83 (crazy black level and super contrast)

Shawn Gerhardson says:

Review this one please|HE|Projector|Projector_AON|PDP|Google|2018HEProjector-GDN-PT-0626_HU80KA|HE-Mania|blu-ray-com&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIirjYtMWx3QIVRkgBCh2-7Q9SEAEYASAAEgL6PvD_BwE

Jons says:

Any good $200-500 projectors?

Jose Luis Ramillete says:

Hi chris, great review, i have a BenQ HT2050 and i’m looking to change it for a viewsonic 727, aside resolution, will be the change significant for the spent? I’ve seen in your video that my projector is a good one. Thanks!

musicluv80 says:

which is better hd27 or hd27e?

Isaac May says:

Great video, this helped confirm the projector I am going to purchase is a good choice.

Bogz Templates says:

i’m trying to find the Benq HT2050A in europe and it’s seems that no one sells it. Is it possible that’s available only for US market or it’s just a new release?

David Motley says:

What is the best 4K HDR projector to buy for PS4 or XBOX I’m your opinion? And screen?

Kael Arboleda says:

Hi sir, what projector do you recommend that would be great for gaming and movie at the same time price under $1000 ?

Sagar Meena says:

Hi sir please make under 200 dollar home projector

turbosucks says:

Best tech soup ever!

gravydogg1 says:

Im looking at buying the UHD 51A ,but i need the projector to use for my artwork as well as home theater…. can an image be scaled down to smaller sizes for still images?

Krishna Kumar V says:

Can you please review LG HU80ka 4k projector

Shep says:

Another great professional video! Any recommendations for a longer throw projector around 15ft mark that has 16ms for gaming. Originally planned to get the BenQ ht 2050a but it’s throw us too short? Any help would be appreciated!

Matt Mitchell says:

I have questions for you as your videos are amazing and the information you put out is spot on. What is a good way to chat with you?

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