BEST LOW COST 4K Projector 2018 | Viewsonic PX747-4k Review

Best 4k Home theater Projector PX747
ViewSonic Sale: (amazon)
Compared to
BenQ TK800: (amazon)
BENQ HT2550: (amazon)

In Todays Video we will be checking out the View Sonic PX747 4k projector. This is a true 4k projector with bright lumens made to work great in well lit rooms for home cinema and home theaters! Lets see if this is thing is worth the money! Bright room 4 K model

Everything I am using is below:
Silver Ticket Screen: (amazon)
Projector Mount: (amazon)
Wire Runner: (amazon)
HDMI extension: (amazon)
PS4 Pro:
God of War:

Other Good Screen Options Here:

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Matthew Pereira says:

Are you gonna be giving one of these away in your next competition?

MH5tube says:

“as you can see here”

no actually we can’t, for starters the video itself is only 1080p, not to mention the fact that the image is blown out

edgar beast says:

What time is the live stream going to start because i dont get home till 6:30

esdrasUrbina says:

Im looking for a cool portable Bluetooth projector. Nice video’s

Cristi Cristi says:

if is not L.E.D…..i’m not going any more in the the lamp”trap”

andrew kligerman says:

great projector for a awesome price

arnold kokonya says:

For $1,300 I don’t think I would ignore it. I will one day have it in my man cave. Watch this space people.

doyouevenlift512 says:

Sweet! Maybe this model will be in my theater room

_Shooter says:

$1300? Is that low cost for a projector with these specs ? Holy shit huh ? Better save up ya pennies lol

darylh3030 says:

Best short throw 4k projector?



Waldemar Jackson says:

Thank you sir for doing what you do! I bought the Optima GT1080Darbee 1080p based upon your review ans I love it!

Jesus M. Ortiz says:

A video of the BenQ 4k projector vs this ViewSonic 4k projector would be great to make a decision between the two.

joe husosky says:

that is sweet.

Fakhruddin Haron says:

Nice. Do you need to calibrate the projector to get best quality image or its alee factory calibrated? . If yes any recommended calibrations settings?

Tom Erik Brauer says:

Have you tested the Acer H6810 4K?

MaximAvs says:

The light emitting from the vents would be distracting for people sitting behind the projector.

Rajeev Gidwaney says:

3d? No 3d no buy.

dyejimmy says:

Great vid man, more options at this price is what I need. Keep up the good work!
Turns out, there was already a deal on these at Office Max giving you 25% off bringing it down to $1040. Wish this was out earlier.

Abel Pepin says:

By the way you sound this projector is more than a steal! #beard Poppin #5%er ♻️

Kazi Adnan says:

U nvr reply for any query..
I asked u so many times
Kindly give me reply..
I need to buy a pocket projector.. Kindly advise me which one is better option with 720p native resolution..
Sony mpcl1 is good or other one.. Plz reply me

CanoNuevaYork says:

Better blacks than any of the sub $1,500.00 Benq Pj’s? I would choose blacks and color accuracy over brightness any day of the week IMHO. Thanks always for ur reviews!!

Bahati Patrick says:

am waiting for your budget native 1080p projector pick/reccomendation for 2018

sanjeet dadwal says:

U r one of the very few you tubers I subscribed… I always wanted to see a review where somebody shows its full strength that’s 300″ demo.. Not a single video on youtube

smoothc78 says:

Uh Oh BenQ Step your game up!!!! Great review Casey #Rotate #grindfreedom

john trejo says:

Once again, simply amazing..air high five in 3..2..1

redvlela says:

4000 hour lamp is a letdown, if only it had 30.000 plus hours^^

Dark Assassin says:

Not bad for the price compare to other projector on the same price list.

Yung Sage says:

Is DLP projectors better than LCD? I’m not sure which one to go with

E L says:

Is it 3D capable?

Gregg Pirazzini says:

Been waiting for a nice video review of this projector! Thanks for doing it. Wish I saw it before I bought the BenQ TK800. Wasn’t happy with the color accuracy and the noisy fan so I’m returning it and getting the PX-747 because of the better specs. I’ll keep my Epson 1080p for when I want to watch something in 3D. The back of the PX-747 looks almost exactly like the TK800. Is the light border on the Viewsonic better or worse than the BenQ?

Salex 2012 says:

Hey Casey, when you review a new projector do you take off your current projector and put the new one in its place? Also is this your new everyday projector or are you still rocking the TK800?

Raymond T says:

Color spectrum is off slightly it seems.

jokers Ride MP4L says:

Great vid like always,look good..but that chain is fire..where did u get it

uscfroadie says:

Great review. Any chance for an Optoma UHD50 or UHD51A review ? The minimum throw ratio of 1.47 on this (and the PX727) pretty much kills it for me.

Ken Tv says:

Nice just bought the goodee 200 3500 lumens picking it up today

Tim Spease says:

Does it do 24fps?

art says:

Love the finches for the logo

Jens Erik Bech says:

The video from the game shows some washed out highlights. You have to show 4K videos from YouTube, with people and scenes from nature. Your games do not interest most people. Most people that buy projectors are not children. Peoples faces are very important to portray. But we don’t see any natural faces.

Damian Jackson says:

Hey Casey, do you ever paint your screen gray to give it that controlled contrast level and ambient light look?

Juan Verano says:

What about the px727, I have read that it looks better than this one but has less lumens, do you know if is it true?? Nice video btw.

Areen says:

better than the uhd60? also what receiver and speakers you use?

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