BenQ HT2550 Review – A 4K HDR Projector For $1500?

This is a review of the new BenQ HT2550 4K HDR Budget DLP Home Theater Projector. A $1500 it’s one of the least expensive 4K projectors. It supports Rec. 2020 HDR as well as 3D. How does it stack up against the Optoma UHD60 and Epson 5040ub?

The HDR performance of this projector is better than the UHD60 when the HDR mode is activated. The colors are more vibrant and the image has more depth than it does on the Optoma. Just keep in mind that it looks best on a screen smaller than 120 inches.

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TheSqaya says:

Great video. Can I ask U for advise. Witch projector Will be better in view quality. This Benq or Sony VPL HW45ES? For 4k movies on Netflix, PS4 and FHD Blurays?

Marcus Ireland says:

5:31 let the hand do the talking

Jun Boo says:

Getting into projectors, nice review.

drlsd says:

great review, please next time talk about power consumption, if you have a meter to measure at the outlet and state consumption on eco and standard modes. Really helps for people living in countries where electricity is expensive because have to factor this in to running costs. Thanks.

Siddharth Nagi says:

Give review of Xiaomi Projector

Kalle Uusitalo says:

How much you used keystone fix? Noticed that if you install your projector badly and you are forced to use keystone fix it will show those black borders. If you have possibility to install it perfectly then I didn’t notice any light borders. 21:9 content will also leave borders.

Nice review though. I was thinking which one to buy and this makes my decision a little bit easier 😛

vagomaniac says:

A frient of mine bought this, very good quality. The blacks are bad thouhgh.
Can you upload a review of optoma uhd51? They it has the best blacks among the projectors with this double 1080p panel.
Thank you

Detroit Wasp says:

Hi 1st I want to say I found you when looking at 4k projectors and you do a great job this is the 3rd video of yours I have watched and all 3 are very well made and got likes from me. This projector sounds great, I love that that it has 3d as I have had Nvidia vision and 3rd projectors and its the best way to do 3d is with computer games and Nvidia vision. Tomb Raider blew me away and is rated as one of the best 3d games for me. I currently have a 65 inch Vizio e 4k hdr tv and while I love it I miss having the feel of a movie theater in my home so I started to look at 4k projectors. I think I might end up checking this one out when I manage to save the money thanks to your review, Keep up the great work!

jonlightning2 says:

Great review. For gaming, which did you noticed performed best between Optoma UD60 and benq? (Lag and picture)

Ronald Aiello says:

The light border is easy to get rid of and also the light leak on the ceiling. I have the same projector and it’s all in the settings

Luis Acevedo says:

Hey Chris what’s the difference between that unit and the BenQ TK 800

StormShadowGFX says:

Great review!

ROBLOXMuff 2 says:

please send to me robux : marwanb123

hc 4k says:

The chip is not the same for both projectors.benq use 0.47 chip and shifts 4 times uhd60 use 0.66 chip that shift 2 times that’s why it s sharper on uhd60.

joe cabrera says:

I love your videos, I have a $2000 budget for a projector. Help me decide, should I purchase this one? I need your opinion. Thanks

Abdullah Yislam says:

How about the black level compared to the optoma uhd60?

Jason Coombs says:

You should do a review on the Luxcine Z4000 it’s like 500 bucks. 4k projector

Hooked Graphics says:

I got excited and went looking around to get one……. The are sold out apparently and people are raising the price to over 9 grand. dang!

andy goodall says:

Does this projector support 1080p 3D or 720p 3D?

huarmoon says:

Will the W1700 support 2.4:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio like JVC?

Cyberslug1 says:

Actually there are 2 other 4K projectors that have been under $2,000 for a while.
Vivitek HK2288 UHD 4K Projector $1,500 is the best one I have seen. The Benq is NOT a REAL 4K projector it’s upscaled. The Vivitek is a REAL 4K projector.

Kara Lynn says:

Does your projector have the light around the screen and when ceiling mounted or only the $1500 one does?

Alton Williams says:

Can you do video optoma uhd50

Douron69 says:

Awesome channel Chris and awesome reviews on projectors. I really like how you actually SHOW the pros and cons of the product you’re reviewing. Also i really dig when you do the comparison to other projectors. It gives the viewer a clear understanding of the product itself and better decision making as well.

Please do a review comparison of the BenQ TK800 when it drops in April and the Optoma UHZ65. Thanks for your time and videos brother.

MIchael C says:

Hi. If I put it on the left or right side of my bed and try to turn the projector to show in front of my bed will it auto correct on the wall? Or will it still look deformed on the corners.

Jinx Canada says:

I’d love to see you review the Xiaomi LASER Ultra short throw projector and see how it stacks up.

Vince Long says:

Great review. I’m looking at a 160″ screen. Is that advisable for the BenQ 2550?

monarksingh yede says:

What would be the best budget 1080 projector

ossyni says:

Can you see the ranbow effect?

shaolin95 says:

Mmm you comparison photo of the optoma vs benq… The optoma looks like an over sharpened image not more detailed at least from that sample

Glenn Evans says:

I am looking at buying the Sony – VPL VW285ES 4K SXRD. What are your thoughts on that 4k projector?

Mangible Myrick says:

Hey Majestics or anyone who is seeing this comment what are good 3d glasses for this projector

Manuel Rauch says:

Thanks for the review. Would you recommend a gray screen for 133 inch screen size in a dark room with white walls to increase contrast (not light treated) or would the lumen output be a bit on the low side? thx

Jim C says:

I thought this was a true 4k projector. Waste of time watching this.

Ivo De Backer says:

at the 3 minute mark you’re showing us a headshot. Which horror movie did you take this from? Just joking, TERRIFIC, PROFESSIONAL job as always

Jim J says:

Very solid review , I wonder if I should buy this or the Edson 4000?
Most of my device is working on 1080 and I may consider to buy a PS4 later on.

Thanks for any input

02oilburner says:

One of the best reviews I ever seen on Youtube! Subscribed!

Gracx x says:

Hello there for the owners of this projector? how is the input lag feeling? its somewhere around 50ms on 4k and hdr on so i like to know from the users how its in the real life “feeling”

Glickman Jamie says:

Think this will work for a 166″ screen?

Moni Thomas says:

Is there any rainbow effect? I have the optoma gt 1080 darbee and it hurts my eyes.

Michael Cipparrone says:

What would you recommend, the BenQ HT2550 or the Optoma UHD 65? The projector will be used for gaming and watching movies.

Long Khuu says:

Hey Chris, i just bough this projector , which HDMI cables did you recommend beside the fiber optics , 40 to 50 feet? i remember it was in one of your video but i cant find it

Anton Iliev says:

What 3D? You failed in this review by misleading customers that this projector supports 3D. It is impossible for the TI DLP660TE DMD chip to handle 3D and it uses a shift motion to reproduce all 8.2 million pixels, while 3D required higher refresh rate, so it simply won’t work. Check Benq official website, there is NO 3D capability.

Marcelo Ramos says:

Benq 2550 or optoma uhd50 for gaming?

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